Divided We Fall: The People Versus Government AND Media In Canada


by Brad Saltzberg

May 13, 2021

For students of political science, the phrase  a government for the people” should ring a bell. This is, after all, a staple of North American democracy as once spoken by American President Abraham Lincoln.

Conversely, the politically focused may recognize the term “the government versus the people.” An entirely different dynamic it is–and one far more applicable to contemporary Canada than many would imagine.

One quick example will have to suffice: In March, 2021, a Nanos Research Group poll  found that just 17% of respondents think that Canada should accept more immigrants in 2021 than it did in 2020.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau responded by raising immigration intake quotas to their highest level in history. A pertinent microcosm this surely is.

Democracy in 2021 Canada holds a tenuous place within society. Its condition is far removed from the bedrock of historical governance. In fact, what seems far more apparent is that democracy in Canada is today limited to a single day ever four years–federal election day.

The remainder of the time–never more so than under the command of Justin Trudeau— public opinion is meaningless. Once locked-in, the Liberals do exactly as they please for the remaining four years– without a single concern for the fundamentals of democracy.

To exacerbate the situation, a phenomenon has risen to play a critical role. This takes the form of media reflecting the will of our ruling government. What has emerged as a result is a “two-on-one” social dynamic:

The “People Versus Government AND The Media.” For Cultural Action Party, this is the state-of-affairs within present-day Canada. Naturally, a degree of subtlety is called for. It would be far too suspicious for establishment media to back every move made by Trudeau’s Liberals.

What is called for is a degree of oscillation– a pivoting back and forth in support  to fool the public as media feign objectivity. Therefore, media criticism of Trudeau does appear intermittently. It is, in fact, what is omitted completely which is blinding Canadians to certain realities.

As we know, no ruling government body is perfect. Yet,  democratic nations generally maintain less of a “government versus the people” dynamic. When passing legislation, a proper democratic government may take the will of the majority into consideration. Thus, a lower level of “head-butting” between leaders and the citizenship.

When making political decisions in communist societies, government do not take public opinion into account. Therefore, animosity between leaders and citizens is more extreme than within democratic countries.

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How revealing this is under the leadership of Justin Trudeau. In 2021, the government versus the people construct is at its highest level in decades. According to a Toronto Sun article dated May 8th, 2021, “trust in government in Canada has collapsed.”

Damning evidence it is. The chasm between the Trudeau government and the will of the people has opened wide. If the people do not trust government, then the ruling Liberals must be managing our country in a manner counter to public will.

Sound like a set-up found within communist societies? Yes it does– for good reason. Justin Trudeau handles himself more like a dictator than the leader of a democratic country. Even with a minority government in place, Trudeau manages to run Canada with an iron-fist reminiscent of totalitarian governments of the past.

But wait–could the situation in some respects be more extreme than within historical dictatorships? Yes it could, because of an unprecedented element in the equation:

Canada is today a nation which exemplifies the “People Versus The Government AND The Media.” Now that’s a piece of “post-modernism”to chew on.  Of course media say nothing of the sort. We know exactly why– the situation being self-evident within this political structure.

In truth, Canada is far more communist-oriented– and therefore less democratic– than casual political observers would imagine. Which brings about a most salient question:

Is Canada headed toward a reversion toward true democracy, or are we heading feet-first into a state of pseudo-communism? Any regular reader knows what CAP believe– our nation is being incrementally transitioned into a pseudo-communist society– to one day be followed by the real thing.

— Brad Salzberg, CAP Founder (Est. 2021)


  1. CanaDUHHHHH is controlled by the Khazarian Mafia. Always has been just like Jolly Ole England AFTER the Rothschilds swindled the Bank of England after the battle of Waterloo.

    The sooner people “WAKE UP” to this fact and begin to fight back the sooner things will get better. But alas most people today are obese cowards. People will not fight back until they have lost enough. They have not lost enough up until this point…..

  2. Slowcrow,

    My guess, too many beta males/females/others afraid to stand up.

    Does the MSM ask people if they are beta on job applications?
    If they answer yes, do they get hired?

    Unfortunately, the MSM is the enemy of the people.

  3. We’re seeing what’s happening to those unafraid to stand up. They are being arrested for trying run their businesses or ministers being dragged down the road by the police for wanting to preach the gospel. When authority figures stop following orders they know are wrong then things will change and we can back to the old normal not this new normal b/s everyone hates.


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