Flagship news show host Mike Killeen leaving CBC


by Vincent Plana

Daily Hive

May 13, 2021

One of the most prominent faces in Vancouver news will be moving on from television.

Veteran news host Mike Killeen will be leaving CBC before the end of the month. The broadcaster is a co-host of CBC Vancouver News at 6 pm, one of the station’s flagship programs.

CBC made the announcement on Thursday. Killeen says that he will be moving on from the industry after more than four decades in broadcasting.

“I have decided it’s time for a change, and I am moving on from CBC and the broadcast industry,” Killeen says in a statement. “I consider it a privilege to wrap up my broadcasting career at CBC, a trusted news organization that has always been committed to delivering accurate and local news.”

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  1. Do not know who Mike is, as for some odd reason the Rabbit Ears on my Smart TV are unable to locate the CBC .

    Having said that I wish him well .

    It is only a guess but I am quite sure the Top Mensa Members who run the CBC will come up with a PC SJW “People Kind” that ticks all of the Right Boxes it takes to hold a job in Canadian Media these days .

    Being that it is indeed the CBC it may then very well mean hiring at least three “Qualified People Kind “ to replace Mike, not to uh worry uh though, the ah CBC has ah plenty of uh your ah Tax Dollars to eh go uh around .

  2. Before you leave Mike give CKNW a call. They could use a good solid newsman for the afternoon drive slot. Best of luck where ever you end up.

  3. MMMM…could it be he’s taking over the 3:00 -6:00 pm time slot on NW? Just my Saturday morning guess while I’m drinking my morning coffee 🙂

  4. Just Guessing, I think that you are on to something. NW will need a replacement for Lynda Steele and Mike Killeen is articulate. As to the CBC, Mike will probably be replaced by an inarticulate BIPOC.

  5. Steve, had to look up BIPOC. Totally agree. Plus that will now be a part of my television, radio vocabulary.
    Want to get angry, watch a couple episodes of The Social. This racist show should be removed from television. I’m trying to get my wife from watching it.

  6. Mike Killeen is wrong where the CBC is concerned. The CBC is NOT a “trusted” news organization and it has never been committed to delivering accurate news, only liberal/leftist/Communist/SJW talking points and opinions pretending to be “news”.


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