KOMO lays off employees amid national cuts at Sinclair

KOMO Plaza, the headquarters of Sinclair-owned KOMO TV, is located in Seattle near the Space Needle. Layoffs at the station last week were attributed by the company attributed to the COVID-19 pandemic. (Mike Siegel / The Seattle Times, file)

By Heidi Groover Seattle Times business reporter

More than a dozen employees were laid off at KOMO-TV last week as part of national cuts at Sinclair, the broadcast giant that owns the Seattle station and others around the country.

Sinclair confirmed Monday the company cut 16 full-time and 4 part-time positions across KOMO’s TV and radio operations.

Several employees said the cuts included six people in the station’s TV newsroom.

The cuts at KOMO came as Sinclair laid off employees across the country last week, citing the COVID-19 pandemic.

President and CEO Christopher Ripley told employees Wednesday the company planned “enterprise-wide reductions across our workforce of approximately five percent,” according to an email reviewed by The Seattle Times and reported byCNN Business last week. A Sinclair spokesperson told CNN Business the company has 9,211 employees, meaning a 5% cut could affect about 460 people.

“From local businesses and advertisers to distributors and partners, no component of our business’s ecosystem has been fully shielded from the impact of the global pandemic,” Ripley wrote.

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  1. Louis

    Not sure if you follow Seattle based free lance journalist Jason Rantz but he does a great job of covering, reporting, and analyzing the demise of Seattle and Portland . He provides great insight and facts on what the Violent BLM, Antifa, and radical Leftist Democratic Politicians are doing to destroy the norms of society, they will stoop to any level to achieve their goal .

    It is heartbreaking to witness but hopefully the coverage by Rantz will cause the voters of both of those once great cities to stand up and fight back .

  2. BMCQ
    Yes I am familiar with Jason. I feel he does a good job, is factual, accurate, and has shined a light on the mis-steps of the entire Seattle political machine. His National spots on FOX gave an different (and I think honest) view of what is happening here opposed to Jenny Durkan talking about how Seattle is “Thriving”. Being a “talk show guy” I guess I don’t consider him a “pure” journalist. He does present a more accurate picture than most “journalists” in this area IMO.
    Having been born and raised in the Highland Park area of south Seattle I sadly have little hope I will see the voters take Seattle back in my lifetime. I got out years ago and drive around the city when I venture south. I’m neither a “D” or a “R” but the same party has controlled Seattle for over 50 years.

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