CKNW fired Bruce Allen…

Bruce Allen

Puget Sound Radio received a tip through the transom that CKNW, after almost 18 years with the station and his Reality Check has now been let go… Allen said it was not his choice in his final broadcast today.

Check out the CKNW Audio Vault. It was on at 8:37 this morning. Thanks to Gavin for the tip

Better still, check out this twitter link with Audio HERE

More News to come…

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Bruce Allen – Concert promoter and founder Bruce Allen Talent booking agency 1966; manager Bachman Turner Overdrive, Loverboy and Bryan Adams; career guide Martina McBride, Anne Murray and Michael Bublé; coordinator African famine relief recording Tears Are Not Enough 1985; winner of numerous music awards; host Sound Off With Bruce Allen CFOX-FM Vancouver 1988-2004; inducted into BC Entertainment Hall of Fame Starwalk 2000; host Bruce Break CKLG-FM Vancouver 2003-current; host Reality Check CHMJ Vancouver 2002-04 and CKNW Vancouver current


  1. Mr Allen will be missed as his was one of the few remaining voices on NW that would not tow the line. He was a breath of clean fresh common sense . I know that in the radio biz when one gets hurt it is not an injury to all so I dont expect his on air pals at NW will speak up. Hopefully enough of his fans make enough noise that mgmt has a sober second thought

  2. Larry Gifford strikes again, another reason not to listen to NW, now a mere shadow of what it once was.. Bruce will be missed, maybe he will end up at news 1130, like many others from the once top dog in radio.

  3. I wouldn’t be surprised if this came from City Hall. Allen has been increasing getting louder about the issues in the city, as he has every right. I guess someone finally had enough.

  4. CKNW ( Larry Gifford) is a puppet and his strings are controlled. Bad move on CKNW .Bruce opinions were open and honest in today’s broadcast .

  5. Allen was a bully. He used his pulpit to denigrate the less fortunate, calling them ‘bums’ and ‘low lifes’ among other things. Good for CKNW, which proudly presents itself as anti-bullying with Pink Shirt Day etc for not being hypocrites and allowing Allen to speak of others in that way. Larry Gifford has done the right thing—would he have allowed Allen to go up and down the halls of NW denigrating fellow employees by calling them names—of course not! And I’m sure NW’s clients did not want to be associated with a bully—his firing no doubt a relief to the Sales Dept. Maybe Allen will learn a lesson but with his arrogance, I doubt it given his hate-on for the less fortunate and most vulnerable among us.

  6. I guess they know Bruce Allen doesn’t appeal to the “Progressive Woke” crowd in Vancouver who’s hearts bleed constantly over the residents that have overrun the downtown core, and who think the evil car will ruin the city and Stanley Park. etc. Gifford says to explore CKNW for a new voice to enjoy. I did, and there isn’t one. The next one I suspect they will drop may be Michael Campbell, the last one standing.

  7. coulda woulda……….. Either LGs mom or a run of the mill troll. Whom or what ever you are you are likely in a small minority with your opinions. If your not LGs mom or simply trolling please accept my sincere apology if you are in any way affiliated with Vancouvers council or Parks Board I understand your feelings towards Mr Allen

  8. I don’t care to debate the issue. Let me just add that I knew the greatest of all radio commentators, Paul Harvey, and worked with one of his writers at ABC News. Mr. Harvey had class on and off the air, and would have never spoken of his fellow human beings the way Bruce Allen did. It’s not a question of being on the left or on the right politically that some posters on this site automatically default to. The firing of this bully was a long time coming and the realization for Allen should be, that even though those most vulnerable could not take him on, there’s always someone with a bigger stick—in his case it was Gifford—who will take him on. It wasn’t his politics, it was his mouth—Allen simply did not have the written or verbal skills to match his pomposity and self-importance.

  9. This was not a Larry Gifford move. In fact LG fought to keep Bruce and if the corporate bigwigs in Toronto had there way he would have been gone a year ago. I know this because I have very reliable sources from inside both the black tower and Corus Quay

  10. I guess they’ll replace him with more repeat repeat repeat repeats….really not liking what’s happened to NW…….

  11. It has been about 9 or 10 years since I last listened to CKNW on a regular basis – Mostly for the 8 am and noon news casts, along with sports etc.
    One of the features I listened for was Bruce Allen’s comments. Many times I did not agree with him, but on other occasions his and my opinions matched.
    It did not matter whether I agreed or not – The reason I listened to what he had to say is because he made me think and consider another’s point-of-view.
    Another voice I listen for when the radio is on is Bill Good on CKWX. His opinion pieces also allow one to consider other points of view. He is less brassey than Bruce Allen but no less interesting to listen to.
    Thank yo Bruce for your point of view on the many topics you discussed – Keep speaking your mind on what ever medium you choose.

  12. Bruce was/ is a real Vancouver-ite who loves this city with passion. Just look at his accomplishments listed above. He has much to be proud of.I will miss him terribly. He was one of the few the reasons left to listen to the morning show anymore. Watch out Gord Macdonld you could be next.

  13. Bruce said many things I agreed with especially post my red pilling. He was though a massive TDS sufferer and that I found odd as he is a businessman who made money in both Canada and the USA . He was a great discoverer of Canadian music talent too.

    He is still sort of a conservative (if any really still exist on the left coast). He is WRONG on many things IMO most due to Canadian liberal indoctrination and our pathetic inferiority complex, those include again his blind hate of Potus Trump, his rabid and typically smug Canadian anti gun views and his ignorance of guns in fact and truth of how Americans view guns. There are a few other issues I had a beef with him over.

    But Allen is an older west coast conservative and not really a true conservative. Liberalism on the west coast infiltrates minds of even center right and right wing conservatives. Just look at Charles Adler. He is hardly the Winnipeg based conservative he once was, now that he has live in Vancouver for what over 10 years?

    Bruce is one of the ok media type though and I wish him all the best.

  14. Yes Mr Allen would be a perfect fit for News 1130. Yes many people have moved from 98 to 1130.
    All thats left to do is tweak the format at 1130 to create a news talk format. Perhaps from 9am till 3pm to start. This will allow strong news and traffic during the drive times. Hire the best talk show hosts available and put NW out of it misery. They could possibly poach J Bennett as she is fair open and balanced.

  15. Shame on the CKNW Corus Bosses for Terminating Bruce after 17 years of Honest forthright opinions n His daily Reality Check
    Bruce could succinctly condense more home truths about the current appalling situation created by the Current City Hall Regime than any long winded OpEd or other Media comments
    I noted the barely contained glee in Simi Sara curt dismissive remarks after Bruce’s farewell on Friday She now sadly is the NW idea of a Morning Host Harsh voiced Bossy Old School Maamy tone My way or the Highway approach without any dry Humour that Jack Rafe etal always included in the Glory days of NW to lighten the mood
    The writing was on the wall when Bruce was no longer invited on Simi’ or Lynda Shows
    Mike Smyth and Lynda Steele are the only 2 Presenters with any Gumption left at now Eastern Corporate owned CKNW How long before they are axed ?
    I agree with previous comments Bruce should join Bill at News 1130 Could be a good Pairing to agree and disagree on current problems in this City of so many problems
    Good luck Brice We Will miss You

  16. Sad, sad day. “Canadian common sense” is increasingly making no sense to me….. “Old White Guys” have to adapt (sell out?) or they are gone. Just the new reality I guess.

  17. Unless Bruce Allen was doing the segment for free, he was going to get axed eventually. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if a high paid talent purge is forthcoming at Corus.

    The only reason Bill Good will stay on the air at News 1130 is that his buddies at Capital Direct made his commentary a condition on buying more advertising with Rogers Communication.

  18. Other than the Trump hatred, I enjoyed Bruce on pretty well most issues. He didn’t want that bike lane over car lane did he?

    And as for all the name dropping here about current NW’ers:
    -Mike Campbell, yup…last of a dying breed there (okay, maybe Jill is still listenable)
    -used to be a huge Smythe fan, until he and Baldrey started carving up Trump every freakin day.
    -Steele and Simi…pathetic Woke-sters.
    -Bill Good far too liberal for me and definitely suffers TDS.

  19. Bruce is in touch with the reality that exists in Vancouver, a city in decline…thus his Reality Check.
    None of us could agree with him at all times, and he acknowledged that, but his view was accurate most of the time as regards ‘things Vancouver’.

    Yes he could bully, as a counterweight to the bullies at City Hall, the Park Board, certain corporations and individuals. He has the gonads and knowledge to be outspoken…an ability that is being taken from most of us these days.

    I hope he winds up at 1130…so long ‘NW……

  20. Simi got canned at City TV back in 2008. Best morning show ever. I phoned rhe manager and never watched a city tv production again. Campbell brought in carbon tax, I went 5 years before I purchased B C. gas.

    I can’t stand Lynda, Baldty. Repeats of same segments over shows
    So my question is , where do I go. It won’t be CBC liberal party fan club.


  21. michael atterton,

    There is a reason why Simi especially but also most CKNW hosts take few listener phone calls. Simi is because she only likes to hear herself talk, she’s a raging liberal feminazi, she is too smug to entertain counter opinions by her “for what for reason they do”, listeners and she lacks a greater critical thinking mind.

    Most of the CKNW hosts are now similar to Simi and yes Steele is as bad as Simi or even worse. Smythe was the most entertaining but he too has become more of a libtard and yes, TDS suffering pompous, smug Canadian radio host typifying very much the Canadian self righteous mind with the inferiority complex.

  22. Richard,

    Bruce is a TDS sufferer but not a far lefty. To a trad con, he would be hard to be called a conservative. I don’t think there are many true conservatives on the left coast of Canada and the USA. But Bruce is not like Trudeau or Jagmeet Singh clone, far from it.

    As for Jody Vance, SHE IS FRIGGING NUTS!!!! and makes Simi Sara look like a raging conservative in comparison. People like Jody Vance are some of the most dangerous minds in our world today. Totally devoid of critical thinkings skills. She and those like her would have been Nazi Concentration camp guard types, Stalinist Gulag guard types, Mao’s reeducation camp workers or Pol Pots killing fields soldiers.

  23. I get a kick out of a number of the replies here on this story. He has a job and he is 75 or 76. You think he is a spring chicken that wants to start a new career on another station in this market. No way in hell will he be working the morning/mid day, or afternoon drive shift. He gave his opinion taped and played three times a time, five minutes max.(NW) Then with Willy, ten minutes max live Friday on Rock 101. He probably is getting tired of driving to his office in Gastown, is he still working full time?

  24. Chrissy, Im not sure anyone wants Mr Allen to host a show, just carry on with a reality check. But NW is ripe for the picking. Simi hectors and is likley on Horgans Xmas card list. Mike Smyth has toned down the rhetoric and Lynda Steele and Eric Chapman should join Drex. 1130 could erase NW in a heartbeat

  25. I’ve got a lot of time for Bruce Allen . He was the real Vancouver deal . NW doesn’t know , care , or appreciate what they had . As for those dick headed Trump loving toe rags Cephas , Shoulda , Richard ……get stuffed .

  26. Hey Eddie Haskell…
    So I’m a dick headed toe rag…lovely sentiments, and very original.

    You obviously don’t have a clue about me. I do not applaud everything Trump does, but seriously…look at what’s happening down there. You in some demented way obviously prefer the leadership of Biden.

    I’ll be kind and say I only feel sorry for the parents who had to raise a fool like you.

  27. What does Bruce know about the inner working of the music and entertainment industry that would give him TDS?
    Asking for a friend.

  28. Bruce was not a bully, that opinion is simply juvenile, Bruce had opinions and most of his opinions were/are based on common sense . Yes one can disagree and that again means you simply have another point of view .

    Society needs the argument, the discussion, and the debate so we can arrive at informed decisions, open discussion is how we learn .

    Bruce did/does have an advanced case of TDS and I think that hurt him with most who hold the same principals otherwise .

    Whoever is making decisions, doing the hiring and firing at now CKNDP is doing great harm to the soul and culture of the station . I wholly agree that WX should have middle of the road talk between 9 am and 4 pm with world, national, and local news programs in drive times, that would work .

    Yes NW is still higher in ratings than most but that is because competition is anemic and when is really only a 4 in a sea of 2’s and 3’s they look much better than they really are .

    Simi is Weak, Smyth had promise but he appears to have Stockholm syndrome and has fallen under the control of a surprising snow flake Baldrey, Jill Bennet is fair and balanced and that is all anyone should ask . Smyth started out that way but………

    Lynda Steele and her side kick Ooooh Yeah Eric are obviously under the influence of the PD and a very bad Blotter Acid .

    The night guy Adler was once ok, I would listen a bit on my way home from golf but some years ago he went under “Political Re Assignment Surgery” and is “Whacked Right Out” and he has become a “Self Important Little Windbag” who loves his own voice, feels it necessary to shut down opposing views, and he believes he actually has influence when in reality he is truly only a legend in his own basement .

    CKNDP is right for the picking and WX could start the assault by hiring Bennett for afternoons from 12:30 pm, Michael Campbell, Bruce, and a 9:00 am to noon host who can allow all sides of any given debate . Bruce could still do commentary segments for years to come .

    Roy Green would be great for mornings but who knows what his interest is for a full time weekday assignment .

    Working people who tax, seniors who pay tax, and the rest of society that are productive need people like Bruce and others to stand up and push back against Poverty Pimps like Mayors Gregor, Kennedy, Swanson, DERA, similar NGO’s, Kwan, Townsend, and all of the other SJW who have turned the DES into a Cesspool of Broken Humanity while at the same time wasting $ 1 Million Dollars a day attempting to create some kind of utopia for drug addled criminals .

    I am sure I will be vilified for saying this but why is it that Mayor Kennedy always look so rumpled ? Is that “His thing” ? YIKES . My apologies I think I was channeling Bruce for a minute there .

    How has that worked out so far ?

    Then of course there is the “Mind Bending” PC SJW BS that is coming out of the Van Parks Board, who will speak out against that without Bruce ?

    Hell, why do we even have a Parks Board ?

    Let’s hope that WX or someone else steps up and provides good fair and balanced radio for the Good uh People uh Kind of YVR soon or we will be left at the mercies of CKNDP, it’s PD, and the radio hosts who can’t shoot straight .


    I have /had many issues with the “Bad Orange Man” but it policy/policies that I care about, it matters not to me if he was/is boorish, rude, a bully, stubborn, called people names, or if he was Orange, his policies were sound .

    You now have a “Sock Puppet” as POTUS for more than likely less than 24 months and then Kamala takes over and it will get even worse .

    Ask young girls how they feel about Biden’s first Executive Order that now legislates thst MALES who now identify as Females are allowed to participate in ALL Girls Sports . How do their parents feel ? More importantly how do you feel ?

    Would that have ever taken place under POTUS Trump ?

    Where are Feminists Womens Rights Group on this ?

    Martina Navratilova spoke out against this and she was vilified .

    Welcome to the World of Woke !

    The “Bad Orange Man” won’t look so bad a few months from now .

  29. Do people actually think that a news station with a history of letting go of big-name staff would spend a lot of $ recruiting former and current CKNW staff for the mid day stretch?

    No question, CKNW can do better. What constitutes better depends on who you speak to. Even fair and balanced can be a matter of opinion.

    But if CKWX was to get well-known hosts in the mid-day to replace their using programming, in the best-case scenario that would attract an older audience. It could easily backfire, though, if CKNW was to step up their game in response and find mid day hosts with more cross-generation and cross-gender appeal.

    I’d love to see AM 730 try that format outside of peak periods, though. One would think that one of these days that station would be tired of staying in the ratings basement with the all-traffic format. They wouldn’t even have to target CKNW staff; lately there’s been so many fired hosts from talk and music stations which ability to run their own show that would be less expensive to hire.

  30. Radio has been my life all my life. and sure I’m pretty much old school, but do strive to see both sides of an issue. Radio, until recently was a window to the world, where both sides of any topic were presented and open for discussion. Now, increasingly, it’s becoming sanitized along with everything else. Unless you’ve walked your grandkids to and from school on a daily basis, carefully past prostitutes, people shooting up, bathing openly in a water fountain by their school, skirting around used condoms, human feces, needles and other paraphernalia on the sidewalks to and in their school yards, being kept awake at night by banging and screaming people with addiction and mental health issues in your immediate streets (as have I), to name just a few of what’s happening in Vancouver and indeed in so many communities, please don’t make judgement calls on Bruce Allen. It’s called a “Reality Check” for a reason, so please don’t stop these issues from being presented. Cut Bruce Allen down to once a day if you must, and offer another side of the coin, but don’t cut him out. Quite frankly, I find the “Vancolour Moment” segment now offered, to be as offensive to me, as some of you find Bruce’s comments to be to you. I only wish I could express my thoughts as succinctly as does BMCQ because he says it like it is.

  31. Nicholas – Nanamair

    As a person who is not involved in the industry I simply used WX as an example of a station where an alternative to NW might work as they seem to have news people of experience and a good foundation to build on .

    I may be mistaken and others like Mitchell or Bell could know better and I suppose any station can change directions quite rapidly if desired .

    I simply want balance and NW seems to have abandoned the fair and balanced culture they once had . Stations should present both sides with hosts of different philosophies and a variety of guests with differing opinions mixed in with fact checking, debates, and discussions which allow listeners to hear all sides and opinions of any argument then they can come to their own Informed opinion .

    I do not even want WX who I mentioned as a challenger to NW to have a conservative culture, it would be fine to have a mix where the listener can choose to listen or not to listen . Yes, political commentaries from ?Bruce or anyone else but a balance . CKNW is quickly becoming the “Station of Woke” and that does no one any good, we already have enough of the “Cancel Culture” in our society .

    We need a station that is willing to fight back against the new think in our society where they are trying to label most everyone as a victim, victimhood just creates more victims, we need young people to stand up and be strong enough to be independent and competitive, the world is getting to be a tougher place to compete and get ahead all the time and educators, politicians, SJW, and media keep trying to convince our young people that they are weak, cannot cope or compete, need a crutch, they convince young people that they are crippled with anxiety and they Push the narrative that all of those mentioned are almost like a pandemic when the biggest two problems we have are those mentioned enabling victimhood and the neurotic parents that become the tools of those Social Engineers .

    We need to begin to fight back or we will lose it all to those that come here from any given world nation who DO NOT believe in Victimhood for their children those parents encourage their children to get a good school education achieve good grades, get a good university education, compete for a top job, and take it all, they refuse to listen to anything the SJW tell them, they want to win and win they will .

    In the meantime a high percentage of the parents that choose victim for themselves and their children will stand back, watch it all being taken away and then wonder what happened and then realize their children mostly sons end up living in the basements of their parents engrossed in video games and never accomplishing a thing . All of a sudden they are 30 years old and they have become “Panama Boys” .

    Not to worry though because the SJW, Social Engineers, and so many in media will in their wisdom find a way to get them Mental Health Care and of course medication that will address all of their problems .

    Those are just some of the reasons why we need a handful of media outlets that are willing and able to presents ALL sides of any given subject/story, we need and deserve fairness and we need and deserve balance .

    CKNDP/NW and far too many others in radio, tv, and print have absolutely no plan for any of that in their futures, they are leading the public down a path that will in the not too distant future ensure disastrous results .

  32. Bruce Allen will be dearly missed by our family. His morning rants were one of the very few things I liked on NW. He alway did extensive research on his topics making it factual and not just an opinion. Sorry to see him leave NW the self promoting radio station. Hope he continues on some other medium.

  33. @BMCQ Your last post is worthy of reprint and distribution to EVERY office in Canada . Every politician, program director , EVERY school university, technical, community college.
    Every UNION HQ especially the BCTF.
    Stop the excuses, we are not all being bullied, we are not all victims.

  34. I an sure Bruce has lots of loot and wasn’t doing it for the money. In the 17 years he was on NW I rarely missed his show & I agreed with him most of the time. Thanks for all the enjoyment he has given me and I will really miss his show

  35. The problem is a talk radio format is very expensive to run with questionable ratings results. Even though NWs ratings overall are good when you look at the demo breakdowns there are huge holes. Add to this the popularity of podcasts and the availability of talk shows from all parts of the world and you really have to wonder its at all worth it for terrestrial radio.

    The recent carnage at TSN1040 was very similar with minute ratings and absolutely no chance for the company to make a buck.

  36. BMCQ & 13
    Thank you for outstanding posts!!!!!
    Listened to Bruce’s replacement today telling us not to feed birds & animals in our parks. He has no sponsor.
    Bruce had a sponsor forever. Your loss ‘NW & Global…see ya!

  37. Bag Guy

    Heard the absolutely pathetic replacement today myself, I was horrified with what I heard!

    So very amateurish and it sounded no different than something one might hear from a grade 9 gigs school class .

    I later phoned in to Jill Bennett about the Van Parks Board and their continuing war on the car and told Bennett that the new wanna be Bruce Allen replacement would cost NW a loss of listeners while at the same I told her to keep up the good work on her show .

    I find it difficult how Advertisers continue with NW, again another station could attract many of theNW advertisers if that station was just fair and balanced if they attracted listenership .

    I do not know if mark is correct when he says talk is expensive and problematic, if it was then why does NW persist ?

    As flawed as it is NW obviously makes It work, they have ratings and make money in spite of themselves . It should be easy for them, they have no competition and they are successful in spite of the PD and his decisions .

    I just think it could be done better and I think the programming decisions being made at CKNDP/NW are setting them up for a challenge and I think they could be taken down .

  38. Professional sports teams have program directors called head coaches and general managers. They are almost always hired with a best before date. Sooner or later they get fired. Remember Ian korixfest

  39. Bruce, Smythe and Bennett are the only reasons to listen to NW today.

    NW may be top of the ratings but with non existent competition it’s not that hard……………it’s like being the best swimmer on the Titanic.

    I’m kinda irritated that I can no longer listen to NW on the drive home from work but I simply cannot listen to Lynda Steele and, Eric Chapman is horrific, I wonder if he has ever listened back to one of his broadcasts as you can tell he’s winging it and doesn’t have an original thought so reverts to agreeing with whoever happens to be talking at the time “yeah, totally, uh huh. yeah, totally uh huh” I truly believe that Steele keeps him around because he is so bad he makes her sound almost passable!!

  40. I get a kick out of all these non-broadcast professionals expounding on how to fix the business. Sure glad I’m not your dentist or do you tell him/her how to do a root canal.

  41. News Anchor

    “All these You say”, vey professional .

    If you are such and expert and obviously a Legend In Your Own Basement why don’t you offer something up of substance .

    As Joe Biden might say, “C’mon Man, show us what you are made of” !! “No Joke” !

    And further to your comment, with the numbers of so called Broadcast Professionals “Falling to the Guillotine” on any given number of TV and Radio Stations of late anyone that chooses to post on this blog has just as good a chance of getting it correct as the so called Broadcast Professionals like you .

    Let me take a wild guess, YOU are a ” Famed News Anchor” broadcasting on the Radio Station in YOUR Mommies Basement, am I close with that guess ?

    Draw back the curtains and open the windows in your Basement Studio, you are obviously not getting enough fresh air or sunshine .

  42. Hahahaha. Just can’t control your reaction can you? As for ‘mommy’s basement’ line, that material went out in the 80’s. Gotta do a whole lot better then that brother. And keep calling into the radio station with your advice on how to ‘fix’ things. They can always use a good guffaw.

  43. May I just give pause to the thought that unless one knows the identity of all the posters on here, or has actually owned their own station, being responsible for the budget and decisions, the assumption ought not be made that all among them are “non-broadcast professionals”.

  44. News Anchor………………ah that old chestnut, you can’t have an opinion unless you are a “professional” on the subject matter, I suppose we can’t comment on the NHL unless we are a professional hockey player either!

  45. I have to agree with Scotty regarding Lynda Steel and Eric Chapman. I just can’t listen to them anymore. They are the reason I re-subscripted to Sirius XM.

  46. Of course you can have an opinion, but it doesn’t come from a position of experience, therefore lacks credibility. Just because you’ve watched a thousand hockey games, or listened to a thousand radio shows, your expertise is nothing more then an arm-chair quarterback. To use the NHL, why do you think they have ex-players or coaches on their panels or broadcasts—to give CREDIBILITY!

  47. Slow row – Scotty – and more

    Do not worry, you are not alone, there are many more like you who are middle of the road, are fair and balanced and believe in the rule of law, equality for all and no special deals or status for those the “Woke Police” think are ‘More Equal” than others . What kind of a society ensures that some of us are more equal than others simply based on somebody’s “Whacked Out” Social Engineering ideals foisted on us by a minority of out of touch Socialists .

    Why is society allowing “The Tail to Wag the Dog”. again where is Media on this, why is media not asking the important and tough questions of our political masters ? Perhaps a well known “Basement News Anchor” with proven credibility will come out of the shadows in his Mommies basement and speak out on this . We can only hope .

    Dr. Martin Luther King marched to ensure that we are all equal, Dr. King believed that not one of us is better than anyone else regardless of our ethnicity, skin tone, religion or status in life . He wanted his children to enjoy the same status as the children of others in society, equality .

    Equality is what society should strive for, “Equity” Is what PC SJW Social Engineers demand and call for but that is not democratic and that kind of Legislation is in fact Reverse Discrimination .

    Even Walter Mitty the short sighted, ill informed, confused, impotent, inept, and untruthful people kind that identifies as a News Anchor should understand . At least I think he should understand . Perhaps he might not though after he cannot even provide evidence of his own credibility . Perhaps his Mommie will speak up and provide him with some credibility .

    Do not worry, there are many many more people out there that are middle of the road stable and boring than there is on the “Looney Left” the “Looney Left” just have a louder drum right now .

    Stand up, push back, and vote, I guarantee you things will be fine .

  48. will miss bruce cknw nolonger likes man talk it prefers baking and cheap flights to canyon sad time to change the channel keep in touch bruce let us now your new venue

  49. @ News Anchor, you might be surprised at how many people that may not be in the “biz” are consumers of the “biz” I dont butcher and process cattle but I know when a steak tastes great and when it tastes like crap. You cant eliminate the people that watch as easily as they can turn you off or change channels

  50. 13, I’m afraid News Anchor is right. No one in the radio biz cares what you think, only that you listen. The two are not interchangeable. If you don’t like a host or show, simply change stations. If enough people do that, management will make changes. But for you and others not in the biz to complain or pontificate constantly on this site and others, is a waste of space and your time.

  51. Obamais a liar. If you reread what YOU wrote slowly you might pu on your contradictions
    1) no one in the radio biz cares what you think …listen
    2) simply change stations if enough…..mgmt “WILL MAKE changes”

    If that can happen please explain how it is a waste of anyones time. Or are you trying to tell the person that runs PSR that he is wasting his time as mgmt doesnt read his blog

  52. CKNW is turning over into a house of government compliant cowards. I wonder what John McComb would have had to say if he were still a broadcaster, instead of that awful replacement. Bruce Allen was the prime example of good old tough reality talk and objective commentaries and opinions. Unlike the new wave of broadcast wimps of PC. None it seems had any innards to speak up for Bruce. If there were, then good on them.

    So long Bruce. Many like me Luv Ya.

    As For CKNW . FUDGE YOU ! Your number 980 on the dial should be replaced with 000.

  53. Thanks for letting us know about Allen still on the air. Won’t listen to Rock 101 or patronize any of their sponsors until that bully is shown the door.

  54. Thank you very much for letting us know Bruce is on Rock 101, I will make an effort to listen !

    I salute Bruce, He is a Great Canadian Patriot !!

  55. Here here BCMQ. I will salute too that. Tuned out and turned off NW Global Woke Compliant station for good. Tuning in 101 more often. NW is just dumming down more and more with every turnover. So is a lot of media in general.

  56. Glad to hear that Bruce is back on the air…
    Rock 101 should be a good fit for his hard hitting comments. along with the rock ‘n’ roll.
    A lateral move is much better than being shown the door to the street.
    Hopefully this isn’t just moving the deck chairs on the Titanic.
    With AM 740, NW, CFOX and Rock 101 all owned by Corus, the only other place he could have gone (in house) would be CFOX. I don’t think he’d do well with traffic reports. I guess either Rock 101 or CFOX would have worked as a venue for his commentaries .
    Keep telling it like it is Bruce – we’ll be listening .

  57. Kenny

    I now listen to SXM most of the time while out in the car .
    When I do tune into NW during the week it is now only for Jill Bennett and the Vaughn Palmer 6:35 am segments Mon – We’d – Friday .

    Also audio vault Michael Campbell’s Saturday show and sometimes Roy Green .

    Let’s hope one of the other stations that now struggles will realize there is a listening audience out there that’s looking for someone to provide fair and balanced programming as opposed to the “Wokeism” that is now basically stifling free thinking .

  58. 13

    I tend to agree with you .

    Why is the people that think they are experts and insiders almost always believe that others have no right to opinions or solutions to any given topic yet they demand freedom of speech and freedom of thought and opinion for themselves ?

    Why are self appointed “Blog Police” always afraid of other ideas and opinions, it always seems to be a common trait in PC SJW, “Free speech for Me but not for Thee” .

  59. @solost. JM has watched an entire bus load of talent get fired at NW. Those in the radio BIZ simply soldier on and step over the corpses of fallen comrades

  60. “CKNW A Corus Entertainment Station”. Says it all. Do not expect news, investigative reporting, anything in depth, world news, etc. Thank heavens I can get am790 in the truck. John Bachelor in the evenings. Will have to check out for am booster antennas. (I’m not up to speed on more modern tech.) Lol. But I do love radio!! Can’t obey screens….

  61. By reading the comments regarding Bruce Allen it just proves to me that being right of center seems to be a bad thing, CKNW used to be a great station that always gave attention to both sides of any given issue, not so much anymore.

  62. CKNW since they kicked out Raffe Mair , for undisclosed reasons, but he was absolutely correct with his predictions when Corus took over, Since then the station has been on life support.
    Bill Good took over his spot but could not match in any context Raffe’s intellect and was pretty wishy washy.
    He tried doing a daily editorial but quickly gave up on that.
    They came close with Christy Clark, she was a pretty decent broadcaster but a lousy Premier.
    She bombed…. Too much ambition and not enough political talent. Shudda stayed in the chair Christy. I knew it would be the end of her.
    Phil Till was very good but he quit. I dont think he liked what he saw happening.
    So It was down to Bruce and Mike Campbell. and a whinging Jon McComb obsessed with Trump.
    Bruce like many I did not always agree but he had the professional uslessness of some of these lower mainland mayors, Moonbeam and his bike lanes, and the drug infested downtown and especially the Parks board down to a tee. No wonder they got rid of him.
    So all that is left now is Mike Campbell. When they tire of his daily expose’s and examples of fiscal incompetence, no doubt they will offer him the door.
    Then I will no longer have to endure the inane advertizing yelling at me in the mornings and runnig out of batteries in my remote to reduce the volume, as I tune in for those brief five minutes and wait for his commentary, I can finally finish with CKNW forever.
    I did listen to Bruces replacement….. Oh dear, Oh dear you have got to be joking….
    Simi and the rest of the woke females the odd male that is left and who now run that station…. It’s all yours.
    I wondered what they would talk about when Donald was replaced, and then along came Covid.
    i doubt I will find out.

  63. Perhaps if these clowns at cknw would lose their jobs for weeks at a time with a lockdown for them, they might change their communist tune.
    Yeah, chorus of liars…. and Chicomm sychophants prostrating themselves in front of Winnie The Pooh Ping.

  64. For all the people who claim to like free speech like what Bruce Allen offered.

    Bruce Allen was a loudmouthed ignoramus who offered ‘Johnny Walker wisdom.’ When this pathetic trash is finally dead, the world will be a slightly better place.

  65. Bring Back Bruce Break….
    Look whoever Ronnie is ?i. U can not be from here BC.
    Vancouver has a very close relation ship with Bruce..
    ..Some one is making. A big mistake. I will boycott my radio station 101 .Till u bring him back.Not that u care what one person boycotts .If on any social media
    I would try to stop Ronnie ?who ever u are.??. From …messing with Willie and Bruce.

  66. NDub is a mere shadow of its former self. Webster and Mair would slice and dice the Libtards there now, all under the thumb of Larry Gifford. When Mike Smythe got his new gig he was alright for a little while and then Baldry got to him, and he soon realized he had to bash and hate Trump or he wouldn’t be around long. Bunch of bloody gutless puppets and that’s why the best of all Mike Campbell and Bruce Allen have been fired out. Simi fits in because she’s just a another Trudeau, Horgan, Biden mouthpiece. Jill’s alright. Gord McDonald is a vibrating erratic Trump hater also. Jody Vance is an embarrassing witch as was Linda Steele, and Eric Chapman should just be ignored and made jokes of. Pathetic lefty station now. Go satellite to the US and get some real opinions about child molesting Biden.

  67. Appears left wing Larry Gifford at NDub has even brought tired old Libtard, Trump hating, Jon McComb out of mothballs and put him on the air after McComb spent weeks anointing himself as the greatest of all time and giving himself a tearful farewell and oh gawd it was just so heart wrenching and he was gone forever and would become the greatest blogger of all time in his retirement Well his blog failed miserably because no one wants to listen to him anymore so here we are. Tiresome joke to say the least.

  68. Probably because 101 is a Corus station also and they were the Libtard Commies that fired him in the first place. I imagine lefty libtard Larry Gifford had something to do with it. I enjoyed Bruce and he was a puppet Trump hater also which I didn’t agree with, but he got canned because he spoke the truth that the tree hugging daisy sniffing snowflakes in Vancouver couldn’t handle.


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