Vancouver PPMs All Person 2+Fall 2020


Puget Sound Radio is proud to announce the amalgamation of Radio West and PSR in presenting the Numeris numbers…

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  1. Sportsnet 650’s never gonna endear itself to this city if they continue to push Sedin-hating hosts and Blue Jays/Raptors talk. Too bad since a lot of good people work there. 1040 realizes that the hard core listeners want Canucks, Lions, Seahawks, Mariners talk and listeners clearly respond to it.

  2. Sad to see the decline of The Peak. Having an indie-oriented alternative station is great for Vancouver, it’s too bad the station plays mostly the same set of songs day to day. I hope they expand their playlist rather than switching formats.

  3. Same goes with lg 104.3 the breeze. I hope they play more obscure classic oldies from 60s 70s or 80s rather than just sticking to whats on topic or even switching altogether under any name.

  4. I can’t believe that NW is still number 1, with the recent changes, I rarely listen after 12 noon. Lots of repeats and waste of air time programming.

  5. Kiss 104.9 needs a format change. It clearly isn’t resonating with listeners anymore and at this point probably never will. The city doesn’t need three Top 40 stations. Maybe a change back to FUN FM,but this time just utilize the CFUN calls in the name. And The Breeze….. Change it back to LG!!!

  6. I was a long time listener and caller to CKNW while I was in he car and still listen a bit to Smyth and Bennet, I find them both fair and balanced for the most part . Other than Palmer I do not listen in the early am any longer and cannot stand listening to poor Lynda and Eric, how the hell did he end up thee, she should be able to carry her own show without the “Oh Yeah, Yeah, Ohh, Yeah, Uh, Yeah, Oh Yeah” BS, who allows that to continue ? Eric must get lessons from Canadian PM Justin .

    Personally I cannot stand Adler, he is full of bluster, pompousness, and self importance, I believe he underwent “Political Assignment” Surgery sometime about 4 years ago, must be the PD director .

    Yes, of course we do not all like the same thing but……………

    Yes I think CKNW are a number 1 station but IMHO they have NO competition, even a dead dog can look good when everyone else around them are failing a their job .

    I may be reading this completely wrong but I wonder why another station like CKWX did not reach out and hire Michael Smyth and Jill Bennett and use their two talk shows around their regular news broadcasts with an addition of World News and National News rolled into a 1 hour lunch time broadcast and say 5 pm drive time, would that not be a success ?

    I am obviously not a media “People Kind”, would anyone in the industry care to point out where I am wrong/right ?

    Again, to me it looks like CKNW could be knocked off it’s perch .

    I think local radio listeners of all political brands deserve better, do we not ?

    Any comment would be appreciated .

  7. Responding to jeff, if lg 104.3 switches to what it was not long ago, they should actually utilize the format and not be the jack fm wannabe and be an actual 60s 70s oldie station. Like, do it properly and dont make it half assed.

  8. Its funny that if you go backwards in time NW gets better and better. Content, ownership, community ties, actual news room with people that understood what they were reading or reporting. The loss of hockey and football broadcasts hurt. . Frosty followed by Maier then Good and the pm drive with Till and McComb Berner and Faux live all night long. Pure radio gold.
    I agree it wouldnt take much to topple NW with a strong line up of intelligent talk show hosts.
    I am at a total loss to suggest how that could occur. I still believe that people that still listen to am or fm band radio are likely older . Many with disposable income that should attract a good advertising budget.
    Seems that it would require a local owner or group of owners that have deep roots in the local market. Maybe the Pattisons and other wealthy businessmen /women just dont care about am radio.

  9. For me, radio is for news and sports. I got tired of TSN 1040’s “social reeducation project” so gave 650 a chance. Not much better, if at all.
    Got tired of CKNW and gave 1130 a chance. Could not last 40 minutes.
    Right now, I am downloading podcasts and listening to them. About 80% of what I used to listen to on air has been replaced by podcasts.
    I don’t think I am the only one.

  10. Jesse

    I must admit I listen to SXM almost all of the time when I am in the car .

    Nothing like SXM driving through the California Desert ! Freedom !

  11. As a female listener, bring back LG104.3 The current station is boring and puts me to sleep. And try harder. All these stations do NOTHING but the same thing and same songs over and over. For the most part I listen to independent internet radio stations. They are supreme. I listen to AM730 only in the car when headed into traffic areas. 1130 when I’m away from my computer and in the car. All the other music stations are terrible. They need to bring back radio jingles to identify branding better. Bring back Russ Lactate to News 1130. Kill 104.9 and turn it into a 90’s station. LG 104.3 should be 60’s and 70’s. I don’t know what these clowns are waiting for. As each generation gets older, they are losing listeners. My kids don’t even know the name of the top 40 stations on air in Vancouver. So, if this continues on the same, then radio is for sure dead.

  12. Funny, I recently got a new car and a three month free access to SiriusXM. Complete garbage. I wouldn’t pay 1.99 a month for it. Cuts out all the time, I live in a place with lots of tree’s and DJs taking about pecan pies and their favorite memories of the holidays in the Deep South. No thanks. In reality it’s an old technology. Can’t believe Nina Blackwood is still around. Been gargling with glass for what 65 years now?

    For music I use Spotify on my Bluetooth. I wanna listen to what I want to listen to, not what someone else thinks I want to hear.

    I know this will po the ‘NW haters but I am listening more and more now thanks to the addition of Mike Smyth from 9-12noon. Great job Mike!

  13. I pretty much agree with kelly. I mostly when I can listen to oldie stations (not jack fm clones) from out of town via the simple radio app on my phone. Including the jewel fm cluster from back east. True easy listening brand from 60s-today. 50s 60s 70s oldie show weekends. That brands great. Interesting in ontario instead of shutting down stations the few stations that play the real oldies are branching out, latest in halifax. For what I mentioned is a wake up call for us to do the same and not act like some fuzzy headed hipster wannabe radio know it all like the program manager and station manager of 104.3 since summer 2019 (no names mentioned simona and devon both).

  14. BMCQ: Other stations have tried in the past have tried the talk format, with or without big names. Hasn’t worked. Yes, in theory it’s easy to compete with CKNW. The reality is, it takes years to build up a loyal audience. And while Charles Adler definitely isn’t for everyone, it is a different type of talk show.

    And for those screaming for the return of oldies stations: the big problem with radio stations these days isn’t format, it’s repetition. That was an issue with LG as well. If one of the top 40 stations got away from playing their top songs every 1.5 hours (or 2 hours in the case of 95.3) they might improve. Why does JACK FM do well even in the absence of almost any live announcers? Less repetition.

  15. Nicholas: I agree very much except even jack fm is very repetitive, like listening to sports radio without the talking pretty much. “Rogers arena muzak”, right term for that. Even worse, its a true american franchise like wal mart unlike the breeze. Like, why would we all be outsourced to an american franchise to provide music for us, is it bad enough that we have too much american programming on tv?!!! I mean music for us less repetitive. And even lg 104.3 before the shift was an inferior jack fm clone pretty much! I dont listen to local radio too much anyway. Middays I listen to the jim rome show via kpug the bellingham sports channel. While that show isnt for everybody, it is a different kind of sports show. Hell, its a different kind of talk show PERIOD. Hell with that, its a different kind of radio bit overall given whats in our radio listening range PERIOD (including bellingham as I said). And coincidentally, the content screener of that show is simones friend from down south originally from seattle adam hawk. But anyway, my point is other than that, pretty much the same no longer applies to every other station here commercial or otherwise but not impossible. Maybe 104.3 and some others will learn that one of these days.

  16. To Cam: I agree with the sentiment that if you’re looking to rediscover a song you haven’t heard in ages, you’re more likely to hear it in the background of a retail store than from a Vancouver radio station. That said, foreign ownership of radio stations is common, and The Breeze is no exception. Radio stations were better when there were more request hours where you’d actually hear something different now and then.

    Could an oldies station keep things fresh by introducing “new” old songs to their playlist? They could, but oldies stations rarely do.

    Even a station playing the best of 50’s through 90’s music becomes stale if they simply play the same songs day after day. 103.5 already spans several four decades of music but they’ve been playing the same Michael Jackson/Madonna/Whitney Houston 80’s collection for years along with their current songs, and play the mostly the same Christmas songs year after year. They probably get away with it by having good on-air personalities. Still, I’ll take the genuinely broad playlist that Jack has over radio personalities — until a better alternative comes along.

  17. Thanks for the insight, only my opinion but I think good solid competition for CKNW would make for much better radio for B.C. .

    Disappointing that another station has not been able to compete .

    From ratings posted and from many comments here it would seem that several stations are looking to gain traction with a bigger listening audience, perhaps someone else will try, I for one would be listening while in the car early am and after 3 pm as early am CKNW and after 3 pm is not close to working .

  18. To nicolas: actually, anything from 50s to today as a backbone like from the eastern part of thos country will keep me hooked here in vancouver once again. And actually, theres also w1440 out of the edmonton area of alberta. It may play the same songs day after day too, but at least the music reigns supreme. All 60s and 70s with some 50s. Basically what CISL was right when it shifted to the oldies genre outright in early 90s right up to early 2000s. So maybe cfun or 730 should change to that, and of not those, then 104.9 maybe. And add the request line with tom lucas if and when it happens.

  19. I can’t understand why AM730 or AM1410 don’t capitalize on the nostalgia the frequencies bring and the fact Vancouver doesn’t have a true oldies station. Wouldn’t this format propel them from the bottom of the ratings pile instantly? The return of 14CFUN or LG73??? Only a dream…….

  20. And to nicolas: while the breeze at least we can relate to given our multiethnic plethora here in vancouver (for it actually began in the philippines back in the day, though its long there, and todays version overall started in new zealand and england a few years back), jack fm on the other hand even though it had origins here it in reality a u.s. franchise; like yet another “anywhere u.s.a.” big fish eating all the little fish. While simona has her own radio persona and those two times I met her shes very sociable and kind, she sadly is a huge biden/harris/blm supporter and ass kisser and hipster wannabe radio know it all and wannabe pseudocelebrity clown. Simona probably didnt know where the breeze fm network started, just assumed it was the u.s. like jack fm. Probably why it sounded too much like the other “easy listening” stations on the continent since summer 2019, and not what the breeze was supposed to be from the start. At least what some friends of mine who met her in person too, she seemed to be still on hold on the jim rome show trying to get through with jokes about homelessness, obesity, abnormal looking people overall, etc. and even sing a parody song about something (I wouldnt be suprised at all if the main reason CISL 650 was sold to rogers and switched to sports in the first place was due to simona negotiating with newcap and disputing them over the timing of red robinsons 80th birthday special in march 2017 [the jim rome show was in the exact same time slot then, and she wanted to “fulfill some personal goals, namely what I just mentioned]), meanwhile self serving hypocritical knuckleheads like her, drex and producer of the jim rome show adam hawk are going with bum and fat shaming still especially on said program in particular, too stupid and boneheaded to know that homelessness and obesity is a more serious issue all over the western world, and her interview with the president of covenant house recently only shows her hypocrisy.

  21. A while back I was very excited to hear Mike and Jill get new gigs. Was. I’ll admit, Mike is still the best on NW, but he’s dropped a few notches with he and Baldrey HATING Trump! Did the president do ANYTHING right you guys? Please, please at least hammer away at that doofus Biden starting next month.

  22. Update: just heard qmfm is going to rebrand as move 103.5. Looks like they will officially rebrand as a top 40 station. Breeze fm will stay as is probably after all.

  23. Update: qmfm starting january 4 will be move 103.5. The love songs program might no longer be on the station. Format will be same as before the name change, minus that. Breeze fm will as a result stay as is after all. I knew exactly some kinda shake up will happen.

  24. After the demise of tsn 1040 sportsnet 650 demotes its ace play by play announcer Brendon Bachelor. Mr. Bachelor was praised by lengendary announcer Jim Robson. But to no avail. The Suits know better.



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