Morning Co-Host at Toronto’s AM 640 Resigns, Sues

Supriya Dwivedi

All Access

December 3, 2020

SUPRIYA DWIVEDI has resigned as morning co-host at CORUS News-Talk CFMJ-A (GLOBAL NEWS RADIO 640 TORONTO)/TORONTO, and she has filed a complaint with the CANADIAN HUMAN RIGHTS COMMISSION alleging that CORUS was responsible for an increase in racist comments and threats due to failing to enforce standards for its talk radio programming.

VICE reports that DWIVEDI’s resignation letter to GLOBAL NEWS SVP WARD SMITH pointed to the station’s hosts airing “false narratives about refugees, Muslims, Sikhs, and other targeted groups,” drawing a response from CORUS attorney HOWARD LEVITT claiming that the company “did everything possible to protect her and others from racism and misogyny,” blaming her for being unable to “tolerate the trolls of social media” and suggesting that “she does not belong in talk radio as practiced in NORTH AMERICA.” He said that attacks against DWIVEDI came from the public and that CORUS is not responsible for them. VICE quoted from LEVITT’s letter that he wrote, “She accepted a position in talk radio on a station with a significant conservative listenership, where commentators express strong and divergent opinion and the public responds accordingly…. Attacks from listeners and others on social media, as well as having other hosts with contrary opinions to her own, are a fundamental constituent of the job she accepted.”

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  1. The only “racism” in the FAKE NEWS especially CORUS is how they call all white people racist, NAZIS, White Privilege, FAR RIGHT and the list goes on. All those things are literally racist against white people. Most people see this garbage for what it is. Can’t wait to see the “Ratings” for Vancouver. We completely STOPPED listening to all FAKE NEWS after the election and I know we are not alone. In 3 years or less…..all MSM will be dead. Just watch.

  2. My day is always made when I act out Richards’s POSTS! about LAME STREAM MEDIA by yelling CONJUNCTIONS out loud, SHEEPLE!

  3. If you can’t take the rough & tumble world of talk radio, go work at an FM classical radio station…
    Sheeeeesh, yet another whiner..get a backbone!

  4. I was a very frequent listener of Dwivedi and Stafford every morning. If there was anything but mutual respect between them, I obviously missed it and I thought they worked marvellously well together. I particularly enjoyed her precision with the English language and her medical and legal background knowledge was phenomenal Now they’re both.gone and I find Brady just a little too verbose, opinionated and high energy so early in the day. I’m exhausted listening to him. I still listen, more out of habit, but I’m looking for a less strident alternative.


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