CNN boss, political director spiked Hunter Biden controversy, audiotapes reveal: ‘We’re not going with’ story


by Byron Christopher

December 3, 2020

How far the once-mighty CNN has fallen! More censorship and agenda-reporting. This helps explain why CNN has fewer viewers than the Cartoon Network. 
Another story of MSM censorship … times have sure changed.


  1. “Conspiracy Theorist” Alex Jones broke this story years ago, but it only gains credibility when Fox reports it? Oh, come on. Regardless of what people think of Jones as a personality, he seems to be the one of the first to break major news stories. Same with Canada’s Rebel Media. They do it with a fraction of the budget that the so-called big guys have. The mighty corporate and government media should be hanging their heads in shame. In fact, they would be out of business if it weren’t for government bailouts.

  2. Rebel Media is pretty well the go-to.
    The traditional broadcasters and cable-borne media are in fact today’s version of the Lugenpresse.
    The local tv script-readers and 4am drop regurgitators are reporting to me that Bonnie the Commie Henry’s latest diktat is that we have to wear the slave-mask in the workplace, yet, these same newsreaders, who are all esconced in a workplace, are not wearing masks themselves.

  3. Cudos to Project Veritas for exposing the pathetic drivel that comes out of CNN. When all of those ‘hacks’ read from the same script with the same commentary, it’s easy to see how Zucker is controlling the narrative. I do miss Larry King and the James Earl Jones bumper “This is CNN.” Wondering if they will show the video of Georgia as they wheeled in ballots to count after clearing the place out.

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