Big Changes at Rogers Outlets in Ottawa, Jack FM Goes Dark

Radio file photo Postmedia

by Taylor Blewett

Ottawa Citizen

December 3, 2020

Ottawa radio listeners might want to take some notes before they next flick on the dial: 1310 News has made the jump to FM and has been rebranded as CityNews, Country 101.1 has a new frequency, and Jack 92.3 has “hit the road,” for good.

All three stations are owned by Rogers. In a tweet, 1310 News announced its name change and new frequency, CityNews 101.1 FM, promising “clearer and better sound quality.”

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Submitted by Mike Carroccetto

December 3, 2020

Wanted to get your opinion on this rebranding. 
Could 1310 disappear from AM dial at some point?

Will listeners be able to clearly listen to Country 92.3 (formerly Country 101) in the east end Ottawa and far reaches of Eastern Ontario?
1310 News, Country 101.1 taking up new frequencies on radio dial — Jack FM cancelled | Ottawa Citizen


  1. My wife and I are pensioners in a senior’s apartment on Coldrey Ave., Ottawa.
    We learned this morning that our favourite country music favourite 101.1FM frequency was changed to 92.3FM. So, we changed the dial to bring in 92.3MH but the signal is very weak to the point there the noise drowns out the music. This extremely poor reception is certainly not acceptable. Our building is state of art construction built in 2018. Is the poor signal strength temporary or some other reason?

  2. As far as I recall, you can’t do all news and talk on FM radio unless the license is changed to a specialty category. Unless Rogers did this already, will be curious to see if the competition complains that they are off side on the rules. It’s the reason CKNW and other big news talk AM stations have not moved to FM and why we don’t have any FM news/talk stations in Canada like they have in the USA.

  3. Extremely poor reception on 92.3 fm radio in my car and those of many others. Are there plans in the works to bring reception up to that of the former Y101.1 and how do I contact someone to help solve this problem?


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