CNN panned for on-air graphic reading ‘fiery but mostly peaceful protest’ in front of Kenosha fire


by Bryon Christopher

PSR Contributor

August 27, 2020

This kind of reporting doesn’t just hurt CNN, it hurts all of journalism. We’re all painted with the same brush.

This is what we call agenda-driven news, and we’ve seen a lot of that in the past four years … the Russian collusion hoax … Ukraine and the impeachment circus … the massive caravan of illegals from Central America … on and on it goes.

Someone recently remarked that journalism died years ago. Sad but true.




  1. No surprise from CNN here. Very little has been “peaceful”. It’s sad that some want the country to burn and also to further their agenda and job at CNN.

    Cuomo and Lemon also said Riots weren’t “polling well”. This truly reveals their agenda. The average American wants all this BS to stop. Do they think we care about polling?

    BTW I’m not a Trump fan but I would rather have him than having politicians that favor illegals, de-funding police, and destroying our economy, history, and country. I suspect I am not alone.

  2. Louis

    Regardless of ethnicity, skin tone, religion, height or weight, or any given Gender out of the current four or five “People Kind” want the rule of law, safe streets, they do not want their homes fire bombed or looted, freedom of choice and movement, a good beer or a glass of wine once in a while, they just do not want to navigate their way through Antifa, a now Anarchist BLM, or any other similar group to access any of those mentioned and more .

    Trump is somewhat boorish, rude, impatient, might stretch the truth a bit here and there and he might even have a bit of an orange tint to him but he wants law and order, he will hold China to account, and he will make sure that ALL world nations that want to join together will pay their fair share as it should be .

    Who cares if you or others may not exactly like him, look at what is happening to your beloved Seattle, Portland, and so many other once beautiful and historical cities .

    The ” Bad Orange Man” is hated by China, Iran, NOKO, George Soros, Nancy, HRC, Cher, Clooney, Don Le Mon, Jake, Anderson, Morning Joe, PM Justin, Merkle, the poor confused Prince Harry and his Machiavellian Wife, Reggie Cecchini, Global, BBC, CBC, WAPO, NYT, Krugman, poor Charles Adler, and so many more that I find at best despicable I would have no choice than to vote for DJT if I was a U.S. citizen .

    Bill Clinton, “W”, and Obama were swindled and hoodwinked by China and now finally a “Rude Orange Man” is finally standing up to China, countries like India, Australia, New Zealand, Taiwan, Singapore, Viet Nam, Japan, The now free UK, many EU Nations and more are all of a sudden willing to stand up against China and hold the CPC to account, how well do you think that might have gone if Obama or PM Justin were leading the charge ?

    The anarchy, terrorism, and lawlessness now ruling the streets of Democratic States and Cities will all but assure the re election of the Bad Orange Man, just watch .

    Oh and by the way, you can watch as CNN, WAPO, and all the rest mentioned do their best to cover up the destruction of the very violent protests, fire bombings, lootings and the rest but the hard working, contributing, tax paying citizen, attempting to care and provide for their families know exactly what is taking place .

    Within the week the Dems and Media will wake up and see that the voter has abandon them and then the Dems and the Media will call for more police and more secure and safe streets, by then it will be too late, poor Joe Biden will be left with only once choice, he will retire to his basement and he will pass time debating with his Sock Puppets .

    I would probably rather go to lunch with you than DJT louis but I would still vote for the “Bad Orange Man” .


    If one is able to go out and protest, loot, assault, and firebomb one should also be able to go out to vote!

    I hope “Broadcast Babe” does not find any grammatical or spelling errors here, I kind of rushed this .

  3. Yup. Like Velshi and Nadler…you know “peaceful protesters here” and “it’s a myth”…more embarrassing coverage from that pathetic CNN.


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