Global News announces departure of BC Regional News Director Jill Krop ater 23 years

Jill Krop


For Immediate Release 

Vancouver, British Columbia

August 27, 2020


Global News announced today that Jill Krop, BC Regional Director of Global News, is stepping down after almost 35 years in journalism, including 23 years spent at Global stations. Her last day managing the newsrooms at Global BC, Global Okanagan and 980 CKNW is September 30, 2020.

Krop’s career began at BCTV, now Global BC, in 1986 while still a student at BCIT. After graduating, she worked at CKPG in Prince George before moving across Canada to Halifax to join ASN, a satellite station that was part of the CTV affiliated newsroom. In the mid-1990s, Krop moved back to her home province for a job at CHEK TV in Victoria. In 1997 she arrived at BCTV to host Wake UP, the predecessor to Global News Morning.

During her tenure at BCTV, Krop anchored the weekend news: Morning, Noon and News Hour, and also spent a decade at the helm of News Hour Final. With the launch of BC’s first all news channel BC1, Krop switched gears to host Unfiltered, a daily talk show. The program offered an introspective look at the stories and issues making waves across the province and showcased Krop’s ability to dig deeper than the headlines to give British Columbians a broader understanding of a multitude of stories.

In 2015, she was named News Director of Global BC and BC1, a role which eventually expanded to include oversight of the CKNW radio news team and Global Okanagan’s newsroom.  For the past five years, Krop has dedicated herself to securing Global BC’s position as the #1 newsroom in the province and has worked diligently to create a unique and highly successful team of radio, television and digital journalists. “Throughout her career, Jill has always been a fierce advocate for local news.  She has been a trusted voice for viewers and a respected leader in the newsroom.  Under her watch, Global BC has cemented its place at the top of the ratings, taken home major awards nationally and internationally and has continued to lead innovation in an ever-changing industry,” said Ward Smith, Senior Vice President, Global News.  “Through all of these successes, Jill has been a caring leader and a mentor to her team.  We will all miss her humour, drive and passion for news.”    “This is a remarkable news organization of talented individuals who come together every day to inform and educate British Columbians,” said Jill Krop. “I am honoured to have been a part of it for the past 23 years.”

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  1. Hmm… stepping down? Let the speculation begin. No argument that the TV and radio news business one is a tough one. And the cutting and transformation is far from over.

  2. And more to come big money wasted lots of extra yaking in between the news items tons of commercials also maybe have Sophie tie her hair back or cut it ????

  3. Jill Krop has probably seen the writing on the walls and is leaving before she’s forced out. Maybe there are too many commercials but they pay the bills. As for yakking between the news items I actually like it. The comment about Sophie’s hair is beyond the pale. What does her haircut have to do with her performance?

  4. I wish her the best but she saw the dismantling of both Global and CKNW talent,her cost cutting has brought down the quality of news.

  5. Well I am not in the “BIZ” but I do watch BCTV and I do listen to the top dog. She was hired to be the news director of a company that only had one single vision. CUT COSTS

  6. may i suggest a re-build was necessary and she resisted, sophia lost interest, chris big ego, squire a joke, christy too much time off, if a rebuild i will come back but ctv eating their lunch.

  7. Once Global/NW married, I divorced them…bland, who cares about that lost cat in Kits?
    ‘NW & Global simulcasting 6 on news!! How do you spell Cheap?
    Watch CTV & U.S. nat’l networks now…
    Sugar’s right…

  8. I’m convinced that Terry Schintz and Jill Krop both quit in disgust…..

    GloBULL’s coverage headline of the ONE MILLION person Berlin COVID protest:

    Far-right protesters rally against coronavirus measures, try to storm German parliament

    ARE you effing kidding me? Global News just called 1 million people NAZI’s. The FAKE NEWS is pulling out all the stops for Trump, the FAKEdemic, the BLM terrorists etc etc.

    The Globalist Bolsheviks that CONTROL the Fake News are panicking………they know they will not be able to control this HOAX much longer. I wonder what other “sinister” event they will try next. A guy was on C2C the other day saying the Deep State might drop a space based Tungsten Rod (God’s Rod) which has the kinetic force of a small nuke onto the USA somewhere next month….

    Who knows at this point right?

  9. To Sugar……..

    What changes would you make?

    Sonia Sungar to 6pm
    Colen Christie to 6pm
    Neetu to 5pm
    I would leave C. Gordon where she is, very good person on the weather with the little time she gets.
    Bet it would cost a mint to get Gailus out of his gig.
    Sophie to BC 1
    Anne Drewa 11pm
    And Squire stays, Double J has to go.
    Promote Shannel to 11pm sports and weekends full time.

  10. Jill Krop is another corporate shill. There are a number of larger stories that need to be told that she and Global News have been suppressing. Lets not talk about our idiot PM and all the corruption scandals and waste our time to see what the POTUS is tweeting next. How about all the soldiers and disabled workers that have been denied their claims by our corrupt Canadian government and they refuse to put this on the air. Lets continue to cause panic by overblowing the Coronavirus that has sadly taken 250 lives in BC which is what we lose in a month to the opioid crisis. How about the glorification of Dr. Henry who has the delivery of a condescending school marm and instead of talking about the news lets show TikTok videos. Its a good thing the bought and paid for corporate mainstream media has its priorities straight and wastes our time with their garbage every night. Good luck Jill Krop do not let the door hit ya on the way out.


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