Radio Man’s Favourite Flashback by Jefferson Starship



Jefferson Starship
 is an American rock band from San FranciscoCalifornia that evolved out of the group Jefferson Airplane following the departure of bassist Jack Casady and guitarist Jorma Kaukonen.[2][3][4][5][6][7][8] Between 1974 and 1984, they released eight gold or platinum selling studio albums,[9] and had nine top 40 singles on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.[10] The band went through several major changes in personnel and genres through the years while retaining the same Jefferson Starship name. The band name was retired in 1985, but it was picked up again in the early 1990s by a revival of the group led by Paul Kantner, which has continued following his death in 2016.

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  1. Great tune !

    Thank you very much for the history on all of this, found it enjoyable .

    Mickey Thomas is/was such a good vocalist, both him and Burton Cummings put on great live shows . Two great voices !

    Beyonce, Madonna, Maria, and dozens more could learn a lot from vocalists like Thomas, Cummings, Dion, and a few more that actually sing it all live with absolutely no assist from technology .

  2. @BMCQ Let me throw a personal favourite male vocalist. Bob McBride from Lighthouse. Saw them in Calgary back in my Uni days and what a rousing performance. Although he had personal difficulties, much respect for his vocal talents, from me anyway.


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