Walter Kelley touched many lives during his 23 years at Q13 News


SEATTLE — All this week we were celebrating the great Walter Kelley — who after 23 years at Q13 News is moving to Arizona for family reasons.

Walter was part of the original news team here at Q13, helping launch the news operation back in 1997.

Back then, the news crew loved to gather at the Metropolitan Grill in downtown Seattle. And Walter quickly became friends with longtime manager Craig Summers.

“Thank you my friend for all of the fun times and the memories. we wish you well,” said Summers. “Here your Metropolitan Grill family in the next stage of your journey. Do us a favor please Walter, talk to the people upstairs and get us a little more sunshine here in Seattle.”

Walter loved spending time in downtown Seattle. He was often found walking around Pike Place Market.

One of the first places Walter visited was Kells Irish Pub in Post Alley right near the market. And he became really close with the owner, Patrick McAleese.

“Walter is the kindest guy. He’s just been a good friend of ours for so many years,” said McAleese “I don’t know where my mom is going to get her news from now. Even though he’s just the weatherman, she gets all of her news from Walter! But I know he’s going to be back here in about a month with a bad sunburn.”

Week of Walter

We were both happy and sad to declare this past week the Week of Walter on Q13 News — as we saluted our friend as he got ready to embark on a new adventure.



  1. It will not just be him but it will be thousands of good people like him that will be leaving cities like Seattle, Vancouver, Portland, San Francisco, LAX, JFK, Chicago, and another dozen or so we might be able to name .

    It will be media people, Fire Chiefs like in Vancouver, good hard working police, other first responders, thousands that can now work from home, and literally millions of others that manage to get their tails out of cities that have been taken over by Antifa, Anarchists, rioters, looters, drug dealers, drug addicts, and the rest .

    Who wants to live in dangerous unsafe cities where the streets are clogged with drugs, needles, human waste of any variety, muggings, street crime, car robberies, retail robberies, and then end up in an ER Ward sharing a bed with someone that has Hep C, Covid, and whatever other communicable Disease is making it’s way through the ward ?

    As someone was once heard to say, “Could the last People kind” to leave please turn out the light and lock the door ” .

    WE are throwing it all away, time to get control before it is too late .

  2. Cmon BMCQ. You’re starting to sound like a drama queen. I’m quite sure Walter made the decision to leave Seattle long before Antifa showed up. I hardly think you’re going to see this mass exodus of people from major cities. If anything we’ll see more people moving into cities. Maybe you should love to Hazard County where you’ll feel safe knowing Boss Hogg and Deputy Cletus will protect you.

  3. Shuttle

    If you wish to Spin this whole thing to suit your own narrative but facts are facts . You are entitled to your own opinion but not your own set of facts .

    It is well documented that first responders such as police, fire, and then nurses and dr’s in major cities are leaving in droves, the recent trouble with Anarchists, BLM, Antifa, of any skin tone or religion in the UK, the EU, Major U.S. Cities is causing mass resignations and those resigning are leaving the cities to either retire if they have the time in or they are seeking transfer employment .

    I have absolutely no idea what you do for a living but I travel to almost 2o different countries on a regular basis and I travel very often to major U.S. Coastal cities and those mentioned are leaving those cities in relatively high numbers .

    I did not look this up just now but I believe resignations of police in New York are up by about 40% in the last two weeks alone . Please keep in mind that about 50% of police in NY are visible minorities, they are as vilified as pasty white cops .

    Take just a minute, put down your video games and look at what is taking place in the world around you, you can start by looking at my mother’s home country of Sweden where Racist Anarchists are burning buildings, blowing up cars and committing sexual assaults by the thousands . I dare you, while you look at anti Semitism in Malmo, then look at who is attacking good Jewish families, educate your self, police are leaving cities there as well .

    The truth shall set you free, introduce yourself to the real facts .

  4. I was born and raised in Seattle. I would never go back to Seattle. Now retired I am thinking of moving to a different state that is more taxpayer and citizen friendly. Sad really.

  5. More importantly…………

    Walter always seemed like a great guy and I always thought that came thru with his forecasts. Best of luck to you and your family Walter.

  6. Louis

    There are many great places, Astoria is a wonderful area if you like coastline . I know a few that have also moved to Idaho and some from PSP area that just summer there as well .

  7. A graphic designer friend moved from Vancouver to P.E.I. a year ago, paid for a beautiful A-frame home overlooking a serene lake. Still does biz around the world.
    No mortgage..never been happier!

  8. Bag Guy

    Many are doing similar and people really enjoy the transformation as you do .

    Seems like many are going to various maritime spots then buying winter place in Arizona with money left over . Splitting the year between both seems very attractive .

    I travel to maritimes on marine business often, mostly Nova Scotia, maritime people are wonderful and very welcoming .

    I hope I get to go this coming Sept, Halifax and surrounding area is great when weather is good .


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