David Menzies ASSAULTED at protest targeting Sir John A. Macdonald statue


The Rebel’s David Menzie covers Antifa protestors attack to take down Sir John A McDonalds statue and things quickly turned ugly…
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  1. Interesting that when a female CBC reporter got called “FHRITP”, there were endless denouncements of all white males and how anti-woman they all are and calls for the horrible men to be hunted down and prosecuted.

    One man even got fired from his job, even though he wasn’t on duty at the time. I believe he has since been reinstated.

    But when REBEL reporters, who cover actual events that nobody else will cover, are assaulted, the mantra is: “They deserved it”.

    I have come to rely on REBEL for actual news. There did not seem to be any reporters covering the Kingston protest or the Toronto City Hall encampment.

    They say pictures tell the story, and the pictures that I saw of both those protests showed that our police and politicians are afraid of these “protesters” for whatever reason and the leadership needs to be needs to be accountable.

    I was under the impression that these elected politicians and civil servants worked for US, and not under the control of protesters financed by international elites.

    Who is funding these protests? The protesters – based on the actual interviews by REBEL media – have no idea as to what they are protesting. Clearly they are being paid to be there, just as they were during the rail blockades.

    If CBC, CTV and Global were on the ball, THESE are the questions they would be asking. Instead, REBEL is the only one doing this.

    For their efforts, REBEL is condemned. Shameful.


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