CBC vows to step up diversity hiring, retention and promotion goals


TORONTO — The CBC has announced details of its efforts to meet diverse hiring, retention and promotion goals after its “Yukon Morning” radio show host lambasted the broadcaster for its failings live on-air and then quit.

The plan, which the CBC says was approved in May, is to ensure that by March 31, 2022 half of all new hires for executive and senior management positions are Indigenous people, visible minorities, or people with disabilities. It also plans to double retention and promotion rates for people from those three groups.

In addition, unconscious bias training will be mandatory for supervisors and senior management.

And the CBC is committing resources to better identify a range of internal and external hiring candidates.

“Yukon Morning” host Christine Genier resigned June 8, minutes after delivering an impassioned on-air condemnation of CBC’s lack of representation for Indigenous and Black voices.

Meanwhile, CBC News host Wendy Mesley was recently suspended from hosting, pending an investigation, after she said she “used a word that should never be used” during an editorial discussion about race.

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  1. Fake….I say yes it is.

    The CBC already has a large number of ‘minorities’ in key management and production positions across their radio, digital, and TV networks.

    This direction is led by one of the ‘minority’ groups who in reality are not ‘minority’ in any matter in 2020.

  2. MORE diversity? The stations will have to hire nothing but white males for the next 10 years for their on-air staff to represent the Canadian public that they supposedly serve.

  3. The CBC is only digging its grave deeper by pandering to/hiring new employees based on race, sex or disabilities (i.e. affirmative action) instead of merit, experience and job skills (which prospective hirees should have, regardless of race, sex or disability) and doing so for purely political reasons.

    Also, anyone who reflexively says that such an accusation is “racist”, “sexist” or “ablist” because it exposes the truth of affirmative action – that it is itself racist/sexist/prejudiced to the able-bodied – is only confirming their own prejudice and bigotry by their support of affirmative action and their attacks on those who oppose it for logical reasons.

  4. When you are guaranteed about $1.5 billion taxpayer dollars why should you care about merit?

    More diversity hires, means less white males, notably heterosexual males and yes ladies, less white women, notably heterosexual women. It will be OVER REPRESENTATION of each and every minority group all to try to look not racist or bigoted but invariably because the Marxist left is the idiot left only validates their own racism and bigotry.

    The interesting fun will be when management will have to choose between the Aboriginal gay male vs the Jamaican black overweight female vs the Islamic Lesbian vs the French Canadian transgender female vs the Chinese Canadian straight female vs the black gay wheelchair handicapped male, all for the TWO NEW OVER PAID POSITIONS! Just so that the CBC can look even more woke to the public so as not to anger the forever outrage mob.


    But remember folks, DIVERSITY IS OUR STRENGTH! Just as long as it’s not diversity of opinion.

    No other society on earth lives to self loath and work against its own future than especially the woke White, western culture society… IT’S REALLY QUITE PATHETIC! 🙁

  5. This type of thinking is no different than the thinking of Top Mensa Member and Prime Minister Justin, who has a so called gender balanced cabinet .

    I would like to ask the following question .

    What if out of the say 20 Cabinet Posts required the top and best qualified 18 candidates were FEMALE would PM Justin then jettison 8 of them to then appoint 8 inferior Male candidates to achieve gender eq1uity ? How stupid do the PM, the CBC, and so many more organizations funded
    by Tax Payer Money believe the Great Unwashed really are ?

    Diversity is NOT our strength when it comes to appointing “People Kind” to any position, we require the best qualified for any position, even if they all happen to be visible minorities, women, trans, or Horror of Horrors White Males .

    Let me end off by making the following comment .

    Just exactly how do you think parents of young white males and those same young white males might feel right about now knowing that white male child is now basically persona non grata because of the fact he is “White and Male” .

    How do the parents and their son feel when each and every day they hear and see news broadcasts that put those young white males in a negative light ?

    Think about that just for a minute .

    Society should demand equal treatment and consideration for ALL, it is simply moronic, imbecilic, racist, and sexist to exclude and vilify anyone just because they happen to be White and Male .

    Politicians including the Prime Minister should be leading on this, instead they are excluding a very important segment of the population in this country just because they have committed the sin of being white and male .

    Why is it that 90% of society are allowing the “Tail to Wag the Dog” ?

    we are currently on a very slippery slope and if we do not find the courage to put the brakes on and somehow come to our senses we are in for a very rude awakening and I can guarantee you a big part of that very rude awaking will be a pandemic of inferior young white males committing serious self harm .

    WE need parents, we need politicians, we need educators, and we need the rest of society to stand up against anyone that believes any group or groups in society is superior to any other, no special status for anyone .

  6. The FIRST thing that needs to be defunded after the Global Civil War which is coming…..is the Communist Broadcasting Corporation.


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