Streaming’s Share Of AM/FM Listening During COVID in US Reaches 10%


June 23, 2020     courtesy

Streaming Hits 10 Percent

EDISON RESEARCH has released another bit of data from its MAY 2020 “Share of Ear” study, showing that for the first time, streaming audio’s share of broadcast radio listening has hit double digits, reaching 10% in MAY and averaging 9% for the year.

“Adoption of radio station streams continues to be slow,” said Dir./Research LAURA IVEY. “While it remains an area of opportunity for broadcasters, to date most people in the U.S. listen over the air when they are listening to AM/FM radio content.The statistics here represent the combination of music and spoken-word listening. Our research shows listening via streaming is higher for spoken-word radio stations such as news, public radio, talk and sports, while listening via streaming is lower for music radio stations.”



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