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Jordan Armstrong

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June 23, 2020


Good Afternoon,

Last evening I heard the brilliant pronouncement from Top Mensa Mayor, World Class Leader, and Financial Guru Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan Where she stated the following “There are now too many shootings in the Seattle Capital Hill encampment, we will begin to take the area back” .

I wonder, what does she really mean by “Too many shootings” ? Is there a certain number that might be acceptable ? What do cities like Vancouver, Victoria, Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Detroit, Chicago, New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore, and so many MORE once beautiful, vibrant, cosmopolitan, important cities have in common ? Each and every one of them are and have been controlled, managed, and ruled over by Leftist, PC, SJW, Activist, Liberal Politicians who care nothing about the “Rule of Law”, Safe and clean streets, fiscal responsibility, they have abandoned parks to the drug addled criminal element, pensioners/seniors are ignored and in fact disrespected, physically disabled are ignored and disrespected, young families with their puppies must navigate all parks and playgrounds watching for discarded injection needles, human feces, human urine, other human waste of various types, on a regular basis people of all ages, ethnicities, skin tones, and gender are in danger of physical assaults, muggings, and just experience anxiety because of what might be or what might happen .

Ask yourself this question, WHY have we surrendered our cities to inept, incompetent, immoral, impotent, imbecilic, individuals like Durkan, former Vancouver Mayor Mumbles Robertson, current Vancouver Mayor and Financial Genius Kennedy /Stewart, Durkan, De Blasio, Lisa Help in Victoria one of the most beautiful cities in the world which is now masquerading as a toilet, London Breed of SFO, Lori Lightfoot in Chicago who could not successfully manage a two dog “Dog Show”, Garcetti of LAX, Khan in the once great London UK, and the rest mentioned and not mentioned here .

I ask you to take just one evening and make a point of watching as many newscasts as you can and watch just exactly what you see coming out of and taking place in those cities, then ask yourself this one simple two part question . Is this what we deserve? Why is it our cities controlled by Leftist Liberal Democratic Mayors and their Council ALL descending into Broken Cities that do not work in any way and they have morphed into Cesspools of Broken Humanity and Mob Rule ?

Not one of those Mayors and Councils actually serve the Tax Payer, each and every one of them are in that elected position to better their own lives, most of them have not been successful to cater too and answer to Special Interest Groups, Party Insiders, Poverty Pimps that run NGO’s, and anyone else that can seize any opportunity to line their pockets with Tax Payer Cash .

We now live in a time that each and every one of the Mayors and Councils in the cities mentioned and other similar cities actually hate and disrespect that cities own Police Force, they actually see police as the enemy . How many honest. law abiding, hard working police will now because of the actions of those Mayors, Councils, Lawless special interest Groups, and Sheeple that follow those mentioned will retire early and leave those same police forces without mature leadership, without sober judgement in dangerous situations, and more ? Do any of us believe that the exodus of good hard working dedicated police and police leadership will benefit the innocent law abiding people of any given Leftist Liberal managed city ? My apologies mis- managed .

Let’s also keep in mind that in cities like Vancouver, Property Tax increases between 5% and say 8% (after adds) each and every year, let me ask you, do wages and salaries of the “Great Unwashed” increase to that level each and every year ? Fairly recently my wife and I sold a home on Balsam St. in Vancouver where the property taxes climbed from about $ 7 K each year to over $ 30 K, how can that happen ? In the meantime services were cut back, parks are not mowed, flowers are not taken care of, garbage is everywhere, the streets and parks acre clogged with everything else already mentioned and there are thousands of Homeless, Drug Addled, Repeat Prolific Offenders living in each and every neighbourhood of the cities and there is no accountability for any of them . In fact we actually provide free housing, medical, dental, welfare, and all of the rest, and who do you think pays for all of that ?

As a society and media we need to ask the tough questions of those we elect to public office and the most dangerous problem we face with governance today is not necessarily uh federal leadership, it is eh uh the Leadership of our cities, the Mayors and Councils . City Mayors and councils for the most part have no ability to manage, and the media and public need to demand accountability and they need o demand results that work for the Tax Payer .

Jordan Armstrong of Global News who actually had the courage and integrity to challenge Mayor Kennedy Stewart of Vancouver when the Mayor outright lied and attempted to Blame the results of the Covid 19 Virus on at least twelve years of fiscal mismanagement by himself and former Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson who did absolutely nothing For the citizens/residents of Vancouver other than squander Tax Dollars and make every single mistake that a good fiscal manager would avoid .

Jordan Armstrong is a very fine example of what media should be and he displayed excellent judgement and courage to rebut the Mayor who was basically incapable explaining the true facts and Mayor Stewart actually was doing his best to mislead the “Great Unwashed’ and if it was not for ONE Jordan Armstrong the citizens and tax payers of Vancouver would not know what deceit and amount of lies and misinformation that come out of Vancouver City Hall and the Vancouver Parks Board .

What Jordan Armstrong did took some courage but what he did was received well by the Citizens of Vancouver, I for one would be very impressed if more in media would take the lead of Armstrong and ask ALL Politicians regardless of what level of government or which political brand they happen to be, the ax payer and residents deserves much better .

Jordan Armstrong may face the “Glass Ceiling” as he horror of horrors happens to be a “White Male” but none the less Armstrong should be respected, he should be thanked and he should be a roll model for others in media, let’s hope some will follow his lead, we would all be better off .



  1. Jordan has done a great job during his young career. Expect a lot more to come in the future!
    Oh, it’s ‘role model’ and ‘Park Board’.

  2. Great to hear Jordan Armstrong is asking questions.
    Maybe he’s been watching Keean Bexte and David Menzies on Rebel News.

  3. Great overview “B”…

    Nice to see things are going well in Seattle’s latest down scale ‘hood…how many fatal shootings are they at now?

    Vancouver has become dumpy…garbage everywhere…services under threat long before Covid.

    Have turned off most newscasts…now music, but thought Jordan did good job @ Global….props for his calling out Mayor Bozo!

  4. Thanks for shining the spotlight on Victoria’s own Lisa, and her heir apparent council-person Ben is even worse. I doubt Victoria will make it through the summer without an encampment of it’s own.

  5. Broadcast Babe,

    Shooting the messenger?
    Way to go, bury the story, focus on the messenger.
    Your comment is a great example of what is wrong with MSM.

    Maybe you can help answer my question from another thread:

    June 16, 2020 – 2:41 pm
    Fake News

    How many people are listening to CKNW at a specific time of the day ?
    Say 3 pm on a Tuesday.
    Do we divide the Daily Cume of 172.4 by 12 hours, to get a guesstimate ?
    That would be around 14,000.
    That’s not a lot of listeners in a population of 3 million.
    Any Industry Professionals that can chime in on the math here……

  6. Bag Guy – Alan

    Unless middle of the road “People Kind” from all political persuasions step up and defend the values that most of us have in common our society will descend into what we see in much of Vancouver, Victoria, and the other cities mentioned .

    We are all mostly much the same and most of us believe in common sense and that is what guides us through life .

    People like you and most others with values that built our country need to hold politicians to account and we need to vote them out if they govern unjustly .

    “Babe” – Are we still allowed to use that term ? Are YOU “Really Fake Nooze” ?

    Thank you for the kind words of support .

    I am simply a concerned citizen who unlike you strongly believes Canada has been a great country but I sense that the Federal Government and the Mayors and Councils of cities like Victoria and Vancouver have failed the citizens and the tax payer, and we should ensure there is major change in the next elections .

    Do you have anything of substance to offer ?

    Would you be interested in acting as my editor ?

    If not I have a very simple bit of advice for you, simply just scroll on by .

  7. Hey Broadcast Babe

    Haven’t you noticed that some of the best rants, coming from the heart, are delivered by folks like BMCQ, whose life experience & knowledge allow him to deliver observations in an honest, forthright manner. He’s black or white..never grey.

    His style is unique enough to have caught your attention…BTW, he is a real commentator!

  8. Its frustrating. An issue as important as media asking difficult questions of our politicians, holding their feet to the fire and all someone can add to the conversation is grammar.
    Dear Babe if you don’t have a valid opinion then why use your keyboard. I apologize for any flaws in my grammar or keyboarding style

  9. Jordan Armstrong started in the radio business and he apparently spent some years reading and reporting the news for CKNW and now works for Global. Too bad. This guy packs a wallop and I’m impressed. Very unique in these trying times when scumbag political leadership and treachery is the call of the day and the new dawning of societal destruction is the rave from their green light blessing.
    Mr. Armstrong though, should be on CKNW as a broadcaster. A real one like Smyth who has the magic and guts, too ask the hard stuff and chase after moron politicians when they go into spin cycle, unlike the rest of the rubber spines that have a majority there now running, ruling and ruining the once solid house of CKNW. That might be a telling thing. Number one. Oookay. It must be an in house ass kissing and self recognition thing. A bit like the Oscars. From my viewpoint I think most there are so useless, soft and washed down in superficiality, fright and correctness, that they might as well be not even be doing the broadcast journalism dance. There’s a couple of them that seem as though they should be cheerleaders, ferry dust sprinklers and sugar coater’s for politicians failings. Welcome to the new age of media and kool aid stand radio broadcast journalism. What in gods name is the training or education curriculum these days at the school of broadcasting and news business. What are they pumping out nowadays. F..king hell.
    Anyhow, I wish him well. Society and media needs people like him in those professions for all our sake. I feel solost.

  10. Without the ability and freedom to argue, discuss, and debate any given issue society suffers, if we muzzle any opinions that might differ from our own society can not learn or advance .

    With the PC SJW Nazi Police of today making it impossible for people to speak out and offer varying opinions and then defend those opinions we turn into a police state .

    Even if one is mistaken we should still hold the right to defend any given position and then if proven wrong we must evolve, it is simply basic common sense .

    Whether the it be JORDAN Armstrong or any other working journalist it is their duty to ask the tough questions and that journalist must show balance, IMHO there is nothing worse than a reporter journalist that has an agenda .

    How can any journalist claim to be professional if they have any given slant or political opinion on any given story they cover, that bias then affects the way they do their job and most of the time that shows through, the public always know when a reporter is being dishonest .

    Soloist makes some valid points, if Armstrong is as talented, gifted, and independent as he appears he has a great future ahead of him .

    I know nothing about journalism but CKNW was mentioned, I am of the opinion that the PD at CKNW who I am told is a very Liberal American has a dislike for anything conservative/republican and anything “Orange” like Donald Trump, I am also of the understanding that almost everything that comes out of CKNDP (NW) Global has a definite anti Conservative, Republican, DJT narrative/bias and it appears to be “Baked In” at NW .

    You can hear it in all of their reporting with the comments from their DC Reporters who to a person make me sick, can someone like Armstrong survive that kind of environment, can he be independent enough to survive without succumbing to “Stockholm Syndrome” .

    Balance and Context seem to be hard to find in Liberal Media today .

    Then again, what do I know ? I am nowhere near as well informed as “Broadcast Babe” .


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