10 Fake News Tactics

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Corey’s Digs

June 23, 2020

Fake news used to be a twist of truth, a spin on a story, and an outlandish opinion, but now it’s become an in-your-face blatant lie, and they downright don’t give a damn that you know they are lying. Now more than ever it is critical that people learn how to quickly sift through the garbage news and be able to discern and compartmentalize truth from fiction and plausibility.

Corey’s Digs provides over 80 resources for fact checking and deep digging, a file drawer loaded up with declassified documents and transcripts, tools including an excellent background search database, secure virtual private network when surfing the internet, and encrypted emails, as well as a two-part series on Hunting the Hunters providing tips on researching. Take advantage of this site and use all of these tools to keep yourself sharp during this information war, as they try to erase our history.

10 Fake News Tactics

1) They write an article purely about data, throw out large numbers to scare you, but won’t give you the minuscule percentage it equates to because they know most people won’t bother to do the math. So instead, all people see is that big number. Then, they take an aspect within the overall data topic, that equates to a much larger percentage, and push that to the forefront to stoke fear, so it’s the only percentage that sticks in ones mind. This is commonplace in fake news. Do the math yourself.

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