RCMP grabbed Rebel reporter just before Trudeau’s presser – Dragged out by cop


Justin Trudeau had Keean Bexte physically thrown from a press conference at Rideau Cottage.


FULL REPORT from Keean Bexte: https://bit.ly/3dcq8C4 Go to https://www.RebelNews.com for more great Rebel content.


Trudeau RCMP Drags Reporter Out Of Press Conference by Spencer Fernando

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  1. Why do we not see this reported on Global, CTV, City or CBC? We Never will.

    It’s simply amazing what $600 Million dollars can do. These bastards have sold Canadians out

  2. This rcmp and all that act like that should be fired on the spot. They are there to serve and protect us, not the politicians. We pay their salaries with our tax money.

  3. This is so typical of Trudeau, he’s so scared to be asked questions that his babysitters haven’t already prepped him for. It’s not surprising CBC doesn’t report this,they’re bought and payed for,but I’m surprised CTV hasn’t reported this.

  4. Remember Justin Trudeau stated in 2013 that he admired China’s dictatorship and gave praise and admiration to Fidel Castro when he died. I can only find words that aren’t pleasant about my bad Prime Minister. And he is now the leader of my beautiful Canada. What a backstabber and weakling not only to this country and everything it stands for and fought against regarding tyranny with our allies in past, but also directly stabs our allies in the back with those remarks. It is really a blow to people who have and do suffer under tyranny. I can only say in my opnion that Trudeau is a scumbag and disgrace being a leader of an advanced democracy. It’s so disgusting that this guy got in power, but there’s not a heck of a lot to choose from for Canadian leadership of late. What’s wrong with this picture. Pretty messed up.


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