B.C. officials won’t bend health rules to let NHL play in province



Vancouver’s chances of becoming one of the National Hockey League’s “hub cities” could be like a defenceman’s slapper from the point — a bit of a long shot.

NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman announced some details about how the league plans to resume its 2019-20 season Tuesday, including a 24-team playoff format.

Among the details was an announcement that the league is planning on having two hub cities where multiple teams would play their games. One city would host Western Conference teams, the other would host the Eastern Conference teams.

Ten cities made the shortlist, including three from Canada: Vancouver, Edmonton and Toronto.

NHL Deputy Commissioner Bill Daly, however, said the Canadian cities would not be possible locations unless Canada rescinded its 14-day quarantine requirements for international travellers.

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  1. Real case of semantics here. Negotiations are ongoing about “re-framing” quarantine rules, for example, including a private ice arena in the quarantine bubble and allowing the whole team to quarantine together. Dr. Henry has said she’s open to it.

  2. The NHL/NHLPA/Owners/Broadcast Partners are the ultimate decision makers.
    Why would they entertain an idea including a 14 quarantine?

  3. I’m glad Premier Horgan and Dr. Henry have basically told NHL Commissioner Bettman to shove it. Putting our health at risk to satisfy NHL owners’ lust for the almighty buck, was a no-brainer. Thousands of other businesses have followed the rules so why should the NHL get a pass.

  4. Really Fake Nooze:

    “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety” – Benjamin Franklin

    That you would go along with those on the Left who wish to sacrifice our freedoms and the economy for the sake of “protecting” the public against the CCP flu (and we’ve seen how poorly that’s going in Democrat-ruled states and cities south of the border) just demonstrated exactly where your loyalties really lie.

  5. Up until a few years ago I had Canucks Tix but used them mostly in the business and attended only once or twice a year .

    I really do not see any problem attempting to accommodate the Play Offs here in YVR, we hae the facilities, hotels, other infrastructure, and ease of access into and out of the airport, it only makes sense to try .

    Why in the world would anyone be against any effort to provide entertainment for the Great Unwashed”, it makes no sense .

    I did not get the whole story this AM but it appears that Alberta has taken a very thoughtful and pro active approach into offering a solution and I agree with them .

    Why and how can Alberta come up with a better idea to offer the public a major sporting event when B.C. simply turns turtle and so called leaders hide under their desk .

    Thousands of other business owners are attempting to re open, why can we not allow Hockey to attempt the same thing ?

    Why do so many hate Bettman and why do so many hate business especially if it is profitable ?

    You might want to ask yourself this question .

    Where the Hell do you think people are going to work if Hockey, other sports, other business in general are not successful ?

    What about Hotels and other similar business, that benefit from Hockey and the rest, what about those jobs for the hard working masses ?

    Too many people here are far too short Sighted and their silly emotional juvenile responses make them look foolish .

    You might also want to keep in mind that the so called experts going back as far as the Neil Ferguson Covid 19 Models were wrong every step of the way .

    Do you remember that only a few weeks ago the experts were telling you “We have nothing to worry about” and this one, “DO NOT wear Masks they do no good” ?

    And just how much have those statements changed over the past two months ?

    If Horgan, Dix, and Dr. Bonnie have any common sense at all they would immediately ake the Alberta idea and immediately offer the exact same plan to the NHL .

  6. BMCQ….in principle you’re right, but the provinces/cities bidding are low on the food chain as far as who actually makes the decision where to play…the 14 day quarantine is a major hurdle.


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