Magnate Jim Pattison reflects on COVID-19, the economy & importance of listening to experts


Our new reality will include a new landscape for business. Not all companies will survive this pandemic. Some have already been driven into bankruptcy. Others are on the brink. It’s life and death for some sectors. Global National anchor Dawna Friesen sat down with Jim Pattison, one of Canada’s best known and most successful businessmen for a wide-ranging conversation on the impact of the pandemic, and broader reflections on building his empire




  1. Looks like the host was trying to get Jim to say something bad about President Trump, and he would have nothing of it.
    He’s getting it done at 91. An inspiration for the rest of us.

  2. From what I’d noticed through the course of the interview, the interviewer was asking some pointed questions filled with the usual political rhetoric one can regularly hear at Parliament Hill in Ottawa. As annoyed as I am of this factor of modern-day journalism, I find it refreshing to be able to read between the lines and get my facts that way.

  3. J.P. did not become a multi- billionaire by being trapped very often, and his comments to Dawna Friesen about ‘ things in America’ were fine. His business interests in America are neither Rep. or Dem.

    Props to Dawna for trying…after all, whether she’s left, right or centre, she’s paid to ask questions, and she does so wonderfully…


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