“China is NOT Our Friend, China is a Clear and Present Danger, China is Our Enemy”


One Man’s Opinion


April 30, 2020


Hope you and families are well and healthy !

Things with my family very good to this point and very healthy !

Business very good, staggered shifts, social distancing, some working from home and never been busier, March was record month and everything else looks promising but of course no guarantees .

We are shipping world wide with not many hiccups, marine business is excellent and will get better because most regions in world are opening Up boating, fishing, and other water activities .

On our industrial side we are very busy, just took over the sales of a large international company for industrial products of various kinds of non ferrous metal products, very busy .

We are especially busy exporting to Alberta where they are spending huge money on hospital expansion and new builds, next week shipping $ 300 K of product to Calgary Cancer Centre, more to come .

All experts were wrong if you track Covid, virtually each and every one of them including Fauci, Bonnie, and that horrible dishonest, China supporting “Witch Doctor” Tam told everyone to go on about your business we have nothing to worry about, stay as normal, they were wrong !

It was also them that told political leaders exactly the same and ALL World Leaders told their Flocks the same thing that they were advised from medical experts and now media and other morons want to blame the politicians, that is not acceptable and it is dishonest . It just makes me cringe when PM “Full of Self Importance” Justin stands at the steps of his front door addressing his “Flock”, talk about a Messiah Complex”, he makes me cringe” !! Thanks Bob N for that !

In B.C. alone we cleared over 5,000 hospital beds because of the coming tsunami of millions of deaths and we have never had more than say 200 in hospital at any one time .

Those same B.C. and Canada Health Officials then tell us that “We in Canada are superior” !!

Guess what, “We ARE NOT Superior”!!! Some of us have a “Canadian Superiority Complex” but in fact we are not better,  the only reason we were not an epicentre here in YVR is because we have lousy poor awful weather between Oct. 1 and May 1, we had NO TOURISTS coming here to spread the virus, the virus is not home grown and it came here from Wuhan !!!

The best illustration of the spread is Italy and Iran and their close ties to China, the virus spread to both Italy and china because of the trade and travel between the countries, That is how the virus spread to parts of YVR because some from Iran or Canadians visiting Iran returned to B.C.

There are about 400 K legal Chinese living in Italy with about another 150 K illegal Chinese living in Italy that have investments and other business in Italy, there is constant travel Between Italy and China, it is simple how the virus spread there and it is heart breaking that Italy has a very large population of older people so you have the perfect storm . In Fact Italy really did nothing wrong other than have business and contact with China . See for yourself, Wiki is not perfect but the attached explains a lot .


As to SEA ? the main reason they were an epicentre is because someone went into a senior care Home and spread the disease, simple, would have been the same here if That took place, again we were just lucky .

As to Doctor W.H.O., whoops I mean Doctor Tam ? I would rather take the word of the Worlds Greatest Liar, the Chief of W.H.O. himself, both of them are despicable characters and fully in the tank for China ! I would rather get medical advice from a “Witch Doctor” ! Hmmm, now that I think about that a bit……..


What I think really happened here is this,

Whether the virus originated in Wuhan Labs or the Wet Market it really matters not at this point but once Chinese Authorities realized the Covid 19 was in the general population And spreading fast China Leadership needed a strategy and that strategy played out like this .

China knew they were going to be hit hard and thousand would get sick and in fact die but that is  not of concern to Chinese Leadership, they just gather up the dead or the  “Near Dead” and dispose of them by taking them to the “Soylent Green” factory where they are processed, packaged, labelled, and sent off to Free World Nations and we are non the wiser, so the death and destruction is in some ways an advantage to China, they rid themselves of old people and those not so healthy so they are then not a drag on the system, it all works for them .

Then we must also keep in mind that China Medical Tourism can always use some donated organs from those not in need of theirs any more . How convenient .


China Leadership then realized they would take a huge hit with their economy, other countries would not support them and other countries would do everything they could to re shore many business enterprises that moved to China all those years ago, everything from pharma, to medical, to tech, to every day consumer goods may leave China for  other nations .

Needless to say that hit of many thousands of business leaving China, the hit of Covid 19 which would devastate the already faltering Chinese economy and the branding of China as a Rogue Nation,  China Leadership deduced and realized they were in serious trouble, and they would suffer for at least a generation and recovery would then be far off while at the same time China would become a Pariah State and in fact “Untouchable” .

China would never do the right thing which would be to warn the world, stop travel into and out of China, quarantine hundreds of millions and in fact close business of all kinds for a year, That would be the wise, prudent, responsible thing to do but then only China would suffer and other Free World Nations would advance leaving China much less powerful not as great a threat or military power, a faltering economy,  and in the eyes of Chinese Leadership a “Vulnerable Country” with an uncertain future, so they need another strategy .

China Leadership then looked around and they realized the “Big Blonde Evil Orange Man” from the USA did not allow them to get away with what they were doing with trade, So they would then realize that  the “Orange Menace’ would also demand restitution for world nations, Intellectual property theft, manipulation of currency, W.H.O., the UN, counterfeit parts for jet engines and more, opioids killing millions world wide, other drugs, human trafficking, cheating with tech, Huawei 5 G, other spying, food contamination and packaging, imprisonment of religious minorities, Set Markets, where they eat Bats, Rats, Dogs, Cats, Pangolin, Kangaroo, Koala, Donkey, and so many more you are aware of . I strongly believe that now the “Soon to Be Free” UK have PM BOJO Th UK and the USA along with Australia, Taiwan, and Japan, will drag the rest of the world along with them to hold China to account and we will soon see China in a position they will need To make some very difficult choices .

Trust me, China is now wishing that the Free World was still led by Leaders like Bubba, HRC, Biden, Obama, Bush 43, PM uh Justin, where there would be absolutely no accountability For the worst nation in the world, but alas they now have another group of world leaders about to push back at china and it’s Leadership . Taiwan, Japan, and Australia will play a very Important part in holding China and it’s leadership into account .

Yes, China knew very well that they had a catastrophic disaster on their hands, probably millions dead, a failing economy with more to come as various industries retreat from China and re shore to other nations and China may very well face unrest in just more than Hong Kong, China could very ell see serious civil unrest .

So what did China choose to do ? Did they do the right and honourable thing ? NO I think NOT !

China then chose to allow literally millions of Covid 19 infected people to travel out of China to many other world nations without any warning so those infected Chinese Citizens would spread the virus everywhere and anywhere they could . China Leadership cared not for their own people and they certainly did not care for other world citizens in Italy or Senior care Homes world wide, China do not care, Chinese Leadership simply wanted to do what they could to “Level the Playing Field” . And it worked !

China Leadership simply thought their own country of China would suffer greatly and be set back at least a generation  but that same Chinese Leadership could not bare to see other Free World Nations economies continue to grow, benefit  and gain from the catastrophic disaster and retraction of what was coming for the Chinese Economy, so China chose to infect the rest of the world and hope Other world nations would suffer and experience their own catastrophic damage, they just could not live with the fact that china was the only country to suffer, that would never do .

“China is NOT Our Friend, China is a Clear and Present Danger, China is Our Enemy”

And something we must all keep in mind, the Canadian Economy like many others is on it’s “Ass”,  much of the reason for that is Top Mensa Member and Canadian PM has virtually halted ad crippled the ability of Pipelines to go ahead so Canada is close to m id collapse, we will soon have no income, no royalties, no jobs, no income tax from those lost jobs, no corporate Income tax, higher deficits, Provincial and Federal Debt soaring beyond belief, government growth, waste, an bloat at all three levels, and a CAD at $ .70 USD and no sign of recovery .

The Federal Government must then immediate invoke Legislation that NO Foreign Purchaser of any kind can purchase Canadian Industrial/Commercial/ Residential, Farming/Agriculture Real Estate, or any business of any kind, because of PM Justin and his policies everything Canadian is on sale as virtually every world buyer of any kind is coming here with USD and  we literally Sitting Ducks !! If action is not taken immediately we will soon be in serious trouble and our Masters will all reside off shore, disgusting .

While they are at it we need bipartisan legislation that declares Senior Old Age pensions and CPP be declared Non Taxable for the remainder of the calendar year 2020 for partner with income of less than $ 70 K and singles with income less than $ 50 K, legislation like that would immediately assist Seniors that are having a touch time, they would spend the money so it would stimulate the economy by visiting shops, other retail, and so much more which would in turn create jobs and then in turn create income tax from employees not to mention it the extra disposable cash for Seniors would help restaurants and so much ore . That legislation could be passed within two days, thee is no time to waste .If Coivid still had a negative affect on the  economy going on into 2021 the Non Tax Pension Legislation could continue on into 2021 on a month to month basis .





  1. Maybe the death and devastation that China has unleashed wont be a complete waste of human life.
    Maybe those that died will have paid the price to put an end to China as it currently exists
    .Maybe weve seen the last of WHO and a dramatic pull back of money being flushed on a caviar and fine wine circut at the UN
    Maybe we will see an economic boom of everything including the kitchen sink being manufactured on out own shores
    Maybe we will see the people of China wake up and toss the commies out and restructure under Hong Kong and bulldoze Bejing
    Maybe the planer will start to heal
    Maybe leaders that want to forgive China or even worse as our fearless Trudeau would not even blame china will be vanquished in favor of leaders with spines
    Lets all remember the dead and insure that this mass murder on a Global scale does not go unpunished

  2. BMCQ, you have gone all Sam Sullivan on this and my congrats to you.

    Imagine if Sam Sullivan actually did tackle the points just made and Mainstream Media-ed this? I can, but I know he has to stick to the 4am drops.

    While I was reading this, I couldnt stop getting the “Donald Trump, don’t trust China, Chinas is asshoe” parody song out of my head. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4p8Aq5BM9io

  3. Has anyone noticed that there isn’t anything “Canadian” in Canadian Tire.

    If BMCQ has his way, the shelves in C.T. will be completley empty. Where oh where can I get some new crocs?

  4. BMCQ,
    Good job in opening up this dialogue.
    How deep does China’s ownership of Canada go ?
    Politicians, media, communications, security, etc.?

  5. I said this about china ten years ago and everyone called me a RAAACCCCIIIIISSSSSTTTT. How is that working out morons?

  6. Richard

    There Is only one way to explain the fact that you were ten years ahead of us morons, you Richard are obviously a Top Member of Mensa . We salute you and we bow before you .


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