RIP Gary Lockwood, KJR star from ’76-’91, Dead at 74


Longtime Seattle deejay Gary Lockwood died in his sleep last week.  He was 74.

Lockwood, who got his start in Seattle on KING-AM, had a long run at KJR 1976 to 1991. He started in afternoons 3-6pm that year; went to mornings 5:30am to 9am in 1981. Steve West was the program director.

In September 1991 LockJock was “yanked from his regular early morning show.” KJR plans to keep “plunging ahead whole-hog” with its sports-talk format. Seattle SuperSonics play-by-play announcer Kevin Calabro filled in as interim morning host.

Lockwood was off the air for only a month. On November 22 1991 he started mornings at classic rock KZOK — a format that “seems tailor-made for Lockwood, who was spinning many of those platters when they were new.”

Thanks to the Norm Gregory website for much of the above info.


  1. Great jock…I first discovered Gary at Radio KING1090 then 95 KJR and KZOK. I used to listen any time I was in Vancouver where you could pick up the signal. R.I.P. Seattle History!

  2. When I think of KJR Gary Lockwood is who comes to mind. In High school Kent Meridian. Driving my 62 galaxy 500 , Radio blaring and my station KJR. Good times.

  3. My young daughter and I listened to him every morning while driving from Kirkland to Seattle to her school. We enjoyed him so much and he always made us laugh. A bonding experience for us. I missed him when he left KJR..never listened to that station after he left..

  4. A true Seattle Radio Legend was Lockjock. One of the first to help bring banter and personality to news caters like Chet Rogers and traffic reporter Debbie Doytch (sp). A great example of his fans was for a few days I was asked to cover his shift with Les Parson’s on News and Stacy Hanson with Traffic. I was known for contests but no prizes were available. I raided Gary’s staff locker for giveaways….it was just his personal stuff, pencils, a hat, a note pad with some scribble notes a pair of socks, a golf ball and so on. The phones exploded as if I was giving away KJR Cash! RIP Capt Lockjock and thanks for the letter long ago that read “Mark ,radio is not easy”

  5. Would try and time my commute home (Vancouver, B.C) so I could listen to Police Blotter. There were more times than not when I had to pull over to the side of the road as I was laughing so hard tears were falling. A great jock and a great radio station!

  6. In May of 1991, I was Gary’s producer, hired to help him wane off music and into sports programming with sports guests (some of his childhood sports idols) and other features. We tried very hard to create a dynamic show, ideally replicating the success of “Imus in the Morning” in NYC. I trained him to take phone calls from listeners which was a first for him and he loved it.

    In September of 1991, Barry Ackerly sold his radio station in Miami for a huge loss. I’ll never forget him marching down the hall, his face beet red and he demanded to see the payroll from HR in terms of who made the most money. Then he fired Gary, Gary’s son Todd, our traffic reporter and me.

    A month later, I landed at KVI for a 13-year run as Senior Producer. Gary landed at KZOK and then I believe he moved to Florida (lots of golf courses there). We became quite close in a very short time. Is there a fund or memorial that we can contribute to?

  7. OMG LOCK JOCK !!! Listened to him at BCIT in the late 70’s and when I worked CJVI Victoia, of course the KJR signal BOOMED into Victoria. … As beautiful as a pig in flight .. now KJR presents your sophisticated staff announcer with a tune from a young man named Theodore Nugent followed by a teen combo AC/DC…. those were the days ……….

  8. Jim flack If you want to make a donation in my Dad’s name you can do so to the Seattle Humane society.
    Thanks for all the kind words.
    Thanks to everyone who left such wonderful memories about my dad. It just warms my heart in this difficult time.
    Trisha Lockwood

  9. I remember him befor Kjr and before Kgw, wasn’t he on Kgal in Lebanon Oregon? It was a mid Willamette valley radio station. He was great!! RIP

  10. Trisha, thank you for that. I will make a contribution. I knew about Todd, but didn’t know he had a daughter. I don’t think we ever met during my time at KJR. Todd worked overnights at the station.

    Jim F.

  11. Hi Trisha,

    I made a donation to the SHS. It’s not much, given these crazy times we’re living in, but I noted that it was in memory of your father. I should have gotten in contact with him years ago after he moved to FL. Sarasota, right? Or was it Bradenton?


  12. I worked in Tampa Bay radio in the 1980’s and am close friends with a fellow who worked with me at WSUN 620 AM named Jack Evans. After Gary moved to Florida, I kept trying to get the two of them to meet up for coffee and conversation. Jack had a long career in Columbus, OH like Gary and moved to FL where he worked for WSUN and WQYK. They would have hit it off big time (but I don’t think Jack plays golf…) Ah, well, I tried.


  13. RIP Gary. We had some great times together in Florida and Seattle. Off the air Gary was still hilarious especially with his infectious laugh. Around animals he was a gentle soul. Gone too soon.

  14. Do I, ever, remember Gary Lockwood! Used to listen, from Richmond, B.C. I couldn’t wait to hear him(almost, daily…and, one day in particular)break up Chet Rogers, when they did, “…Police Blotter!” That one day, Chet, totally, blew his news update(right, after, “…PB”), because he couldn’t stop laughing! R.I.P., “Lockjock.”

  15. I was the voice of Reverend Jim on Gary’s show on KJR from’86 and KZOK until he retired in ‘94. We became good friends, drank and played a ton of golf together. I visited him several times after he moved to Florida where we drank and played more golf. L J could tell a joke or story better than anyone…He was freaking hilarious! I never asked why he moved to a mountain in North Carolina, I just hope he found peace there. Rest In Peace my friend. Luv ya Brother. ?

  16. Well, I was one who was at the perfect age to enjoy Lockwood. I was 14 when he was on KING, then in my later teens when he was at KJR, then early 20’s into the KZOK days. He will be remembered for not only being the highest paid dj’s in Seattle at the time, but for his brilliant ability to step down and tell stories. He always reminded me of former Seattle jock Larry Lujack who of course went on to Chicago fame. He certainly mimicked him is some ways, but was also very much himself. What a talent. He and Charlie passing so close together is ironic, but they both were legends in Seattle.

  17. Damnit!!
    Loved Gary, shy man in person. His attention to show prep was second to none. I worked with him at KJR!! We lost a great one. God bless you buddy.

  18. Aww…Gary. Love you so much. Many hugs to Lisa (who I met in the mid 80s at a licensing shop in Bothell WA). Lisa was such a beauty and she loved her hubby so much. We all would lament the death of entertaining radio in Seattle when they switched the KJR format. RIP, Gary. We love you.

  19. Hello Trisha. “I dig deep for dirt” I still use that line around my friends. I remember laying out on the grass with my friends in the 70’s, bright sunny day during summer break from high school and listening to lockjock on my transistor radio in Everett, Wa. He played all the top great songs and had the best personality on am 95 kjr. Wow those were the good old days. Miss him much, Mike.


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