‘Inducing panic’: Media under fire for driving coronavirus hype to epidemic levels

Pedestrians pass under a news ticker in Times Square, Wednesday, March 11, 2020, in New York, N.Y. The number of coronavirus cases in New York state jumped Sunday to more than 100, a spread that forced the suspension of classes


The Washington Times

Published: Wednesday, March 11, 2020


Concerns about the coronavirus pandemic are both warranted and understandable, but the media is increasingly coming under fire for stoking a panic mentality that experts decry as both counter-productive and unsupported by the facts.

In addition to the stock market’s daily roller coaster ride, grocery stores and warehouse clubs in some areas have been picked clean of essentials such as toilet paper, paper towels and sanitizing wipes (or have rationed sales to prevent that) as coronavirus coverage dominates social media and the 24/7 news cycle.

The message from public health and infectious disease experts: It’s important to take the coronavirus threat seriously, but it’s also critical not to overreact.

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  1. The broadcast media, in its obsession with ratings, cannot resist the temptation to over hype any situation especially when it comes to anything with a political component. It is shameful.

  2. The media can be faulted on many issues, but a health event that closes all sports leagues world wide, that causes Broadway to shutter all its theatres and Vegas to close major casinos, that causes BC courts to reduce operations and close courtrooms, that has bars and restaurants locked up in several states, all events unprecedented in my 80+ years, demands intense news scrutiny. To do otherwise would be irresponsible.

  3. Questions I am asking, since “media” will not:

    1. Obituaries in Edmonton are DOWN. Either they are not being reported or people are not dying in usual numbers. But we are “told” that this we are in a pandemic.
    2. Who started the “toilet paper” rumour and why?
    3. There is no shortage of bottled water – the local Sobey’s has pallets of it in the aisles and at the entrance.
    4. There are no empty shelves at this same store, except for fresh meat – but only because I was there before the butcher put it out. I suspect demand has increased slightly as there is usually a bit of stock early in the morning.
    5. I returned from 18 days out of the country, on a cruise originating from the USA, through central America, returning to the USA, flying home via 2 US airports before landing in Edmonton. There was NO screening in ANY of the 8 countries I visited. None whatsoever. None. Yet, corporate media repeats the government line that there is. Only alternative sources like REBEL tells us the truth.

    Conclusion: I have stopped believing anything that corporate media tells me. I don’t know what is driving their agenda to misinform and produce such incredible disinformation. I find it hilarious that CBC Newschannel is now “free” on some cable systems. Why?

    Certainly when this “crisis” is over, there should be a full Parliamentary inquiry into the practises of the corporate and government media and the people in charge should be arrested and charged with spreading fake news and inciting panic.

  4. Chuck Benson,

    According to psr’s other website, Easton Spectator who has been carrying the excellent articles by Jon Rappoport, the link you posted is very questionable. So far there are about 2,000 cases in the US and below 100 deaths. I believe we’re being fed a bunch of bull shit as John Barbour said it so beautifully…. how about Italy, Chuck? Rappoport says there are only two confirmed deaths out of a population of 60 million…. my guess is this is much, much more than the china flu bug… People are being terrified by an irresponsible media and certain politicians , Rappoport, a professional journalist looks at this logically and more important factually

  5. Alden who says Eastern Spectator is not leading all of you on?
    Each to his own source….there are many ..but don’t count on Main Media..


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