Vancouver Radio PPM Ratings .. Nov. 25 2019 – Feb. 23 2020


Survey period: November 25, 2019 – February 23, 2020
Demographic: A12+
Data type: Respondent

Station                                  AMA (000)    Daily Cume (000)      Share (%)        Trend

CKNW   (News/Talk)        15.2                     187.6                                   14.6                  0.9

CBU+    (Radio One)          13.5                     196.0                                   13.0                 -3.5

CHQMFM (QM/FM)        12.7                     364.2                                   12.2                +3.2

CFMIFM     (Rock 101)        7.9                     226.7                                     7.6                 -0.5

CJJRFM     (JR Country)     7.4                     136.5                                     7.1                 +2.0

CFBTFM    (Virgin Radio)  5.3                     241.0                                     5.1                  -0.5

CFOXFM    (New Rock)      4.9                     149.6                                     4.7                  -1.0

CJAXFM    (Jack FM)           4.8                     192.5                                     4.6                  -0.3

CKWX   (News 1130)           4.1                      156.9                                    4.0                 -0.1

CKZZFM   (Z 95.3)                4.0                      194.4                                    3.9                 -0.6

CKKSFM   (KiSS 104.9)       3.7                    168.2                                     3.6                +0.3

CHLGFM  (The Breeze)      3.6                     139.0                                     3.5                +0.3

KWPZFM (Praise FM)         3.3                        75.6                                    3.1                 +0.1

CKPKFM   (The Peak)          3.1                       87.3                                     3.0                +0.6

CBUFM   (CBC Music)         3.2                       68.1                                    3.0                  -0.1

CKST    (TSN 1040)               2.6                       69.2                                     2.5                  -0.1

CISL     (Sportsnet 650)      1.5                       48.5                                     1.5                  -0.3

CHMJ   (All Traffic)               1.0                       64.6                                     0.9                  n/c

CFTE   (BNN Bloomberg)  0.4                       14.1                                     0.4                 n/c

Spill Stations: CKKSFM (Vancouver/Chilliwack), KWPZFM (Vancouver/Abbotsford)
November 25, 2019 – February 23, 2020
Average Daily Universe: 2,369,000

Average Minute Audience (000): Expressed in thousands, this is the average number of persons exposed to a radio station during an average minute. Calculated by adding all the individual minute audiences together and dividing by the number of minutes in the daypart.
Average Daily Cume (000): Expressed in thousands, this is the average number of unique listeners who were exposed to the station for at least one minute during an average day. Calculated by adding the number of unique listeners each day and dividing it by the number of days in the analysis.
Share: Within a central market area, the estimated total hours tuned to that station expressed as a percentage of total hours tuned to Total Encoded Radio.
Average Daily Universe: The average daily universe for the analyzed period. The universe is expressed as daily averages because it changes slightly daily as the intab changes.


  1. Great to see CKNW back on top. I recently started listening to them again (I stopped after Bill left) and I really like how it sounds now. Their coverage of the protests and breaking news has been unmatched by anyone else. Sad to see McComb go but I’m really liking Mike Smith and Simi Sara in the mornings.

  2. Any guesses as to the big drop with radio one? That is quite significant! As for QM, lets keep in mind, that Christmas music is an audience grabber. NW with a 14 and a half share boggles my mind, but people are hungry for talk radio and the problem with NW is they really are fake news. oh yea, they cover the local stuff, to a point, but are well programmed in favour of a left point of view. I always thought, what a shame Roundhouse Radio didn’t cater to a conservative audience. There really is an appetite for the truth, and NW is not as truthful as they should and can be.

  3. Left wing, really? i’m a lifelong conservative and a longtime listner. it sounds pretty centrist to me. They do a very good job at letting the guests debate the politics. it’s easy to call any media outlet fake news when you don’t agree with it I guess. clearly they’re doing something right though.

  4. Unlike Sil J, I’ve tired of ‘NW, taking 1-2 stories and flogging the crap out of them all day long.
    Too much blather and p.c.
    Music for me…happier camper by day’s end over the talking heads..

  5. March 4, 2020 – 9:43 pm

    Name one person on CommercialKNW that does not slag President Trump. That office is completely FAR LEFT WOKE and does not reflect many people in Greater Vancouver. And I hear PLENTY of Fake News from CommercialKNW….

  6. Wow. NW top dog again. The haters are suddenly calling it all fake news. LoL. Will someone please pull the plug on that traffic station? Who listens to that shit?

  7. Art

    As someone once said, “When YOU are a 4 in a Sea of 2’s and 3’s you look pretty good” .
    CKNW is being compared to what ?

    I was convinced Simi would get the early morning slot and it appears that she is being fairly balanced as there is just News from the evening before and early morning locally and fairly News from the EU and the East Coast .

    I am hopeful for her with just basic Hard News and update Reports .

    As someone that did not listen to Simi at the 10 AM show I can get by with her on the early show as it now sits for the most part . I am at work by 5 so i do hear what is going on . If I decide I do not like it I will go straight to SXM .

    I am still hoping that Michael Smyth and jill Bennett get the two mid Shows, they are fair balanced, and they can criticize anyone or any party and I am OK with that .

    I would like to see “Cutting Edge” back in the 11 AM Slot each and every Friday if Michael Smyth gets that slot . It would be good to hear Palmer, Baldrey, and Smyth together on Friday from 11 AM to !!:30 AM and then calls to all three from the “Great Unwashed” for the last half hour until 12:00 PM Noon News .

    Would really like to see Jill Bennett on the early afternoons, she is fair and balanced and she really has the instincts of a Proffesional Journalist and Reporter .

    Jody, I am afraid, is a waste of Air Time .

    I cannot listen to the afternoon show on my way home because it has basically turned into “Moron Radio All the Time” with that poor ignorant, moronic, ill informed, Eric on Air .

    How could anyone of Authority allow Eric anywhere near a Microphone ?

    I am not fond of that Pompous, Egotistical, Arrogant, Blustery BS ing Wind Bag Addler, I believe he may have had “Political Re Assignment Surgery” somewhere along the line .

    I hope that Surgery was not paid for by the Tax Payer, if so we did not get our money’s worth .

    Addler is truly “Only a Legend in His Own Basement” .

  8. Why do people keep listening to the controlled propaganda media ?
    And now with propaganda podcasts.

    Search and seek the truth !

  9. Art,
    The traffic station can save time and grief driving around Vancouver.
    Is your bus pass subsidized with the fuel taxes I pay ?

  10. Fake could you please add on letter to
    # Defund The CBC
    # Defund The ICBC
    Agree with BMCQ on the new format that NW is moving towards. A lot depends on how much effort they put into the 2 “new ” shows. Radios get turned on and unlike TV sets most people dont channel / station surf.
    I will suffer through Simi if the next 6 hours are worth hearing. If not then I wont surf Ill dial up news 1130 or some sort of music station and leave the dial alone. Come 2 pm these days I NEVER listen to Steele because I cant stand her back up yuck yuck guy.
    Speaking of back up yuck yuck. Drex you have created an interesting nighttime format . Its your show and with Addison you guys really entertain at night. I especially like your regular guests, movies weird stuff ufos etc. How you can take time off and leave your dreation in the hands of a buffoon like Chapman is beyond me. Check to see if the janitor that cleans the corus studios at night can fill in, bound to be better than Eric

  11. What’s the average age of of posters on this board?

    NW drops a healthy 15 share (albeit A12+), and we get hit with a litany of “fake news” posts.

    Maybe that 15 shows people want talk radio, still appreciate talk radio, and still listen EVEN IF THEY DISAGREE WITH THE CONTENT

  12. Re pronunciation…how about the many, yes many broadcasters who can’t properly say that very simple word “news.” My Columbia School of Broadcasting memories AT LEAST helped me to remember the similar sounding “MUSIC” when broadcasting the “NEWS.”
    (whew! wanted to get THAT rant done for quite some time now.)

    Also…not a Simi fan and hoping Smyth and Bennett get the new slots.

    And one more…harkening back again to my Columbia days (among the happiest days of my life) I was taught not to broadcast the news in a sing/songy style. Does anyone but me hear that in Gord Macdonald?

  13. Have to agree with Peter. It’s not Nooze, it’s News which rhymes with mews. And yes, Mr . McDonald is way too sing-songy and is just reading words. Lot better veteran Newsreaders available if NW cared to look.

  14. Roger NW has fired Tom Mark, Terry Bell, Jeremy Lye. All good news people. I dont see them spending dime one to improve th eir news dept.
    Not a big fan of G Mac but not because of his pronunciation, his bias and his anti anything right wing his lack of balance bother me.
    Larry gifford has cut costs and managed to hold onto poor numbers and yes even pass CBC to become number one. No sports dept, no new talent, lower salaries, recycle reuse cut costs. Gifford is a Corus dream come true

  15. Sometime in the mid 80s I started to listen to NW on a daily basis. Probably in the days when Berner and Faux had 4 hr long overnight shows. Sat and Sunday I always lissten to Jill Bennett. These days I often tune in at 637 to hear Palmer or Smyth. If Mike or Jill are subbing for any show I will tune in.
    Yesterday was the first day in my memory that I not once tuned a radio to 980. . Likely a sign of things to come


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