Censorship coming under proposed Canadian Communications Commission


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The Post Millennial

March 3, 2020

The underlying message of the federal government’s new plans for a regulatory Communications Commission is that the government is here to help curate the internet for Canadians. The proposed Commission would decide what sort of online content is to be “trusted.” It may be meant to comfort complacent Canadians, but it isn’t comforting at all. Such a gambit would provide the administrative state the ability to restrict media that it simply doesn’t like, under the guise of wanting to protect us all from “harmful content.”

The Broadcasting and Telecommunications Legislative Review Panel’s report, issued January 29, 2020, threatens “a free, unfettered internet through which Canadians can speak, learn and communicate without permission of the state,” argues Peter Menzies of the Macdonald-Laurier Institute. This report recommends “a sweeping series of interventions that would make all online media – from online sites such as Rabble to Rebel News, and in any language – subject to government regulation.”

“That’s right: After more than a century of non-interference in speech through telecommunications, it is suggested that the state will determine what constitutes news and, when the proposed objectives of the act are included, “trusted” news,” Menzies explained in the Globe and Mail.

“Yet,” he goes on to say, “there are no recommendations among the 97 listed regarding safeguarding the independence of the regulator of news from political interference or of improving transparency regarding its decisions.”

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  1. I’ll swear I woke up in Canada…perhaps that 2nd glass of wine last night didn’t go as planned…
    This sounds more like Venezuela, N. Korea, Russia, Iran or other bastions of free speech…
    Thanks Comrade Trudeau!

  2. This is really all in the name of protecting Justin’s fragile ego. He absolutely dreads any sort of criticism, and as evidenced by what he is trying to do to Rebel News (not a fan of theirs, but the fact remains they are simply opposition media).
    By doing this, threoretically, all public media would be approved by the ‘state’ essentially.
    They’ve taken a real beating when caught doing misdeeds, and if they can control the narrative, then whose the wiser?
    Trudeau can go back to being the “charismatic forward thinking feminist” hero to the Sunny Ways Brigade.
    It’s sad frankly, that in this fine country, we can have such a virtue signalling fraud, with control issues still in power…but you can see in the way he carries himself now, that he knows he’s on borrowed time as a leader, which is most likely why he’s making such a desperate, albeit dangerous power play for control of the media.
    As Richard says above…This is what happens when you remain apathetic.
    It’s also why we don’t have a comforting alternative in this country.

  3. Where are the mainstream reporters on this ?
    Hey Reporters, Why aren’t you standing up for Free Speech and Canadians ?
    Too afraid of losing your jobs, so you keep throwing Canada and Canadians under the bus ?
    Isn’t there a law against this ?



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