The Decline Of The Home Radio


By Radio Ink          March 3 2020

Edison Research and Triton Digital will be presenting their annual Infinite Dial data on March 19. On Tuesday, they leaked out a tidbit of information concerning radio.

According to the 2020 data, 68% of all Americans say they have at least one radio in their home. The average home now has 1.5 radios, down from double that number in 2008.

The radio industry is hoping consumers are using their smart speakers to listen to radio as technology evolves and radio’s for the home become harder to find and purchase.

Perhaps the new Infinite Dial research will shed more light on whether consumers actually are using Amazon and Google devices to tune into their local radio stations.

The Infinite Dial research for the past 12 years shows how the radio has been declining in the home. “In 2008 only 4% of Americans reported having no radio in their home, as compared to 32% today.”

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  1. The radio industry itself can take full blame for this. Public ownership of radio has resulted in radio not being run by radio people. The result was predictable. Only thing that seems to matter now is E.P.S. – Earnings Per Share. Radio ownership killed the radio star!


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