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Rosemary Barton dropped from CBC’s The National, 4-host format scrapped 



CBC is scrapping its flagship show The National’s new format that had a four-host format that slowed down the program to include long features.

The show was created in the fall of 2017 after Peter Mansbridge retired. The CBC cited negative audience feedback for the decision to scrap the new format, according to the Globe and Mail. The National had been losing tens of thousands of viewers over the past two years, as fewer and fewer Canadians have been tuning in.

Rosemary Barton has been moved from an anchor position to the position of chief political correspondent for CBC News. Barton was embroiled in a controversy during the 2019 election after she was named as a plaintiff in a copyright infringement lawsuit against the Conservative Party of Canada after the party used some CBC footage in a campaign attack ad, something all political parties do, which copyright experts said is likely acceptable under fair dealing.

Conservatives have long complained that Barton is partisan for Trudeau’s Liberals, citing her softball interviews of Trudeau, her taking a selfie with him in Washington, and dismissing the Liberal’s large deficit spending as not a problem.

“Television news viewership is driven by consistency, both in format and in presentation. Our audience told us they want to know what they can expect night to night: who will bring them the news and how it will be delivered. We listened. This season we have slowly introduced measures that lead to a more consistent program – including tweaks to our format and sharpened hosting roles,” executive producer of The National Chad Paulin wrote in an internal memo to CBC staff.

Read more HERE.

From the Globe & Mail we learn that Adrienne Arsenault and Andrew Chang are now the program’s official co-hosts, and will anchor the Monday to Thursday broadcasts. Ian Hanomansing will host the Friday and Sunday programs.

Read the Globe story by Simon Houpt HERE.


  1. The CBC needs to stand on it’s own and compete in the marketplace, if it can’t compete they need to go away, the Hard Working Tax Payer deserves better .

    It is long past time to end the PC, SJW, and Activist Pablum the CBC are attempting to jam down the throats of the “Great Unwashed.

    The public needs to see and it needs to hear the truth and nothing but the truth, the CBC has been trying to sanitize and manipulate the news to suit their Federal Liberal narrative and agenda and we need to push back .

    Unfortunately with the unbelievable re-election of PM Justin, Butts, and their minions we perhaps lost the last opportunity we might have to fix the CBC for another generation .

    The Horror, the Horror .

  2. Fake

    Actually I have absolutely no problem critiquing anyone of any party, even those that I might support if they happen to make decisions I do not agree with .

    Unlike you I am not bound by a Straight Jacket of Ideology .

    If you do not recognize that the CBC does not have an agenda and you cannot admit to their Pro Bias towards the Federal Liberals, PM Justin, Butts, and their Minions, I uh cannot uh help you .

    As Patrick M once said, “You are entitled to your own opinion but you are not entitled to your own set of facts” .

    Please re read the Posts up the page that are critical of the CBC and then get back to us with something of substance that support your point .

    You were attempting to make a point we’re you not ?

  3. BMCQ,

    First, #DefundTheCBC

    Like your thoughts on my original question:
    What do you think about your party – the CPC and #KinsellaGate ?

  4. Thinking Canadians need a viable and electable alternative to the Catastrophic Disaster that is PM Justin and the Federal Liberals, not a goofy, moronic, unelectable fringe party like Max and his minions, to think otherwise is just plain silly and juvenile .

    Many Canadians like me that voted Conservative in the last Federal Election support much of what Bernier and his Party put forward but those same Canadian Conservative Voters were/are much different than those that actually voted for Bernier, they recognized that Max was Unelectable and would split the vote which would result in the uh re-election of uh PM Justin .

    So we can therefore conclude that we have Thinking Canadians who voted Conservative and those like you that can be categorized in an other way, you can Brand yourself as you see fit .

    Kinsella ? So what .

    The Conservatives are the Best alternative to the Liberals no matter how one wishes to Spin it, to think otherwise is about as Sicily as PM Justin to convince the Canadian Public that he is a uh Statesman .

    Re boot Fake, Re boot .

  5. goofy, moronic, BMCQ!!! oh my, has it come down to a pissing contest with name calling? If that’s the case, then you are an idiot of the highest degree. I doubt very much you read the PPC platform, in fact I believe you’re also a liar. You fail to understand the conservatives are no different than the liberals, ndp or green parties, which are all Globalist parties, supporting the fake Paris Accord, which Trump took America out of. What about Supply Management? surely you don’t agree with that? Then supporting the evil United Nations Immigration policy. These globalist parties all support special interests groups, the PPC does not! When Michelle Remple, MP for Calgary Nose Hill said her priority if she ran and won the leadership of the cpc would be first and foremost would be concerning the LGBT group. Forget about issues like the pipelines, the massive unemployment in Alberta. This party has gone to a new low, and you support this BCMQ? unreal. Then we have Peter Mackay who supports the likes of Omar. Mackay is as corrupt as the conservative party of Canada. I believe the CPC will Never hold office as federal government again. You know BMCQ, I used to read and enjoy your comments here on psr, but no longer, especially after your flippant comment regarding Scheer hiring Warren Kinsella to lie and slander Maxime Bernier and the PPC, how much was that worth, $200,000.00. It’s time to get real BMCQ, you’ve become an embarrrassment!

  6. Howard – Fake

    Look, I probably agree with you on 90% of any given issue but the difference between the two of you and me is I am somewhat more pragmatic and practical, we must be realistic on who and what we can elect, the Platform of the Conservative e Party is more than adequate to defeat the Libs with the right Leadership and then the Party once elected should evolve . You need to accept that Bernier although most of what he represents is best for Canada his fringe element and hard line on a few issues makes him unpalatable, he cannot get the support of Middle Canada .

    In fact his Platform is probably not too extreme but people in the middle and some Minorities are not ready for the harder line . We obviously disagree and I guess that is our right, baby steps, let’s defeat the Liberals first .

    I have already stated that I already agree with the bulk of what Bernier tan on but please understand that Mad Max and his Minions are UNELECTABLE, that should not be hard for you to understand . First things first, we must support the Conservative Party and the next Leader and defeat the Liberals in four years .

    IMHO Trump is saving the Free World and he is gradually dragging the rest of those Free World Nations along with him kicking and screaming . Brexit was the fore runner of DJT and he was greatly assisted by Brexit, he then did the right thing pulling out of the disgraceful Paris Accord, he was right to challenge NATO and they are responding, he is also right about Many other things and Free World People are catching on .

    As I always tell people, without control of Migration/Immigration, without Defined Borders and without the ability to defend those Defined Borders one has no Country .

    My company exports Millions of Dollars of Union Made B.C. Manufactured Product World Wide including to the U.S. each year and I am happy with the new USMCA and I also recognize that Trump gave Canada a big break on Supply Management, I believe that SM needs to be addressed but I also understand and appreciate that DJT is willing to re visit that complicated solution . We shall see .

    I am also behind DJT on China and write widely that the rest of the World needs to step up and support Trump on China and their practices, countries like Canada, the soon to be Free U.K., the EU, Taiwan, SOKO, and others should all call China out for the Chinese Trade Practices, Drug Manufacturing and Exports, IP Theft and the rest .

    I honestly believe that with the upcoming Liberal Economic Policies, Debts and Deficits, Tax and Spend, Estate Taxes, increases and additional Taxes the Liberals can and will be defeated in four years . I believe that is a starting point, you and Fake are well meant and on the right track but Canadians will not take that Giant Leap, it must be done gradually .

    You are not aware of this but my track record on these things is very good .

    I learned a long time ago that very often we want immediate results but sometimes as difficult as it is we must wait for change, people need time and I am convinced that over the next four years that change will take place . Sure you and Fake don’t like the Cons but continuing to support Max or whoever might come along will not lead to the defeat of the Liberals .

    How long can you wait to defeat the liberals, what if they are in for three more terms, do you want that ? How much will there be left of our economy, freedoms, our standard of living ? Three more Terms of the liberals and we will be no different than the EU and that would mean the end .

    I have been in 17 countries over the past say 18 months and indeed most of them are Sh*t Holes, even the ones in the EU PC SJW hold up as perfect are SH Nations, we need to ensure that does not happen to Canada .

    We can do that by taking one step at a time and first defeat the Liberals, the Conservatives can do that, Max unfortunately cannot .

    You can choose to vilify me if you will but I simply see myself as someone that faces reality and I hope to achieve the change we seek by being practical and actually achieving change one step at a time .

    Yes I believe everything about the UN is Evil .

    BTW – I admit, sometimes I can be somewhat flippant and almost always impatient and sarcastic but I would never lie intentionally . I also have no problems admitting mistakes if I am proven wrong and may change my mind or evolve on any given issue but again, I do not grasp onto something that cannot be attained, that just does not make sense . One step at a time .

  7. Howard – Fake

    I re read my paragraph where I called the PPC names .

    I am going to apologize and walk back those comments. it is silly of me to say that about the PPC when I probably support most of their Platform . I do however find some of their policies dubious and not practical . I am quite sure that most Canadians regardless of a Party they might like have difficulties with some of the Planks of a Platform . And yes the Fringes of any Party have their questionable elements it is not just the PPC .

    Let’s put it this way and I hope this clarifies, if the CPC were not so much more electable than the PPC I would vote for Max, Canada needs to rid itself of the PMJustin Liberals no matter what .

  8. seems that for some reason a few posters are willing to dig for reasons to vote against the conservatives.
    i preferto think of the endless reasons to vote for the conservatives
    better gov than thetrudeau liberals
    better fiscal management than trudeau liberal
    better foreign policies than the trudeau liberals
    better everything than a tudeau 9castros child0 than liberals
    excuse lack of caps but im cradling a dog that is smart enough to not vote for trudeau liberals

    only a globalist could argue against giving the trudeau liberals the punt

  9. BMCQ,

    I think we agree on more than 90%.
    We’re obviously on the same team, just disagree on how to get the job done.
    Unfortunately the Cons are a party run by the establishment, as are the Libs.
    Maybe as people wake up in the US and Britain, they will start to wake up here.
    I’m glad we agree on most things !

  10. Fake – Howard

    Look, I think I am correct, I believe the most important thing for Canada and all Canadians is to rid ourselves of PM Justin and the Liberals, IMHO PM Justin is a “Clear and Present Danger to Canada” . To do that the best chance we have is to elect a Conservative Government four years from now .

    You both may be correct but the results of the last election tells us a lot .

    My next biggest fear to the recent re election of the Federal Liberals is what I see as the Demise and end of the Federal NDP . I am very concerned r\that the Liberals have “Out Greened” the Greens and I believe the Liberals may make inroads against the NDP >

    I believe the NDP are in a “Death Spiral” and perhaps within about two years the NDP May do a little navel gazing and realize they are a Spent For e with NO Leadership in sight .

    I then feel there is a very good chance the NDP May merge with the Liberals and form The Liberal Democratic Party of Canada . Think about that, that would be a Catastrophe .

    If we have any hope for the future we must ensure that the Liberals or a United Liberal Democratic Party never have an opportunity to be elected . Therefore I feel we cannot afford to split the vote .

    I believe that if Trump continues to take on China,, secure the Border, control Migration and perhaps implement a modified DACA which I could explain later, come up with a Health Care Program which is a must by say April, secure a Trade Deal with a son to be Free U.K., continue to Drone the Hell out of Terrorists and bring more Soldiers home, be somewhat more Presidential and unfortunately come up with a new Running Mate he can win a Second Term and that will help us in Canada .

    The BoJo Conservatives will also help Conservatives right across the World, keep in mind that millions of former Labour Voters in former Labour Strong Holds voted Conservative so we can see that here in Canada, we do have a chance and Labour/NDP/Liberal types World Wide are getting tired about what PC SJW Political Parties and Governments are giving them .

    We can disagree on certain things but we must not allow ourselves to become fractured and split that vote, first things first, let’s get rid of the Liberals .

  11. BMCQ,

    Instead of a step to freedom, take a leap to freedom, and defeat all of the establishment parties.

    I think Howard is right about his concerns regarding the Cons.

  12. Fake

    Howard may very well be correct but once again, we cannot afford to Split the Vote and leave the Federal Liberals in power, Canada may never be able to recover from the damage they can do over two, three, or say four Terms .

    How can you guarantee “A Leap to Freedom” when the Party you support may never win ONE Single Seat ?

    Come on Fake take a hard look at the absolutely Catastrophic Results of the PPC in the last Election, you must admit that in some cases not even the Candidates Parents, Kids, or Dogs voted for them, what does that tell you ?

    How the Hell can you build upon that disastrous result to take the Huge Leap to the Freedom of which you Speak ?

    No doubt Howard makes some valid points but once again, we need to rid ourselves of the Federal Liberals, first things first .

    I talk to people about this all of the time and they are convinced that Max is the answer but if I ran my Business based on Hopes and Wishes that so many of you have I would be working for a Liberal Donor or another simple minded POS I hate,, do you think I want that ?

    I immerse myself in Math and Chemistry every single day I am in the Office, there is absolutely NO Room to dream of what can never be, we need to deal with reality and fact .

    My Apologies if that upsets any of you .

  13. Max B was a bust. Faced with anymore Trudeau (dog shit) as you call him vs whomever the Conservatives choose to lead them Ill take the unknown over the empty headed liar fake femenist fake environmentalist fake black faced moron.
    After Trudeaus first victory the conservatives should have stuck billboards across the country with a picture of Harper and captioned “MISS ME YET”
    Dream on

  14. IMHO the U.K. did it because they saw what uncontrolled Migration and a Lack of Borders did to their own Country and virtually almost all of the EU and they wanted it to stop . The Great People of the U.K. who consist of many different Ethnic Groups, Religions, and Skin Hues had enough of far too many Migrants coming to their Country and they chose BREXIt . Those Migrants also consist of many Ethnic Groups but they choose/chose not to contribute to the U.K. by working and living by the Rule of Law . All types of Crime including Sexual Assault, Hackings, Robberies, Assaults, Murders, and more take place all over the U.K. and EU and the people of the U.K. wanted out, they wanted control of Borders and Migrstion/Immigration .

    With the result of the recent Election BoJo and his Conservatives will provide almost all of what the U.K. desires and deserves, of like the Canadian Conservative it may not go far enough but it wil be a good start . The EU itself is in mid collapse and there will be many changes including a Free Trade Deal with Britain .

    The U.K. and the EU never should have gone beyond what was once The European Market, that Association gave them Free Trade but all Member Nations had control of Migration/Immigration and Borders, the SJW instead ruined what was really a perfect alliance .

    ThecU.S. Elected DJT because they saw the U.K. vote BREXIT and they were also fed up with being forced down the Rabbit Hold of PC SJW Social Engineering POTUS Obama, CNN, NYT, the Democratic Party and other similar Uber Liberal Establishments were taking their Country .

    The Great People of the USA also wanted/want control of Migration/Immigration and Borders, they are in favour of Immigration they just do not want to be over run and they want to be safe and that should not be too much to ask . There is much more to this but I do not want to over cook this .

    Canada could have and should have changed as the Liberals and their PM deserved to be Flogged at the Ballot Box but the Conservatives chose a Poor impotent Leader and between that, the Dishonest Media, 90% of Educators between K through to University Graduation being in the Liberals Pocket the Nut was Too Big Too Crack . Only my opinion but if Ambrose was allowed to run for Leadership she would be PM today and then you and your friends who support Max could work from within to improve the party . Compromise, Compromise .

    I also believe that the POTUS Trump will enact a DACA Agreement sometime before mid year that will offer eligible applicants to Citizenship . That Citizenship Carrot will only be gained if the DACA Recipient works, pays taxes, and avoids any Criminal Felony Convictions over the ten years required to become a Citizenwith that clean record . Those in the USA that have Criminal Convictios will be arrested and Deported and that only makes sense, anyone including the New DACA USA Citizens would want the same to take place .

    Here is where the problem for Canada comes into play, those Undocumented/Illegal Comvicted Felons in the USA facing Deportation back to Mexico, El Salvador, Honduras, Sweden, or say China, will NOT wait for ICE to Deport them, they will come North to Canada. We have NO Border Controls, No Control of Migration, we are soft on Crime, soft on Drugs, Pay Welfare, Provide Housing, Medical, Dental, and we have a PM who welcomes them and gushes that “Uh Diversity is uh Our uh Strength . Why wouldn’t they come ?

    By the end of PM Justin’s Second Term about Four Years from now we will unfortunately have somewhere between 300,00oand 1 Million Illegal Migrants residing in Canada and they will not all be Choir Boys, in fact many will be MS-13 who should scare us all S***less .

    Then Canadians will FINALLY be Very Angry much like those in the U.K. that voted BREXIT and BoJo and much like the People of the U.S. who will have Voted Trump for a Second Term, Canada will Vote PM Justin out .

    I can only hope and pray that by that time it will not be too late for Canada.

    Time for Canadian Media to put Canada and Canadians First, time to start by asking the Tough Questions of an Impotent, Inept, Imbecilic, Disengaged PM Justin, we need answers and we need Leadership .

    The big question here is, does Media care enough about Canada and Canadians to do their job ?

  15. BMCQ,

    Agree with your post.
    Scheer (Cons) did not stand up for less immigration.
    Max did.
    With a separatist movement growing in Western Canada, and establishment parties that just don’t care, maybe a Canada that wants to remain united will find Max and the PPC.

    The Cdn media is controlled using taxpayer’s money.
    They need this pogey to survive.

    Did you listen to the Peter Downing and Frank Vaughan series on PSR ?

  16. I hate and despise what Canada has done to the Great People of Alberta but there will never be a Western Separation without B.C., that concept will not work without a Coastline . To think otherwise is much like thinking Max will get Elected when literally ALL of his Voters can fit in the Basements of your house and Howard’s house .

    It is really much like calling for a warm dry month of January .

    The Canadian Media is NOW partially controlled by Tax Payer Bribe Money but the fact is the Media-of all types has always been rabidly Liberal, it is part of the culture of Media plus the fact each and every one of them are force PC SJW BS from Pre School through University and say Journalism School and then indoctrinated by Media and Journalism Bosses, it is hard to fight that, much like Pavlov’s Dogs or perhaps maybe even Stockholm Syndrome .

    See that poor Moron Prince Harry , now there is a perfect text book example of Stockholm Syndrome .

    I will listen to Downing and Vaughn .

  17. Is there an antidote for Stockholm Syndrome ?

    What percentage of people can think for themselves (not susceptible to Stockholm Syndrome) ?

  18. Of course my definition of SS is not exactly literal but you get the drift .

    The cure is not in any way easy .

    As stated earlier children are brainwashed by Teachers from K through University and for most they do not really begin to change until they have jobs, have mortgages, pay far too much tax of all kinds, and have children . Most that are somewhat successful, do not become Teachers Media Types, or Public Sector Workers begin to figure out quite quickly that the PC SJW Special Interest Groups and Government are not their friend .

    For the most part (90%) Teachers do notTeach they Indoctrinate .

    We need to change that, we can also begin to stop vilifying White Heterosexual Males, society has gone so PC that it is almost as though White Heterosexual Males should feel guilty for who they are .

    Caring and responsible parents need to push back against what the Public School System is doing to out youngsters, adolescents, and young adults .

    Young people of all ethnic backgrounds, genders, religions, and skin hues need to be taught that we are all different, we need to celebrate our freedoms, we need to respect others but we also need to be independent and think freely, even if sometimes we make mistakes, we learn from our mistakes and recognizing mistakes helps build character .

    Parents need to Parent and not fall into how Social Engineering Hypocrites tell them to parent, each and every family has their own special set of circumstances .

    Of course we have laws and I hope norms of what are acceptable but young people also need to be taught to be independent and free thinkers .

  19. I don’t see the Cons getting rid of indoctrination and the PC lunacy, but I do see Max and the PPC putting an end to it.

    While I think of it….BC needs a viable right of centre party for the 2021 election.
    I don’t know that Wexit BC is the answer.

  20. Fake

    Same thing Fake, a so called Right of Centre Party you call for would basically guarantee a Provincial NDP Government for the rest of your life and perhaps longer .

    Keep in mind that the only reason Horgan, Meggs, Eby, and their Minions are in power right now is the facts that Christy Clark who ran a great campaign 7 years ago ran a bad campaign two years ago and she managed to “Grasp Defeat Out of the Jaws of Victory” , along with the fact that the so called Greens were needed to form the NDP Government . The Election Victory for the Liberals would have been easy but Clark managed to ruin it all, the Giant Ego and Arrogance caused the down fall of the B.C. Liberal Election chances and she should be shamed of herself considering the damage the NDP are doing to our Province .

    To suggest that B.C. needs a competitor to the B.C. Liberals is exactly what the NDP Dream of, you would be giving Horgan and his Group everything they desire .

  21. Tolls on the Port Mann Bridge cost Christy the election.
    Same problem as the federal Cons, the provincial Libs are centre left.
    The left and centre left do not seem to believe in right vs. wrong, just right vs. left.
    If you are correct, there is little hope for a prosperous BC and Canada.
    Maybe the Wexit Party is right !

  22. Fake

    Refresh your memory and study the facts and history of how the election was lost .

    In spite of the provincial NDP the Province has still been prosperous because of the Free Enterprise B.C. Liberals, that will not last forever .

    Again, Western Separation will not happen without the B.C. Coastline and Ports, simple, to think otherwise is silly .

    One last thing here, Doug Henning and his Flying Yogit Party would have a better chance of winning the next three Federal Canadian Elections than Mad Max and the PPC and Henning has been dead for over a decade .


  23. Small ridings in North Surrey went from Libs to NDP because of the Port Mann Bridge tolls.
    What did I miss ?

    The NDP has an opportunity to go after provincial and municipal corruption.
    They are not, why ?

    If corrupt governments/politicians continue to lead Canada, there is no hope.
    Not all politicians are corrupt, and they should stand up against the corrupt ones.

    Like I said before: The US did it. The UK did it. Why can’t Canada ?

    Reboot to end establishment control of the serfs.

  24. There are many many reasons Liberals lost the Election and a lot of those many reasons were BAD Policy and Campaign Decisions by CLark, her massive Ego and Arrogance got in the way of running a good campaign . The Election was hers to lose and she did a Masterful Job of doing just that . She had Huge Surplus’s she did not allocate properly before the Election in Legislation that would have guarantee re-election and the evidence of that is everywhere . The Surrey Ridings were only part of the problem, her Campaign was deeply flawed .

    Then there is also the FACT that the NDP actually offered a few things in their Platform that provided support, not a lot but the combination of that and the Liberal CLark missteps and a lack of vision it was enough to secure an NDP Election Victory and the Tac Payers will now pay forever.

    The NDP will never take on Government Corruption, NO Left is Centre Party takes steps to find Efficiencies, stop Gov Waste, arrest Gov Bloat, Leftists only see Bigger Government as the answer and the future, they care nothing about the Over Taxed, Hard Working, Contributing, Tax Payer including Pensioners who built this Country . Leftists care only about getting re-elected, pandering to Special Interests including First Nations, attacking Private Enterprise, Politicizing the Educational System K through University, attacking Christianity and Judaism, and eventually offering On Demand Abortion at Corner 7-11’s .

    Splitting the Centre Right Vote plays into the hands of the CBC, other Leftist Media, and Leftist Politicians and if the Centre Right are not unified there is no one to uh blame but uh themselves .

    It is really all quite elementary .

  25. The original story here was about the CBC. So just to update – #DefundTheCBC.

    Heard Christy is a federal liberal and so is the present leader.
    How does this make the provincial libs centre right ?

  26. BCMQ
    Please accept my apology in calling you a liar. After reading your posts I can see we’re on many many of the same pages. After reflecting on the issue between us is, you are grabbing hold of something which may appear to be solid, because you also see the dynamics of siding and supporting the cpc, and I truly understand what your thinking is. I believe the dialogue in this thread is most revealing, if not incredibly thought provoking, and I thank you for your insights.

  27. Howard

    Yeah, i would never intentionally lie or misinform but sometimes i might be mistaken or have a differing opinion about any given thing .

    Far too often those with agendas seem to think their opinion is important when in fact they are disingenuous and do not admit that facts are indeed facts .

    Without the open minded argument, the discussion, and the debate we are doomed to live in our own cocoon and we will never see the truth of any given topic .

    That is why it is important that open minded people need to be vigilant and challenge Media Outlets like the BBC, CBC, NYT, WaPo, L.A. Times, CNN, so often CKNW, and so many others that report falsehoods, have an agenda, and do everything they can to promote a narrative that suits ownership, Station Management, or in the case of CKNW the Program Director .

    One of the most common cons by Elite Liberal Media is the fact that they omit just enough of factual stories that might favour any Conservative Movement or Politician, they might not tell the full story . The CBC and people like Barton are experts at manipulating the facts and creating a report not even close to what really happened .

    Much how Liberal Media said that DJT said NATO was no good and should be closed down when he really said that countries like Canada and others were not living up to their commitments and putting approximately 2% of their GDP towards Defense . Of course they lied and crated a false narrative and then when 28 NATO Nations began to take action the Liberal Media totally ignored the story .

    How many Mensa Members that follow PSR are aware of this ?

    I think probably in all News Rooms are aware that NATO is better since Trump called Member Nations out as Poland was the only country living up to it’s commitments, now ALL are doing better . the problem is hardly any Elite Liberal News Outlet reported this fact .

    People that believe in free speech and open debate need to stand up against those that promote silly PC SJW ideas and their silly juvenile “Safe Spaces” .

    The world is in fact more competitive today than at any time in our history and if Canadians, Liberal America and the ridiculous EU with their over the top PC Values and over regulation do not learn to stand up, compete, and encourage independent thinking countries like China will Rule Our World .

    This is not about Race, Religion, Ethnicity or Skin Tone, this is about the right to think freely and allow all citizens to live the life they deserve . I was in about 17 countries last year and have friends of all backgrounds, none of them are concerned about identity politics, silly gender balanced cabinets, or any quota affirmative action of any kind, they believe in merit .

    How would you feel if you were a Female Cabinet member in the PM Justin Cabinet and ask yourself this question, am I hear because I am Female or am I here because I am talented ? Think about that .

    Here is a very good example about of which I speak . Peterson is a U of T Professor and Canadian, and he is perhaps the most important person we should all be listening too .

    If Parents do not consider what Peterson has to say and take it very seriously what he states you are Fools and do not care about your children .

    Then there is this moment that Peterson spent a few minutes talking to a BBC Elite, it is quite telling . Did you see this replayed on CNN, MSNBC, NYT, WaPo, and the rest ?

    If any of you care about YOUR Children female or male you had better pay attention to Peterson and question absolutely everything you hear from people like Barton, PM uh Justin, Michelle Obama, Warren, OAC, and the Liberal Media Outlets already discussed .

    WE all need Balance and we all need compromise .


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