Signing off at CKNW, Jon McComb Ends a 50 Year Radio Career


‘He loved news first’

 After more than half a century in the business, radio personality Jon McComb turns off his mic for the last time.
After 36 years of helping lead the conversation in British Columbia, veteran CKNW host Jon McComb has hung up the microphone.

McComb hosted his last day of the Jon McComb Show Friday, ending a 50-year career in radio that began at age 17 in his home state of Arizona, before stops at CFUN Vancouver and stations in Portland, Ore., and Montreal.

In 1983, he signed on as a reporter at CKNW, where he made a name for himself first as a reporter, then as the first person to transition from the station’s newsroom to full-time host duties.

“I feel great now that the decision has been made, it was my decision, my call,” said McComb Friday, adding he won’t miss the 3 a.m. wakeup call.

“I’m going to miss the people I work with the most, they are in essence my second family. Sometimes I spend more time with them in a day than I do with my own kids and my own grand-kids, so you develop relationships with people, and the team around me is the best.”

McComb’s colleagues remember him as a news man first, always interested in the story and never his own ego.

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  1. To say he will be missed would be a gigantic understatement. His farewell show was heart warming and he was very gracious. I got the feeling that a bar downtown was going to very busy and very noisy. Wish Jon all the best. His family and friends have him back , his audience will miss him very much. How much? We will wait and see (hear).

  2. Jon McComb was respected by everybody in this business. With so many other hosts, you either loved the host or couldnt stand the host. I wont mention the hated, they usually worked more than ten stations across the entire continent, then gave up or died trying. We will miss Jon, but we will probably love the new host, so give him/her a real chance, this person has earned this much, from you the listener.

  3. Best of Luck to Mr. McComb !

    Heard a bit of his last show and it was really nice to hear how much his family love him and how much he loves them .

    We all have our bias but i believe he always did his best to be fair and balanced .

    McComb provided his audiences with some of the best Editorials I ever heard, even if one did not always agree with the content there was no one better .

    I would very much like him to do a regular editorial on NW, it would be a wonderful thing for the listener and it would benefit the station greatly .

  4. Mr Wilson, “from you the listener” ?. The only person that might have the authority to give instructions to “you the listener” in this forum would be Jon McComb. I believe that he has class and would never say that.


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