Regina Radio Ratings.. Fall 2019



Regina CTRL Source:

Numeris Survey Period: Radio Diary Survey September 3 – October 28, 2018

Demographic: A12+ Area: 7069 (Regina Ctrl) Daypart: Monday-Sunday 5am-1am

Station         Format        Share %             Ctrl Reach         F C Reach

CIZL                  Z99                  16.1                         72.3                          93.3

CFWF               Wolf                 12.3                         31.5                          54.9

CKCK                Jack                  11.6                         43.6                         66.6

CKRM             Country             10.4                         32.1                          85.6

CHBD              Big Dog               9.4                         32.5                          45.7

CBKR               Rad One              9.1                         30.2                          35.9

CJME              Newstalk              8.0                        33.0                          61.0

CHMX                My92                 5.6                         34.6                          44.3

CBK FM            Rad One             3.8                         15.4                           27.3

CBK AM            Rad Two             3.5                        10.0                           74.9

Universe – Estimated Population of the Central Market Area.
Full Coverage (FC) Reach – The estimated number of different people, anywhere in Canada, who tuned
to that station for at least one quarter hour during the week.
Fall 2019
Universe: 754,400
Central (Ctrl) Market Area – A Numeris defined geographical area, usually centred around one urban
centre. The definition of a Central Market Area generally corresponds to Statistics Canada Census
Metropolitan Areas, Census Agglomeration, Cities, Counties, Census Divisions or Regional Districts.
Share – Within the central market area, the estimated total hours tuned to that station expressed as a
percentage of total hours tuned to all radio.
Central (Ctrl) Reach – The estimated number of differ




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