WATCH: Arrogant Trudeau Brags About Bribing The Media With Your Money



by Spencer Fernando

September 1, 2019

A video of Justin Trudeau is generating intense outrage on social media, and with good reason.

The video shows Justin Trudeau speaking at the Parliamentary Press dinner.

While the event is generally a time for politicians to make ‘jokes’ and poke fun at each other and themselves, the ‘joke’ Trudeau chose to make shows his arrogance, and reveals more truth than he was probably expecting.

To Watch the Video and the Rest of the Story, Click HERE




  1. It is absolutely amazing to me how someone so intellectually challenged, deceitful, dishonest, discredited, and so exposed as a make believe States People Kind can be so confident and so arrogant .

    If PM Justin were only intelligent enough to know he was long ago exposed as a shallow and unworthy Pretender to the Throne .

    It is long past time for someone to expose him to the truth . This has uh gone on for uh far too long .

  2. The clock is ticking for GQ Trudeau as his political career lives on borrowed time with every gaffe he makes and every new scandal he gets caught up in. He’s one-and-done come October.

  3. Oh how I wish guys, but let’s be honest, Quebec in particular along with the welfare case provinces back east and BC will put him back in again… Sadly Andrew doesn’t have what it takes, we need a real leader. STOP Justin!


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