Wade Sorochan reports on the 930 CJCA/K-97 Alumni, with pics, courtesy of Mark Summers!

930 CJCA/K-97 Alumni at Brewsters in Oliver Square


by Wade Sorochan

for Puget Sound Radio

August 19, 2019

Photo’s courtesy of Mark Summers


Barrie Harrison and Alene Carter.


This years 930CJCA/K-97 Alumni took place at Brewsters in Oliver Square, Edmonton, Alberta.

Those in attendance at the event covered the years 1979-1992 with people from mostly K97. A few of us CJCA alumni were also there. James Gardner flew in from Victoria to be at there…


Wade Sorochan, James R. Gardner and Dave Baker – K-97
James R. Gardner and Karl Douglas – K97.

It was great to see Robin Allen there as well as Dave Baker and Larry Chiasson and Gord Marriot.

Cam Tait, Dave Baker – K97, Larry Chiasson, Paul Summers and Robin Allen.


Larry Chiasson and Patrick Summers.


Robin Allen, Cam Tait, Shane Michaels, Patrick Summers, Gord Marriott – K97 and Wade Sorochan.


Others included Cam Tait, Alene Carter, Linda Cooper, Mark Summers, Shane Micheals, Tim Wilson, Barry Harrison. Organized by myself and I will be planning another for next year.

Tim, Cam and Wade

At a CJCA/K-97 alumni reunion the other day, Cam Tait told me that today (August 18) would be the 40th anniversary of his first published article as a journalist. Cam has worked for the Edmonton Journal and the Edmonton Sun, and would come in regularly to the radio station for a weekly (I think) commentary or feature. It really is a remarkable tenure these days, and especially because Cam focuses on stories that are overlooked or under-reported in much of the media.

Congratulations, Cam! Thanks for forty years of quality writing and reporting in Edmonton. It was great seeing you the other night – thanks for hanging out!
 — with Wade Sorochan.



Wade Sorochan


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