CKUA Loses a True Pioneer. RIP Jack Hagerman, 92


This week, the CKUA community had to say goodbye to a true radio icon.  Jack Hagerman, aka on-air as John Worthington, passed away Thursday in hospital at the age of 92. Jack has always been a vital part of CKUA. First, as a station manager who helped define it’s unique legacy. Secondly, as a beloved broadcaster, most recently celebrating his passion for big band recordings as The Old Disc Jockey, a series he reportedly inherited in 1974.

Sunday afternoon David Ward hosted a special tribute show in Jack’s honour. Listeners heard about the many decades he spent shaping CKUA and how he touched the lives of staff, volunteers and listeners.

Hagerman may have been the longest serving broadcaster with one station in the history of Canadian radio.  He began in radio in 1946 at CFQC Saskatoon, and moved to CKUA in 1949, where he had been employed continuously until his semi-retirement a few years back.  He quickly moved up the ladder, becoming Program Director and then Station Manager by the mid 1950’s.

We’d love to have you share your own story: if you’ve got a memory about Jack you’d like to share with us, let us know. Record a message on the Open Mic feature of the CKUA app or leave a voicemail on our feedback line at 1-855-650-2582.

In the meantime, the station has committed to rebroadcasting The Old Disc Jockey‘s big band shows in the same Sunday time period they’ve always been heard, for as long as listeners want them.  That’s Sunday at 2 pm Mountain time.


  1. about Old disk jockey & John Worthington an inspiration

    I am 57 I lived in Calgary

    In 1977 I got a 1948 Hammarlund HQ129x radio from a priest , I was taking electronics in high school in Calgary

    I used to listen to CKUA Old Disk Jockey show on CKUA 580 Am in Calgary from Edmonton with my vacuum tube radio, I was in the band and electronics in high school in Calgary

    John Worthington was like a god father a Mr. dresssup a friendly giant …

    That’s why I took electronics in SAIT BXT

    In 1982 practicum I worked at CFCN that is where the CKUA FM Transmitter was for Calgary , I got to baby sit the transmitter sometimes

    In 1982 I applied to work at CKUA but my mama wouldn’t let me go to Edmonton, it was between me and Bruce Corbett they wanted me but I told him to take the Job so he got it .

    Back in Calgary I listened to CKUA on my Hammarlund Tube radio before we went to church I would listen to the show

    There was something about listening to the Old Disk Jockey on a vacuum tube radio , when there’s 3 feet of snow outside , ice on the antennas .. so electrically romantic ..

    About John Worthington who died

    worked at AGT from 1982-1998 all the CKUA feeds from the station to all the transmitter sites for the province cam thru us AGT ( where I worked we got the feed from Edmonton by Carrier system the sent to all the sites either by carrier and sometimes cable pairs cable systems microwave radio and land lines

    Also CKUA used to run the Emergency Public Warning System which we hasd to maintain and test at times … Anyways I worked there form 1982-1998

    I am in Vernon BC since 2001 on disability

    When my sweetheart ( love of my Life ) Brenda was alive ( she died 2 1/2 yrs ago ) On Sundays would have CKUA The old disk Jockey on the computer r on Sunday afternoons so we could dance to or snuggle to


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