Dying CNN Lost Almost 30% of Primetime Audience

CNN’s Jeff Zucker SAUL LOEB/AFP/Getty Images


by John Nolte

During the week of March 18, the far-left CNN lost almost 30 percent of an audience that is already minuscule.

In the arenas of credibility and viewership, CNN is a dying brand. Over the last week, the news has been especially bad for the far-left outlet.

On the credibility front, CNN chief Jeff Zucker tried to excuse his network’s two-year deliberate deception about Trump colluding with the Russians by admitting on Tuesday that no one at CNN does investigative work.

Like we didn’t already know that.

“We are not investigators,” he told the far-left New York Times. “We are journalists, and our role is to report the facts as we know them, which is exactly what we did.”


Here are the raw numbers for the week of March 18:

Total Viewers (Total Day):

Fox News: 1.392 million

MSNBC: 1.029 million

CNN LOL: 622,000

Total Viewers (Primetime)

Fox News: 2.473 million

MSNBC : 1.721 million

CNN LOL: 889,000


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  1. As previous posters to this site have written, numbers, not hype, tell the story. In CNN’s case, the relentless rantings by multiple panelists, hour in/hour out, became tiresome quickly. Any broadcaster worth his/her salt should know that an audience does not want to preached to or scolded. It’s like the weather I bimbos telling you not to forget your umbrella because the forecast calls for rain.

  2. Youve got to wonder????? CNN and company are getting their just deserts. How long before the misinformed audience finally begins to realize that their president is not the status quo. He is not a career politician. He sees things through eyes not blinded by political ideology.
    He is the right man in the right place at the right time. The globalist agenda of hog tied political correct zombies falling in line have a hope in hell. Good luck to President Trump for the rest of his term and in his victory lap (next 4 years)

  3. CNN, MSNBC, and the rest get exactly what they deserve.

    I would very much like to see the NYT and WaPo reduced to simply putting up Cake and Quiche Recipes from Celebrities the likes Clooney, Smollett, Streisand, Reiner, Jim Carey, Baldwin, Cher, and the rest.

    I honestly believe that at this point they have simply decided to “Roll the Dice” and see what happens. It appears most of them have decided that they must cling to their Conspiracy Theories of Russia, Russia, Russia !!

    So far it looks like “Snake Eyes” keeps coming up !

    They Wear It Well !!

    I suppose they will all do their best to sell Advertiser Time until the next Election Run.


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