CBC apologizes for broadcasting fake news on the Covington boys, upon request


Original Video of Wendy Mesley apologizing over the Covington story, saying the story was wrongly reported, has been removed by Youtube. Why?

by Lucas Holtvluwer

The Post Millennial

March 11, 2019

In the January 20th edition of one of CBC’s flagship news programs, The Weekly, hosted by longtime CBC reporter Wendy Mesley, the national broadcaster falsely reported that the #MAGAKids were harassing and bullying a peaceful indigenous elder by crowding him and chanting, “Build that wall!”

These kids were in Washington D.C. on Friday, January 18, to attend the massive pro-life rally being held in the capital that day. While initial media reports of the confrontation ran hot with charges of racism and cries of “Trump’s America!”, thanks to a viral photo showing what appeared to be a smug teen encroaching in on an elderly native man’s space, the facts that followed proved these claims to be worthless.

It turns out that it was actually Native Elder, Nathan Phillips, who initiated the encounter, approaching the #MAGAKid, Nick Sandmann, and beating his drum right next to Sandmann. Phillips was followed by a group of Black Hebrew Israelites, a black supremacist cult, who hurled insults and racial epithets towards Sandmann and his classmates.


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  1. Googled it and CBC does not have a single link to an apology anywhere, guess they memory holed it. It’s an apology that no one can find. Disgusting propaganda outlet must be defunded.

  2. Yeah, because the CBC does not want to be sued for maybe hundreds of millions of $$$ too. Finally it looks to take some white kid and his legal team to push back this leftist, anti- white, MSM self-loathing bullshit narrative of FAKE NEWS!

    PRIVATIZE AND/OR BREAK UP THE CBC! It’s a damn anti-Canadian, anti -USA, anti- western world and anti-liberty propaganda tool for liberal-leftist government.

  3. Another failed attempt by left wing news orgs to besmirch the Trump presidency.
    As for the CBC they waste a lot of tax payer resources and are an excellent source of propaganda. We will have to wait for Trudeau to go before our friendly Can version of gov backed news goes away

  4. True, the CBC only represents the Liberal Party and their elitist SJW views (which, not surprisingly, the NDP and the Greens also agree with).


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