Gene Kiniski – J B Shayne & John Tanner. THEN & NOW


1980s Vancouver personalities Canadian wrestler Gene Kiniski and the “Nite Dreams” TV team of Vancouver deejays J.B.Shayne and John Tanner are interviewed by co-hosts Lynne McNamara and Terry David Mulligan for the Vancouver CBC TV series THEN & NOW back in 1988. Billing himself as “Canada’s Greatest Athlete,” Gene Kiniski was one of the first World Champions to have a previous background in football. In the years before MTV and Muchmusic, a Vancouver public TV station aired one hour episodes in a casual video format titled Nite Dreams, hosted by veteran deejays “Raoul Casablanca” J.B.Shayne (providing comedy relief) and “Jolly” John Tanner.

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Thanks to Matti Anttila for sending us this video

Thanks to John Tanner for sharing the feature photo:¬†Attended memorial Saturday for Al Jordan, a beloved radio mentor at C-FUN/1964 then CJOR/1984, truly my “Happy Pappy” Photo jolly John, Terry David Mulligan, JB Shayne, & Pamela Burge, CFUN/CKVN deejays(’67/’70)

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  1. Fog eaters, meetings late at night at Tattlow Park. I grew up enjoying all of JB Shaynes radio antics.
    It was a far cry from the bland cookie cutter radio we hear today. Thanks Captain Midnight

  2. Nite Dreems was must watching on Sunday nights. Party in a friends basement and watch the great videos……Friday Night Videos on network TV started up later……I also remember co-host Debora Jarvie!!!!


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