What They Aren’t Showing You on BBC and other networks. Are We Seeing This?


Not being on cable, have any of you mainstream media watchers seen any of the above from any of the networks, here in Canada and United States? What else are we being prevented from seeing?

The People Are Standing Up to the corruption of government 




  1. It doesnt play well to their narrative. “SUNNY WAYS”. The UN and its idiotic immigration declaration. The devastation in ALL of Europe. The chaos on the Southern US boarder. The tens of thousands of bogus refugees that have fled The United States of America for the social safety net called Canada.
    NW had some ipsos poll that said that 54% of Canadians are worried about immigration. John Mcomb then tried to spin that as we are still pro immigration because in Europe the %s of worried about immigration are in the 60%-70%.
    No the MSM will NEVER report whats going on. Crime of every sort. Murder , rape, gangs of young men wandering around committing violent crimes.
    Even where I live (Chilliwack) the local newspaper refuses to cover the yellow jacket protesters that were out in full force over the holidays. They refuse to report on soaring property taxes. Civic government waste. They runstories about cute animals and flowers. The yellow jacket protesters had an array of anti immigration signs, anti Trudeau signs . IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN ON TV AND FRONT PAGES.
    Nothing to see here folks just move along eh SUNNY WAYS
    makes want to puke.

  2. Wonders what $600 million buys you with a purchasable media. The only difference was the CBC ended up more expensive to purchase so they got a separate deal.

    The most hilarious spin I see from a lot of the traditional media is fact-checking politicians when they are the ones who should be fact-checked first.

  3. It’s all over the “alternative media”, YouTube and Twitter. I have long ago given up on corporate media and no longer believe a thing they say, unless it’s a local story accompanied by raw footage.

  4. Some radio guy in Kamloops has put himself in the sights of the yellow jackets. He claims they are harassing him his family and his employer. Sounds like they are breaking laws with their vitriol. The guy did go on air and call the yellow jacket crowd some names . He questioned their judgment. He claimed they are being misled by Scheer. He doesnt see any of the problems our current hair do is causing in Canada

  5. If you try to follow along with the story of the radio host in Kamloops and his problems , good luck.
    Fitting this posts topic of news you wont see, its obvious that this yellow jacket encounter does not fit the narrative of BCs news organizations. The reason that they dont want to explore the yellow jacket movement is also obvious. IT IS CATCHING ON WORLD WIDE. Much like the “me too” movement yellow jacket protests are becoming a normal sight . Yesterday the freeway overpasses in the Fraser Valley were once again platforms for flag waving yellow jackets. The vehicles passing under them were waving back and honking horns in support. So the fact that this radio guy got his story out and the story died a quick death likely was due to some of the details re the yellow jacket movement. 100,000 members in Canada and GROWING. ANTI TRUDEAU, ANTI CARBON TAX, ANTI UNFETTERED IMMIGRATION. The reporter had over 800 hits on his facebook account.


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