Ex CTV Vancouver Anchor Tamara Taggart to Seek Federal Liberal nomination


Tamara Taggart hopes to pivot from television to politics.

One of Vancouver’s most famous residents hopes to become a member of Parliament.


Taggart, a mother of three, is a long-time advocate for people with disabilities, a cancer survivor, and a recipient of the Order of B.C.

“It comes down to being a voice,” Taggart said in a phone interview. “I can’t be a voice for people with disabilities and notbe a voice for other people who are marginalized and vulnerable and dismissed. That’s just not who I am.”

The riding has been held since 2008 by Don Davies, the NDP health critic, who succeeded former Conservative cabinet minister David Emerson.

Taggart said that she has never met Davies, who’s been pushing Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to abandon the war on drugs and decriminalize narcotics in response to the overdose crisis.

In recent months, Taggart has been waging her own campaigns over social media to eliminate lead from drinking water in Vancouver schools and to promote more inclusive attitudes toward LGBT kids in B.C. schools.



  1. Just what this country needs, another liberal Social justice warrior, NOT!
    After all those years of reading the news, not to forget her expertise in weather reporting, NOT!
    I guess I shouldn’t be surprised with this news, after all, what else can she do? Just goes to show me how left her previous employer was to. What’s that saying, ‘those who flock together?
    What the heck, most of the media in Vancouver are all lefties. Maybe all them. That scares the crap out of me, because this “has been” will be supported 100% plus by her media buds.

  2. she was a news reader, she read and bought up everything that was put before her., exactly what the libs expect from the mainstream media for the $600 Million dollar bail out. What a perfect federal liberal candidate.

  3. I guess when you aren’t qualified to do anything else, you run for office. Seems to be a trend. She is wasting her time. Kingsway is staunch NDP territory.

  4. Half of the people sitting in the house aren’t qualified. It’s not an appealing job for any rational person, especially if you are far from Ottawa.

    The job only makes sense if you can’t make a decent living, or you have so much money that it’s irrelevant. Spend half the year away from family and the life you’ve built.

  5. I am not sure why people in the media actually think they can easily get into politics successfully. Even though the IQ bar of media news reporters and readers is much lower than it used to be its good to see the large egos have remained untouched.


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