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Our thanks to syndicated talker Lars Larson for this week’s advertiser success story. Lars has been working with Sleep Number Bed for two decades and he reached out to Radio Ink to let us know how consistent radio advertising and great storytelling with live reads can be a gold mine for advertisers.

By Lars Larson      (Portland-based syndicated Talk Show Host) 

Today, my wife Tina (Sleep Number 35) and I (Sleep Number 65) mark exactly 20 years of taking our night’s rest on a Sleep Number Bed. I have been doing live read radio ads for the company on my national and Northwest regional radio shows for that long. As many of you know, the folks at Ad Results don’t keep me on as a Sleep Number endorser because of my charming personality. They want and deserve results, and for two decades they have been getting results from my stories about the superiority of Sleep Number Beds.

When I do live remotes, several dozen times a year, listeners kid me about my Sleep Number and they ask, “Do you really sleep on that bed?” and I tell them that, unless I’m on the road in a hotel, I do. That’s the secret of successful endorsements.

Alpha’s KXL and Compass Media (my national syndication company) give me the latitude to  decline endorsements that don’t fit. For the most part, I don’t do spots on my shows (which also run in recorded form on my flagship station KXL outside the live hours ofmy show) unless I use the product or service. Sleep Number (20 years), George Morlan Plumbing (NW chain, 18 years), Marquis Spas (manufacturer and retail 16 years)…all of them make things that my family and I actually use and enjoy


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