Mike Killeen’s New Gig is with CBC Vancouver TV News




  1. This is a real shame because Dan was doing such a good job in the slot. CBC had a great opportunity to revamp the line-up with a diverse young group and instead chose another older white man. Killeen is a strong anchor don’t get me wrong, but this just seems like CBC took the easy option when they could have built a really strong and fresh young team.

  2. Interesting. The release gave background on all the players except Mr. Burrett. Was he omitted for some reason? I thought he was doing really well at 6 pm also.

  3. Odd move to put Mike with an unseasoned and inexperienced host. Has Bathe even hosted before?
    Dan should feel short changed. He was doing a great job and gets replaced by another middle aged white guy.

  4. Good to see Mike Killeen back on Air He has a quality “CBC” resonant voice sadly lacking on many TV and Radio stations these days as Media schools turn shrill voiced poor dictioned unprofessional News Readers .Sorry to write mainly ill trained Young Women who should lower Their voice register when on air

  5. Local “News Anchors” are about as relevant today as Block Buster Video.
    These Barbie & Ken dolls with their goofy/perfect hair reading teleprompters earnestly telling us things that anyone with internet would know 7 hours earlier.
    …Silly really.
    But, I guess some people – of a certain age – still “find comfort” in the whole dog & pony show.

  6. Excellent! Bland and boring. A perfect fit for the CBC. I was terrified he was going to sub for vacationing ‘NW staffers, most of whom are also bland and boring, Thankfully we still have Mike Smythe to give some professionalism (journalistic, he is an appalling broadcaster) to various slots.

  7. “…diverse young group and instead chose another older white man.” What a nonsensical statement, Justin will be so proud of you Ron F.


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