After 30 years of Rockin’ Edmonton, Rob Berg calls it a day…



Rob Berg’s love for radio started much like everyone else’s, by listening to it from the cab of his truck. Rob’s first “career” was a truck driver, where he listened to radio for hours as he made his hauls up and down the roads in and around Edmonton.
The radio bug bit Rob when his friend, who worked in radio in Westlock, challenged him to send in a demo back in 1982; 2 weeks later, he was hired.Rob worked in Westlock for 4 years, then after a short stint in Westaskiwin, he got the call to play in the big leagues at Edmonton’s K-97! Rob says, “Getting that call was like winning the lottery”! That was in 1988…Rob has been part of the K-97 fabric for THIRTY YEARS!

In 2013 Rob was diagnosed with Parkinson’s. Always the consummate professional, he decided he wanted to leave the K-97 airwaves at the top of his game. Rob stated, “I’m still able to do the job, but I don’t want to hold on until I can’t do it anymore.”

While Rob may be retiring from radio, he is certainly not “retiring” in general. He is busier than ever taking care of his health, and wants to find opportunities to help others suffering from Parkinson’s.

Rob Berg’s last show on K-97 will be Friday, September 28th from 2pm-6pm. As Rob said, “30 years with K-97 seemed like a nice round number to call it a career”.



  1. Still one of my favourite people to work with, after all these years. I had the chance to work with Rob from ’89-95 at K97. A great jock, but an even better person. All the best, Berg! Now that you have all this spare time, come south down the highway and visit. I’ll get tickets to a Stamps game for you. You can buy.

  2. Wow. Neil and Bruce….coming out to pay tribute. Very cool.
    Having worked with Rob. Quite the class act….Totally rocked his ratings—which I have huge respect for.
    A “smart guy” as Neil Edwards once told me. More than anything very well respected and loved in his building. You just couldn’t find a nicer guy.

    Big changes at newcap…soon to be Stingray.

  3. I’ll miss you very much Berg e to listen to you for years we moved to Fort Saskatchewan in 96 with the military and I’ve listened to you every afternoon that I could since then. Never knew from your show that you had Parkinson’s. I hope and trust that you do well in whatever it is you want to do in your future. Retirement can be okay I was medically retired from the military in 2004. All the best good luck and I’m going to miss you

  4. … your departure has already created a massive crater in my radio … the consummate DJ on the consummate station … missing you is hardly adequate but no words are appropriate … God will Bless you Rob … truth is you will forever be the face of Rock Radio !!!


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