Edmonton PPM Radio Ratings… May 28th – August 26, 2018


Demographic: A12+ Daypart: Monday to Sunday 2am-2am

Geography: Edmonton CTRL

Data type: Respondent

Station         Format       AMA       Daily Cume    Share  (%)       ShareTrend

CKNO                Now              7.5               198.2                   11.0                        + 0.6

CISN                Country          5.9               125.6                    8.6                         – 0.6

CBC                   RadOne         5.3                 89.7                    7.7                          +0.5

CKRA               Capital            4.9                119.9                    7.2                         +0.5

CHED              Newstalk         4.9                 94.3                    7.1                          -0.3

CIUP                    up!                4.3               108.5                    6.3                         +0.5

CFBR                  Bear               4.3               106.1                    6.2                          +0.6

CHDI                  Sonic              3.9               114.0                    5.6                          -0.3

CFCW              Country             3.6                44.6                   5.2                            N/C

CIRK                   K-97                3.0               88.4                    4.4                          -0.2

CHBN                 KiSS                 2.6             109.3                    3.8                          -0.8

CFMG                 Virgin               2.6             102.7                    3.7                          -0.7

CKEA                   Cruz                 2.6               72.2                    3.7                          -0.2

CKUA                Variety               2.2               32.5                    3.2                          +0.8

CKNG                 Chuck                2.1             100.6                    3.0                          -0.7

CJNW                   Hot                  1.9               96.8                     2.8                         +0.2

CFRN                    TSN                 1.5               29.7                      2.2                         -0.2

CHQT                  News                 1.3               34.2                      2.0                        +0.7

CBC                     RadTwo             0.6              20.9                      0.9                         N/C


Spill Station: CFCW (Edmonton/Camrose)

Average Minute Audience (000): Expressed in thousands, this is the average number of persons exposed to a radio station during an average minute. Calculated by adding all the individual minute audiences together and dividing by the number of minutes in the daypart.
Average Daily Cume (000): Expressed in thousands, this is the average number of unique listeners who were exposed to the station for at least one minute during an average day. Calculated by adding the number of unique listeners each day and dividing it by the number of days in the analysis.
Share: Within a central market area, the estimated total hours tuned to that station expressed as a percentage of total hours tuned to Total Encoded Radio.
Average Daily Universe: The average daily universe for the analyzed period. The universe is expressed as daily averages because it changes slightly daily as the intab changes.




  1. I was driving around Alberta this summer and tuned into Radio One, as I usually do. What a shock. Maybe it’s because it is summer and the regular hosts are on vacation, but all I heard was female hosts with unpronouncable names talking with female “victims”.

    The theme of these presentations was “I am marginalized because …” and then the guests proceded to whine on and on and on about how they can’t make it an this awful patriarchal society.

    Thank God I brought my downloaded podcasts so I could listen to topical items from the Internet broadcasters.

    I did manage to catch the rebroadcasts of the weekday afternoon show from CHED on Sunday. Apparently they ran out of infomercials so they repeated the weekday shows – minus the commercials. It was actually quite good. But with commercials …. I would find it unlistenable.

    Perhaps voluntary restrictions on commercials would help private broadcasters retain listeners?

    Remember us, the listeners? How many cars can we possibly buy? How many times can we have our air ducts cleaned? Enough, already.


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