Mainstream Media Has Ignored Over 538 Violent Attacks on Trump Supporters



New York Times publisher A.G. Sulzberger met with President Trump last weekend over his concern that the media and journalists may face violence because of Trump labeling them as the enemy of the people.  Meanwhile, mainstream media has condemned, threatened, and harassed Trump supporters, which has resulted in a documented 538 violent attacks against them, which the media seldom mention. [So, why is Mr. Sulzberger not concerned over the violence against these people as well – violence that is not theoretical or possible but actually happening almost every day?] -GEG

On Sunday New York Times publisher A.G. Sulzberger complained to President Trump about “potential” violence against reporters. The New York Times has ignored the hundreds of violent attacks against Trump supporters.

There have been over 538 violent attacks against Trump supporters since the 2016 election season.

The liberal mainstream media has ignored these violent attacks.

Instead, the liberal fake news media has fomented, encouraged and threatened, and harassed Trump supporters.

If you run a quick search on Bing of “media calls for violence against Trump” the number of videos that pop us is shocking….


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  1. The November mid terms can not come soon enough. When DJT is reaffirmed yet again maybe it will begin to silence the globalist Soros funded revolution.
    I can hardly wait for the spin that the CNN crowd will put on this win. Maybe instead of Russian collusion this time it will be alien abduction and mind control.

  2. Yes, exactly, the midterms will positively support President Trump’s mandate. There will be no blue wave. Hopefully this will blunt most of this anti-Trump, anti-US, anti-Western values nonsense and the sordid MSM supported folly. If the deranged and deluded left keeps up this anti-Trump, anti-USA crap the tide will turn and the other side will rise in force to beat back and beat down this unhinged neurotic liberal, leftist crap.

    For 50+ years the left has grown more and more deluded and deranged which has been amplified since DJT won POTUS. Not just the USA but most of the western world. The days of them running more or less free range as deranged nuts are coming to an end and the medicine they will get will NOT BE SWEET NOR PLEASANT!

  3. Act #1 on the “538 Acts of Violent Attacks on Trump Supporters” is that Trump’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame was vandalized. I’m sorry…a sidewalk is a Trump supporter?

    Suck it up, snowflakes.

  4. Why would any one be surprised that Media has ignored attack’s on Trump Supporters, 92% of the Media coverage of Trump is negative and they see him as a real threat against their way of doing business.

    Trump could walk across the Potomac River on a Cold Stormy Snowy Day in January and save a group of Drowning Children about to go under and drown and the “Fake News “ Headline from the likes of Tapper, Lemon, Anderson, Morning Joe, and the rest would read something like this.

    “ Donald Trump Can’t Swim” !!!

  5. I am hoping this site is all about free speech. Why would I support Trumps America as a Canadian. How will Trump help us as Canadians. From what I have been reading here on PSR is that most readers and listeners support the Trump leadership. If you truly feel he is a such wonderful human being, please tell me why as a Canadian, I should support his man. And if he is charged with a crime or two, will you continue to support him?

  6. A few reasons a Canadian might want to support DJT.
    400 illegal migrants crossing from USA into Quebec. Trump wants to secure his boarders. Trudeau doesnt have enough sense to see what his open boarder policies are doing.
    Trump wants to make China trade fairly with the West. He wants them to stop dumping goods on us. Stealing patents. Trump wants his NATO allies (Canada) to contribute their share of the costs of keeping NATO relevant. Trumps victory over HRC upset the globalist agendas. He is a fly in the ointment of a group of powerful people that want to eradicate the West and our Western values, including having a middle class. Trump wants to eradicate ISIS. Trumps wants to deal with N Korea and not just keep making empty threats. Trump will probably not draw a line in the sand then do nothing when the enemy kicks the sand in his face.
    Boarders and security mean something to DJT.He has seen the devastation in Europe and does not want the same for the Western hemisphere.

  7. Robert

    Those of us that live in so called Liberal Democracies have been up until now in the U.S. allowed to support any Political Leader we choose.

    For some reason Progressive Leftist Liberals now consider it a crime if anyone chooses to support POTUS Trump.

    Trump was elected because Millions of U.S. Voters rejected The Policies of Barack Obama and his Cabinet of MICHELLE, Holder, Lynch, HRC, Geitner, Biden, Pelosi, Reid, Susan Rice, Don Lemon, Anderson Cooper and many others.

    I would suggest that a very high percentage of Trump Supporters support his Policies more than they support Trump the person.

    Obama, Merkel, Hollande, Cameron, Juncker, and the rest of Liberal EU/Western Leadership allowed ISIS to overwhelm the Middle East and Push well over 5 Million Displaced People into The EU changing Europe forever. Europe will never recover and no one can deny that.

    Without control of Migration, without Defined Borders, and without the ability to defend those Defined Botders you have NO Country. Simply ask those same people of Europe.

    The result? A Catastrophic Disaster for the EU which will mean the end of their Cultures and eventually the decision of the UK for “Brexit”.

    The American People saw what was taking place in the EU, they saw their own Border Problem, they saw that Dems believed in Open Borders and they voted for the Person that promised them Migration Control , Border Security, and eventually a Wall. Simple.

    People of ALL Ethic Backgrounds voted Republican in 2016 and with the Supreme Court, Tax Reform, Border Security, a Better Economy, more Fair and Balanced Trade Deals, a Fair and more equitable NATO, Rule of Law, and many more the Republicans will do well in the Mid Terms. Trump must still push Border Security and Migration Control.

    The Biggest Problem That we as Canadians should be concerned about is the fact that the U.S. is/will Deport thousands of Illegal Violent Convicted Felons and they will not wait to be sent to their Home Countries of El Salvador, Mexico, Honduras, China, Mexico, or any other Country they will and already are coming to Canada and we have PM Justin greeting them with open arms “Because uh, Diversity, uh, Is uh, Our uh, Strength.

    Wait until sometime in 2020 when we have 1 Million or more here in Canada, what will that do to Canadian Health Care, Education, Welfare, Criminal Justice System, Public Housing, and the rest of our Social Safety Negotiating?

    No Robert, you have a lot more than the “Nothing Burger” of the Mueller DJT Russian Collusion Case to worry about, you need to be concerened about PM Justin Holding the Future of You and Your Family in His Control.

    Good Luck at the Border Justin!

    How do you like the thought of that?

  8. Robert,

    It is not for President Trump to help us Canadians, not directly at least. But his job is to serve as he leader of the United States of America, which whether you or any other persons like it or not is the defacto leader nation of the World post WWII, post Cold War. A nation like the USA can do a greater good or wrong throughout the world. No other nation has the power economically, monetarily, diplomatically, militarily and socially as the USA has. The USA is a hegemony but not an empire. It did not and does not steal from any others nor does it not pay its bills. It generally wants free(er) access to markets and materials globally and pays a big price especially militarily to keep such access to it. It does no like others to deny it said access.

    As to President Trump, first I get tired of the lying media, liberals, talking heads and anti-Americans state that he is anti-free trade, he is a protectionist. LIES! DJT is probably the biggest true free trader in the world. His POV on trade and what are lousy trade deals for the USA goes back over 30 years. He want RECIPROCAL TRADE, not A-weighted trade that hollows out and breaks down the USA. He began his Presidency with pure, diplomatic talk on wanting to fix various trade issues and deals from the USA’s POV and its trading partners. Notably his issues with Mexico and China, but also the EU, Japan, Mid East and to a lesser extent Canada. In fact we were not really on his trade radar, our ignorant and irresponsible virtue signaling PM Trudeau put us on DJT’s radar and we may pay a big price for such idiocy.

    After WWII the USA had the global power and ability to rebuild firstly Western Europe and Japan, via the Marshall Plan. The USSR had the military capacity at the time to over run most Western Europe and Japan, if it were not for the USA’s first nuclear deterrent and its economic and global political might. The USA traded in a self-deprecating way with western nations to rebuild them. It could then afford to do so as these weak post WWII western nations needed the crutch. It in reality took most of these broken and other developing western world based nations 25+ years to truly be back on their feet. The USA by weight alone carried the western fight of the Cold War over the USSR and global Soviet style Communism. The money the USA spent on such defense allowed the other western nations to not have to spend as much on defense and then could rebuild their economies and infrastructure, but they also built massive welfare states under mostly US military, monetary and political protection.

    FF to current times, notably the fall of the USSR and the end of the Cold War. Trade that compromised the USA and still does was forced under a globalist agenda of new socialistic cronyism and bedding with corporatism. President Trunp has called them out on it for over 30 years and ran for POTUS on fixing this as POTUS.

    He has said many times he wants a fairer trading relationship between the USA and other peers. He has had to use tariffs and threats of such to get these lazy, keep things as they are socialistic type governments, NGO’s and global corporatism to SEE HE MEANS BUSINESS AND WILL NOT BE PUSHED AROUND AS POTUS! He tied these tariffs to his big tax cuts and cuts in US regulations to help blunt any pain that these tariffs may have for now on the USA. But the tariffs will hurt the other not so fair trader peers more than the USA and this may/will hurt Canada especially with our clueless, virtue signaling PM. In the long run President Trump will by force get more truer free trade deals and trade concessions that will be more fair for ALL PARTIES not just the USA.

    Robert it will in time help Canada too as we are then forced to become more competitive, more innovative and more built on growing private investment and as such should make us more wealthy too. It will have us be less of a social welfare state, though with more private growth any welfare type programs we still want will be better funded. We though will likely not keep looking to big government to fix all of our problems.

    That alone in the long run will be a positive WIN WIN that President Trump may work out for Canada and others. As a business man he knows capitalism and more proper trade are not ZERO SUM GAINS as idiot socialists think they are, but are pro growth, more ‘just’ and can be and win win for any and all. IS IT ALL PERFECT!?! HELL NO! But it’s better than what we have been seeing for 25-30+ years.

    GLOBALISM IS GLOBAL SOCIALISM IN A CABAL WITH CRONY CORPORATISM! DJT sees a world of free(er) trade and NATIONS each built on each ones own society’s ideals, good, bad or indifferent with free(er) competition and greater wealth for any and all where we will see as a result more peace and security. Competition in trade and in life makes us better and more free. GLOBALISM IS A SOCIALISTIC INJUSTICE THAT LEADS TO A PRISON PLANET where 1% hold all the cards, democratic values are then just window dressing and the rest of us 99% are more or less kept at each others proverbial and literal throats. President Trump may not have all cards nor all the knowledge and is just a man, not a Deity but he has it more right than wrong and has felt this way for 30+ years as a business leader and PROUD AMERICAN PATRIOT!

    As Canucks we could each wish to have a sizeable fraction of his patriotism for us and our nation.

    I could go on and on but I’ve written too much already. But I made a good point on trade and such as to how in the long run DJT and his ideals will benefit Canada. For much of my adult life I was blind to a lot of this stuff. I was not bat shit crazy on it all, but I was a liberal-lefty and a damn good virtue signaler. I HAVE SEEN THE LIGHT! I feel that President Trump has it more right than not today.

  9. The economy in Canada is doing well because the US economy is doing twice as well. Just one reason to support Trump. Trump might actually bust up the cosy Canadian dairy racket that has made the Saputo’s the 6th richest family in Canada. Think about that every time you get ripped off for a pound of cheese.

  10. @ Truth:

    When you try to take terms that define liberals like you and use them against conservatives, it only makes you look foolish.

    The fact remains that the liberal media not only ignores what their supporters are doing in their violent attacks on Trump’s supporters and other conservatives, they are also complicit in those actions by giving loudmouthed liberal politicians (i.e. Maxine Waters) and activists (i.e. David “Malcolm on the Left” Hogg, Antifa, BLM, etc.) platforms for spewing their violent rhetoric.

    The liberal media has blood on their hands because of all this and for those reasons, they need to be called before the FCC to justify why they should be allowed to keep their broadcasting licences.

  11. I’m not an overly religious type nor a Bible thumper but I have faith in God and in western world values, most of which being shaped by our beliefs in our God, notably post Christian reformation.

    God did not place Donald J. Trump into POTUS! But I believe God influenced his decision and timing to run and to win first defeating 17 other prominent Republicans in the 2016 Primaries and by defeating the wannabe defacto Queen to be, but horrible, evil person Hilary Clinton. He was asked by many to run back in 1988 and in 2000, both times were not right for him then.

    As POTUS I believe the hand of God rests on his shoulders and helps guide him in ways our God wishes to see a true leader among men and man of his stature to lead the single most important nation on Earth circa current times.

    I hear. “But, but, but, Trump is a flawed man with his own past and proverbial skeletons.”

    YES! hence why God guiding him matters as we or most of us see a prominent man for over 40 years in business, society and celebrity take the reigns of POTUS. We see that he is a fallible man and not a perfect man (only one man was perfect and the people of the day crucified him.) By not elevating a man who was to be perfect and squeeky clean nor does he try to be such in office, we can better relate to him, trust him more and see he is man of true intentions as flawed as he has been and remains but unlike our PM and most other leaders POTUS Trump is not a virtue signaler, nor does he act as if he is a Deity.

    God guides President Trump in God’s way and we witness an American patriot and a man who is on a mission too in his and I’ll say it 8 years as POTUS who will do more to save, fix and guide America to be better and stay in its rightful place and as such any and all nations who espouse said WESTERN WORLD VALUES will benefit too.

    God influenced a man who is just a man to run for POTUS and win. God guides said ‘just a man’ into one who cares to make better decisions to lead in better ways. We all as flawed people too can better understand President Trump for his flaws and character traits and for him NOT being perfect!

    Our GOD rides shotgun today and for the next 6.5 years for President Donald J. Trump. From there his follower as POTUS will pickup his glowing baton and run with it. After 8 years as POTUS a push to carve Donald J. Trump’s likeness onto Mt. Rushmore will be clear for all to see.

    WWG1WGA, God Bless The USA and God Bless President Donald J. Trump. God help other leaders to embrace his pro-western, pro-liberty, pro capitalism and pro -USA ideals.

  12. Les H @12

    I agree with your essay . I almost wish you hadnt written it because you open yourself up to a lot of ridicule from the rabid left. Used to be a soul over at Harvey Oberfelds keeping it real blog that was very religious and wasnt afraid to give a religious point of view to many political issues. Larry B made himself a target for every leftwing nut on that blog. Eventually he faded away. I know he wasnt just hiding behind an alias as I looked him up and gave him a call to support him.
    PSR has a far closer to the center crowd than HOs blog. It will be interesting to see the reaction to your post.

  13. 13

    I support much of what you say.

    Along with yourself, Les H, TV Guy, Obiwan, Al and some others common sense seems to be the common denominator.

    Even without being too Religious we need only to live our lives by “Doing Unto Others”.

    I truly believe there is a far higher percentage of Small “C” Conservative Centrists in Canada than those pushing the Progressive Tax the Rich Dogma.

    Interestingly enough it is almost always those that have not contributed as much to Society by Paying Taxes and working 40 Hours a week that demand more.

    Imagine just how much more we could do for the truly needy, Pensioners, Physically and Mentally Handicapped if the under 35 Males were at Full Employment Levels and Paying Tax instead of demanding for more.

    Imagine how much safer Cities like Vancouver would be if we were able to House Lifetime Hard Working Pensioners in refurbished Hotels on the DES instead of Housing Drug Addled convicted Criminal Derelicts here on Non Returnable Warrants from other Provinces in Canada or other parts of the World. Why do we put up with SJW like Mayor Mumbles, Horgan, Meggs, Simpson, Swanson, and the rest of their Minions.

    Who gave them the right to criticize hard working people and call them Greedy, Abusive to the Poor, NeoCons and the rest simply because they are successful.

    Where the Hell are Media on this, why do they not investigate this and inform the Great Unwashed just how many Drug Addled Criminal Felons from other Provinces and B.C. are Housed in Vancouver by wasting Hard Earned Tax Dollars of the People that Built and Maintain this Province.

    That might just be a very worthwhile project for the Mensa Member at CKNDP (NW), he could get right on that right away.

    B.C. should be shipping ALL of those here from other Provinces on Non Returnable Warrants back to their Home Jurisdiction to Face the Courts. I am well aware that B.C. attempted this in a very flawed effort at one point but we need to get serious now.

    VPD tell us that it is about the same 350 People that carry out 80% of the Crime in Van proper, most of which have 30, 40, 50, 70, or even more Convictions and they have still not learned. Imagine if we got them off the Streets for say 3 years, gave them Mandatory Drug Rehab and even saved some of them.

    Right away the Courts would clear up and we would not have Back Logs, we would not need more Judges, Sheriffs, Legal Aid Lawyers, Police, Bigger Court Houses, or more Court Staff.

    Imagine how much Money we would save and we would in turn create a Deterrent.

    Yes we might need to incarcerate more for a period of time but we would very quickly see a dramatic improvement.

    We could then House the Elderly in SRO Housing, the streets would be Safer, Cleaner, More Commerce, and more Hospitable, it would be a Win for everyone most of all the Seniors that built this Country and Province.

    Thank you to PSR, Mr. Easton and the rest at PSR for encouraging and providing such an interesting Forum.

    Les H, 13, and the rest I mentioned for Vancouver City Council.

    Sorry, no proof read, hope some of this flows.

  14. 13,

    Here is the thing, other than some possible back and forth banter I could not care any less what any on online attackers to my POV’s think or says to me. I speak my mind when I want to and in ways I want to. Personal attacks or ridicule at me are just shrugged off by me. Intelligent discussion on topics and issues may see me respond much in kind and I try not to be too emotional in any response I may give.

    Being for over half my adult life a bit of a liberal-lefty and good at virtue signaling myself, I now see very much most or all of the liberal-left’s B.S. B.S in its failed logic and B.S. in irrational and emotional “Muh feelings” jargon and attacks based on such.

    To make a point, only a recovering alcoholic knows best who is an alcoholic. Only a recovering gambling addict knows best who is a gambling addict. I was not a bat shit crazy liberal-lefty but I was on that social-political path for a long time and I can see them for who they all are.

    PROJECTION is a main form of their illness. They project their fears, ignorance, prejudice and hate towards others as away to make it look as if they are better than, not as bad or mean as the other side. They can still cry VICTIM HOOD as they project in making those who challenge them seem to look worse. By projecting they can also self-flog and still feel better through virtue signalling.

    So if/when a liberal-lefty, SJW, and any wannabe Marxist through or with virtue signalling calls any of us a Nazi, I say to you, to know that they are the Nazi’s and that you are likely not. If they call you a sexist, they are projecting their sexism onto you. If they call you homophobic they are the persons who have anti-homosexual ideals. This list of negative projection can go on ad on, but my point is clearly made.

    They hate to know that they are not of puritan values and virtue, therefore they to keep their ‘muh feelings’ in tact must make others seem worse to them, so they PROJECT ALL THEIR OWN BIASES, HATE AND ILL-WILL TOWARDS YOU, ME AND ANY OF US WHO DO NOT WALK LOCK STOCK WITH THEIR SELF-GUILT AND OF CULTURAL MARXISM AS WELL AS ALL SOCIAL JUSTICE VIRTUE SIGNALING!

    I now just shrug off and laugh at their hypocritical lunacy as I know I am a better person and citizen as well as a person who truly believes in judging a man/woman by the content of their character and not by some form of identity politics.

    I do not play the virtue signaling game nor the game inflicting self-guilt. I am proud to say and believe in THE WEST IS THE BEST! Not all cultures are equal. That IMO 75% or so of the rest of the world more or less is a shit hole and for most/all of them self-inflicted shit holes. That as flawed as free market capitalism is it is STILL THE BEST OPTION! I do not apologize for any of my nation’s or greater western society’s past mistakes as humans all fail but history reveals THE WESTERN WORLD has best learned and learns best from such.

    So lefty-liberals, SJW’s, 3rd wave Feminists, and all forms of cultural Marxists as well as all Socialists can [via their own projection] call me whatever they want. They just waste their breathe and time by such adhominem attacks. I use to often play in their ideological sand box and I know I am wiser now and better now by escaping their ideological and hate filled B.S.

  15. I believe that if you really want to learn of how and what most or all of these leftists, SJW’s and allies of such think or believe, sit them down with bottle of whiskey or similar booze and get them inebriated. Booze has a great way of loosening tongues and freeing real thoughts and not just P.C. virtue signaling jargon. One may then be amazed at how many of these people of virtue, social activism and goody two shoe types really think and talk like. I say for most of them it won’t be so P.C. or virtuous.

    I’m just sayin. 🙂


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