Ryan Wrecker joins Matt on the ‘Sound Off’ Podcast

Ryan Wrecker hosts Overnight America on 1120AM KMOX in St. Louis. It has been the radio home of the St. Louis Cardinals since the mid 50’s when Jack Buck became synonymous with both the team, and radio station across North America. Remember, the signal would carry for miles from Canada to Mexico, extolling the exemplary play of Bob Gibson, Ozzie Smith, Dizzy Dean an Stan Musial. I wanted to ask Ryan questions about what it is like to work after 10pm in a radio station. Is the coffee still awful at that hour?

We talked a lot about talk radio in the age of Trump and how the late night audience is different from the yelling and screaming that goes on all day. After I ran out of questions, Ryan and I just geeked out about radio and had one of those organic conversations that just happens when radio people talk radio.

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Matt Cundill

Matt Cundill works with radio groups on digital strategies and talent coaching. He recently started the Sound Off Podcast: The Podcast about Broadcast”

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