Fired radio host Dave Wheeler returns .. via Podcast from his Basement


Winnipeg radio listeners didn’t have to wait long to hear former 921. CITI FM DJ Dave Wheeler again: he launched his own podcast Monday morning. (JOE BRYKSA / WINNIPEG FREE PRESS FILES)

Former 92.1 CITI FM morning radio host Dave Wheeler was back behind a microphone Monday morning, less than a week after he was axed from Winnipeg airwaves for making controversial comments about transgender people on air and in widely circulated private messages early last week.

But this time, the studio is in his basement.

He launched a new podcast with his wife, Wheeler in the Morning with Dave and Candace Rae out of their new home business Safety Net Studio.

He didn’t address the comments that got him fired, in which — in part — he compared transgender people to people pretending to be dogs in private messages. Rather he focused on standard morning-show fare — local news, sports, weather and pop culture.

“I’m not going to get into what you want me to get into. I can’t — not yet,” he said in the opening minutes of the 34-minute podcast, implying he might address the topic in the future.

Although he didn’t speak on his comments about transgender people, he did play a local musician’s parody of Lola by The Kinks, a 1971 rock song about an interaction between a man and a transgender woman.

“Boys will be girls and girls will be boys, it’s a mixed-up, overly sensitive world for my Wheeler,” musician Grant Leutschaft sings in the parody.

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  1. This is such a train wreck in so many ways. Classic case of ego clouding reality. Unfortunately Mr. Wheeler hasn’t come to grips that no one cared or listened to his podcast he produced and had at Rogers where he had the platform to promote said podcast. In a need to remain relevant (again no one will care in a week) he rushed into this and produced something that sounds like it came from a basement! Perhaps its a legal thing as to why he didn’t address the elephant in the room. Wish you well Dave.

  2. I don’t understand the morning show podcasting move. Seems restrictive, produced, commercial, and out of date.

    Why not take a break, let things settle and take time to flesh out a studio and an open talk format buy a couple of decent cameras and figure out a YouTube channel and a podcast that doesn’t sound like a demo on Soundcloud.

    Also pretty sad that his former Co-hosts are already rolling over the body “Kelly quit talking about yourself” “yea, we just got rid of that guy”. -Ouch.


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