Chuck McCoy tells us Boyd Kozak is hanging up his mic!

Sharing Facebook Newsfeed from Chuck McCoy about the ‘Koz’ in now going to retire….

Chuck McCoy

52 mins

Boyd Kozak

Following a career that spanned 60 years on the air, I’m told that Winnipeg radio legend Boyd Kozak has decided to retire. I became a fan of “Koz” in the early 60’s when he was doing PM drive at CKRC, Winnipeg. He was an entertainer, a personality and one of the DJs that I listened to and admired as a kid, at a time when I was just dreaming of becoming a DJ. His magic motivated me and many others to pursue a career in radio. I didn’t know Boyd at that time but I did have the honour of meeting him just a few years ago when I was consulting for QX 104 Winnipeg, Boyd’s last on-air stop. I thank you for your inspiration Boyd and wish you a long and fulfilling retirement.



Published on July 10, 2018 at 4:59 pm by Voice Over


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