MANIPULATION: Turns Out The Girl ‘Separated’ From Her Mother In Viral Photo Used On Time Magazine Cover Wasn’t Actually Separated From Her At All


by Spencer Fernando

June 21, 2018


Isn’t the media supposed to check the details beforehand?

The elitist media has been caught in yet another manipulative deception.

This time, it’s for a viral photo of a crying girl ‘separated’ from her family at the border.

It’s an image that spread quickly, and was used by the media as an attack on the Trump Administration’s family separation policy.

Except, as noted by Daily Caller reporter Saagar Enjeti, the girl wasn’t actually separated from her mother:

“Father of the now famous photo of the little girl crying says his wife/child were never separated at any time by authorities, that his wife was seeking a job (not fleeing violence), and that he is upset w/ her for taking his child on the dangerous journey”

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  1. As quoting President Trump, “YOU ARE FAKE NEWS!”

    Why are any of us surprised at this story? The liberal MSM’s are so insane with hate for President Trump and those who understand and even support him and his ideals for the USA and as such even for the western developed world that even the one time most respected news sources such as TIME would destroy their own credibility and not bat an eye in doing so.

    EDWARD R. MURO rolls over in his grave!

    What I have been witnessing in the last couple of years or so I have never seen such before in my life. Yes, MSM’s have been on a down hill slide for a few decades now, but the speed of such and trajectory of such today with President Trump and his ideals, mannerisms and seeming ability to have his detractors in main stream media, politics and social talking heads OUT themselves as anti-Trumpers, but more so anti-USA, anti-western world nuts and liars, just blows me away.

    Out of hate, ignorance, virtue signaling and arrogance these liberal, socialist type groups and persons are willing to cut their own throats and try to kill their own businesses is amazing.

    TRUMP DERANGEMENT SYNDROME IS 100% REAL and we are seeing it expose itself daily now. IT’S ALL NUTS, JUST BLOODY WELL NUTS!

  2. The game is to make up a phoney news story, hit it relentlessly on all the media outlets so the low information people who listen to CNN and The View all day will parrot it to everybody they know, then when it’s shown to be fake, ignore and never retract it.

  3. Some say that there is not enough interesting news for 24-hour news outlets so they have to manufacture issues that they can take and go to town on for 24-48 hours. With CNN it really looks like it’s their strategy.

    If they stuck to real news like they used to it might not attract the viewers anymore unless there is a plane disappearance or earthquake.

  4. Canada also detains migrant children, sometimes months at a time.

    It’s called a “Double Standard” The Democrats and Mainstream Media are Hypocrits!!!
    Nancy Pelosi In 2014: Let’s Not Politicize All Of These Children In Detention Facilities

    CBC Changes Headline After Trudeau Says Canada Doesn’t Detain Migrant Children

  5. Rick I think your succinct analysis is accurate. That formula works and it works well. Many many times I encounter a group of people that are chatting about the events of the day. When they get to the inevitable Trump story de jour I listen then attempt to give them a possible alternative version of the event. They will not admit that the fake news version fits the narrative they subscribe to and if the msm outlet they watch said Trump ate migrant childrens harvested organs that would stand as news.

  6. I suppose we should not be surprised by the manipulation and indeed Fake News.

    I also notice that many/most in Media are ignoring and not pressing World Selfie King and Canadian PM Justin on His Own “Me Too” Moment several years ago.

    And here I thought Snow Flake Liberals all tell us “We must believe ALL Women and their Accusations” !

    Let’s see if thevPC Left ignore the Allegations against PM Justin.

  7. @BMCQ excellent point. There was so little coverage of Justins me too groping of a female (oops I mean peoplekind) reporter that I had almost forgotten the story. It got a teeny bit of air play on NW where tapes of Justin clearly stating that there are no time limits on going after people that have done EXACTLY what he did. Our darling young hypocrite PM should call the Aga Khan and spend a few days on his island thinking about his bad behavior.

  8. The silence is deafening.
    So NW covered the story about Trudeau laying his paws on some reporter about 18 years ago. They also played recent audio of Trudeau telling everyone that anyone that has behaved in the EXACT manner that he did those 18 years back would not be given a pass because of time gone by.
    NW only beat that drum for one day and there has been NO FURTHER mention of it since. Its like it never happened. Its like someone got to the hosts an NW and said mention Trudeau and his assault on the young reporter and you will be looking for work in the NWT.
    The silence doesnt stop at NW. The blogs that I follow are heavily populated with SJWs PC freaks and Left wing radicals.
    Imagine the howls of outrage , the calls for resignation, prosecution had it been Prime Minister Stephen Harper that had behaved like an immature spoiled brat that felt entitled to gab a female because of his stature. Nope all I hear is silence.
    Disgusting set of double standards shown by the PC Left SJW crowd.
    Think about it next time your on your high horse spewing venom at a right wing politician.

  9. I know Drex follows this web site. So Drex, you had the balls to devote a hour or two of your national show to Justins hypocrisy.How about a weekly follow up. Once a week spend a half hour reviewing Justins spouting off about assault on a woman has no statute of limitations. No one is above the law. Thanking Drex in advance of his anticipated outrage over our Prime Ministers double standards

  10. News flash. While Justin claims he can remember the day 18 years ago like it was yesterday, he cant remember any groping incident. He doesnt deny it but he cant remember the event? Odd ?

  11. So it seems that the Trudeau story is slowly grinding its way though the news. I think if someone was to spend the time putting ALL of the audio into a coherent package people might realize that Justin has modified (read lied) his story as the story heats up. Another Drex / Addison radio hit.


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