Estefania Duran Dumps NW in favour of News 1130


Estefania Duran

Estefania Duran is joining the News 1130 (CKWX-AM) digital team. Duran has been Digital Content Coordinator at News Talk 980 (CKNW) since Aug. 2016 and is a former freelance web producer for Global BC.

She graduated with honours from BCIT’s Broadcast and Online Journalism program. She is a recipient of the Jack Webster Student Journalism Award, and the B.C. Association of Broadcasters Pioneer Award.

Estefania studied at the London School of Journalism and has a degree in Political Science from Simon Fraser University. She joined CKNW as a reporter in 2015 and was a freelancer with Global News before becoming CKNW’s Digital Content Coordinator.


  1. Quite a lot of change locally. Ria Renouf is leaving ‘NW for a PR position with the BCSPCA. Dave White is leaving News1130. Look for even more uncertainty at CKNW and GlobalTV if Shaw unloads Corus Entertainment.

  2. The PURGE will continue in FAKE NEWS as less and less people listen to their “12 minutes per hour” talk radio riddled with 40 minutes of commercials.

  3. Estafania may be a nice person, winning awards and all that, except that nothing she ever said on CKNW did anything to truly educate people on the various facets of any story that affects our lives.

    She delivered the Narrative, she delivered it nicely, and with a laurel wreath of awards. Big effing deal. Educated in The Cathedral, awarded by The Cathedral, spewing Cathedral garbage.

  4. Estefania reported on many stories with boots on the ground, locally and in Cuba while with NW. I find her ruthfulrefreshing and wish her every success at 1130.

  5. Thanks for the info. I’m sure she influenced you in many ways. Please keep up with the riveting ‘investigative’ work.


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