Is San Francisco Yet Ready Again for Progressive Talk Radio?


iHeartMedia Tries Liberal Talk Again In Bay Area With Debut Of ‘Real Talk 910’ Tuesday

courtesy      June 11, 2018 at 10:51 AM (PT)
  • kksf2018.jpgStarts Tuesday

    iHEARTMEDIA is taking another run at doing a liberal tTalk station in SAN FRANCISCO, flipping Spanish Sports KKSF-A (ESPN DEPORTES 910 AM) to News-Talk as “REAL TALK 910” TOMORROW (6/12) at 6a (PT)  The lineup includes the syndicated STEPHANIE MILLER, THOM HARTMANN, and NORMAN GOLDMAN shows plus WESTWOOD ONE’s CLARK HOWARD.  CORY CALLEWAERT will serve as PD, and the station will add podcast-based content for weekends and will air iHEARTMEDIA’s daily news digest podcast “DAILY DIVE” at 5:40a weekdays.

    “Hosts like STEPHANIE MILLER, THOM HARTMAN, and NORMAN GOLDMAN have a history in the market from a time that was nowhere near as politically charged as today’s environment,” said iHEARTMEDIA SAN FRANCISCO SVP/Programming DON PARKER. “Given their alignment with the liberal-leaning make-up of THE BAY AREA, we believe they will resonate well with listeners. In addition, our forward-thinking programming approach will take advantage of being based in the tech capitol of the world with an ever increasing amount of podcast content featured as part of our weekly broadcast schedule,” PARKER added.

    “REAL TALK 910 is a station where listeners will hear forward-thinking talk and can discover new favorite content. Because a segment of the content will originate from the podcast universe, what people discover on broadcast can be binge-listened on iHEARTRADIO,” iHEARTMEDIA/SAN FRANCISCO Region Pres. KATHRYN WILCOX said. ”Broadcast radio has always been a top source for music discovery and now that applies to podcasts, too. It is a station built for the digital world recognizing that people find and consume content across multiple platforms.”

    Sister KNEW-A aired progressive talk programming as KQKE-A (AM 960 THE QUAKE) and KKGN-A (GREEN 960) in 2007-14. And KGO 810 was the market ratings leader as a liberally-leaning talker for years before that.



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