The Drive in Prince George Celebrates 15 years on fm…


Congratulations and Happy Birthday to The Drive 
Our friend Ron Polillo, PD of the Drive in Prince George shared this with us on facebook this morning!
Thanks for sharing, Ron…

It was 15 years ago today, we launched 99.3 The Drive! It was a historic day for Prince George’s first radio station (CKPG AM- started in 1946), our company and Prince George! So much has changed but the important core aspects of the station haven’t changed! For 15 years and counting we have reamined classic, Doug and Wendy are starting your day and our committment to this awesome city! Check out the video below of the CKPG News story. Not the best audio but I think you will enjoy watching PG history!





  1. Congrats! Pleased to have been part of the CKPG Sound 55 family from 1963 to 1970. People like original employee Jack Carbutt, former GM Bob Harkins, Norris McClean, Bob McGavin and myself are proud to see the legacy continue. Continued success!


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