Never Trust The CBC, by Candace Malcolm


This lady is right on…


Never Trust the CBC, by Candice Malcolm (Video added)



  1. @ Mark Surrey:

    That goes to show that the CBC is a willing collaborator in the liberal media coverup of Tommy Robinson’s illegal arrest and imprisonment (as they are in covering up for the Islamics and their criminal activities) and they didn’t like being called out on that.

  2. It it were between 1933-1945, CBC Radio and CBC News would be 100% loved by Josef Goebbels. The CBC and in fact pretty well all western MSM are bought and paid for by Evil Inc. with Lucifer as CEO. Their staff/employees have no journalistic creds anymore and have either sold their souls as Hillary did to the Devil or are just idiot dupes for the willful attempt of breaking and wishful destruction of the greatest society ever made, THE WESTERN DEVELOPED WORLD, with it’s warts and all. The directed intersection of any and all forms and allies of Marxism with Islam is to destroy the West (BTW THE WEST IS THE BEST! )

    Sh*thole nations we are not, sadly 80% or so of the rest of the world is a mixture of shitholeness with sh*tty and/or evil leaders at the helm and all too many and western world idiots virtue signal to this evil game.

    BUT! Good always is triumphant and yes a price may/will be paid but mankind is in general more good than not and good honest, commonsense people will win in the end. Pricey it may be but we will prevail. We may just run out of rope in doing so though. :-0

  3. Based on what has been happening on news these days… and how folks on this site are open-minded with regards to the foibles and penchants of today’s media…

    … almost makes me wonder if the “Spiderman from Mali” situation in France was an orchestrated event.

    Just look at the video again from that point of view. Share your thoughts.

  4. The ironic part is that the TV portion of the CBC would be an even bigger mess if they didnt have hockey to promote their other shows and as a demographic segment the CBC probably thinks of hockey fans as hayseed hicks.

  5. George

    Interesting comment about Spider-Man.

    My Wife mentioned the same thing when we could not understand how a four old boy could hang on that long.

    I wonder if we will hear more about this event.

    Everyone loves a Good News Story like that and I certainly hope it is the real deal but really, how could that little Boy hang on to that railing for what was it, 22 seconds?

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